Angel Eyes Episode 6 Recap

Finally this show gets some traction.

The principal recognizes Dong Joo and he does not deny it. Soo Wan walks towards Dong Joo, she sways, then collapses on the floor.  She wakes in a hospital bed with Ji Woon by her side. He chides her for being so sick and not seeking help. He leaves when he gets a medical emergency call. Soo Wan asks where Dylan (aka Dong Joo) is. Dong Joo is on the rooftop telling himself that he has to be honest now. He turns to face his destiny and someone approaches him.

e61 e62 e63
Soo Wan approaches Dong Joo in the emergency room. He seems unaffected by her presence. She tells him they have to talk. They end up at the steps where 12 years ago they declared each other girlfriend and boyfriend.  I must say this show does an excellent job of weaving the young Dong Joo and Soo Wan scenes into present day. He begins to explain and she asks him to be quiet. She raises her hand to his face and this time he allows her to touch his face. Soo Wan and Dong Joo close their eyes and feel the present and past,  woven into the scene are flashbacks to when she touched his face when they were young. Soo Wan says “I knew a boy that had this face”. Dong Joo pulls her hand away from his face. She touches his hand holding her hand. “I know this hand as well”. She tells him the boy delivered porridge and felt he had the right to be in her life. This boy acted like her savior. Soo Won “that cheeky high schooler’s name was…” Dong Joo says “Park Dong Joo”. She smiles “It is you. The boy with the ugliest voice, Park Dong Joo”. She opens her eyes and looks at him. Dong Joo simply says “Hi, Long time no see.”  She cried and slaps him. He tells her she can hit him again. She takes a moment and openly weeps her pain evident.

Once she gathers herself, she asks him where his mother is. This surprised me that she didn’t know his mother was dead. Dong Joo takes her to his mother’s grave. Soo Wan is stunned she is dead. She finally sees how beautiful her second mother was. Soo Wan tells her she can see now and that she faithfully waited for years not knowing what happened to her and her family that they disappeared without a trace. Soo Wan says she is sorry she came so late, never knowing her mother was so close but alone. Soo Wan falls to her knees and grieves the loss of her second mother. This was a well acted scene.
Dong Joo walks Soo Wan home explaining he took his sister to America, became a doctor, and that he was too busy to think about her (lier, lier, pants on fire). He goes on to say he wanted for forget about his past. Soo Wan takes this news with a stiff upper lip. She goes into her home tears streaming down her face.

e67 e68
Dong Joo thinks back to the rooftop meeting with Soo Wan’s father who admits that he knew the Dong Joo’s mother gave Soo Wan her eyes.  He further admits that Soo Wan wanted desperately to see Dong Joo. Dong Joo then asks the question we’ve all been asking ourselves “WHY?” Soo Wan’s father tells him that Soo Wan was longing for him and his family so much that if she ever found out where her eyes came from, it would break her. She can’t take the truth of Dong Joo’s mother’s generous donation. Stupidly Dong Joo agrees that Soo Wan must never know. Dong Joo tells him he can’t forget her. Soo Wan’s father chides him for being unable to get over a childish first love. He tells Dong Joo to leave Soo Wan alone. Dong Joo asks him if his mother’s donation was why he sponsored his education. Soo Wan’s father cryptically tells him “What you mean to mean me, you can’t possibly imagine”. Ok, that’s kinda creepy.

Ji Woon contacts Min Soo and drinks soju with her. With sadness he admits he knows that a piece of Soo Wan’s heart belongs to Dong Joo.  Ji Woon asks if the whistle Soo Wan wears is from Dong Joo. Min Soo doesn’t say anything but her face confirms it. Ji Woon walks away knowing that he can’t beat the ghost of Dong Joo.

Min Soo looks up the hit and run case and grasps that it is Dong Joo’s mother that was killed and he has asked for details on the case. She heads to the hospital and punches him. They talk and determine that her former supervisor Detective Kim was in charge of investigating the hit and run case. Min Soo says the statue of limitations expire in 60 days on this case.  Min Soo then goes to see Detective Kim. She finds him in pain on the floor of his apartment. She calls Dong Joo for a house call. Dong Joo hooks up an IV and when Detective Kim wakes he recognizes Dong Joo.  Detective Kim apologizes for never solving the case. There were no eye witnesses, no camera, nothing. Dong Joo thanks him for trying so hard and with that knowledge he was able to go to America with his sister and live well. Dong Joo notices multiple flyers for an eatery selling potato stew.

e70 e71
Ji Woon takes Soo Wan out to eat and presents her with a star necklace asking that she remove the whistle and wear the symbol of his love instead.  Ji Woon brings Soo Wan home and back hugs her. He turns her around and goes in for the kiss which she avoids. Not a good sign for their relationship.

Dong Joo walks to her old house remembering the Min Soo told him Soo Wan had a terrible time accepting his entire family just vanished and she never had closure. Min Soo tells him it would considerate for him to help Soo Wan resolve her feelings for him. Dong Joo then imagines the young Soo Wan hurting over his disappearance. He reaches out to comfort her. Another terrific instance of weaving the past and present characters into the same scene.

Soo Wan’s Dad (may I call him Evil Dad now…) tells Dong Joo he needs to return to Boston, that his presence is hurting Soo Wan. Dong Joo begs to stay but Evil Dad won’t hear it and hands him a ticket to Boston. Dong Joo pleads with him to allow him to stay. He’ll just watch Soo Wan, he won’t interfere. Evil Dad then pleads with Dong Joo, if you want Soo Wan to lead a normal life, please go. Dong Joo looks very torn.

The next day Dong Joo goes to the potato stew eatery and picks up carryout for Detective Kim. You suspect that maybe Detective Kim’s wife is the owner. Detective Kim remembers the hit and run case and how he got pressure to drop the case. Dong Joo eats with Detective Kim who recognizes the delicious stew with a single bite.

Soo Wan finds Dong Joo and asks him why he pretended not to know her. Dong Joo says at first he didn’t recognize her, she was so happy, and he didn’t want to remember the past and her (Soo Wan is visibly hurt by his words).  Soo Wan asks why he came back. Dong Joo tells her he wanted his mother to see him just once as a doctor. Soo Wan tells him she only has precious memories and doesn’t want to forget them. Dong Joo coldly tells her to forget the past, forget him, pass him like he doesn’t exit. Those words act as multiple stab wounds to her heart.

At the hospital Ji Woon’s mother tells Soo Wan’s father to give her son Dong Joo’s position once he leaves. She snipes to him that his daughter isn’t treating her son correctly.

Ji Woon and Dong Joo play basketball and over a good bye beer Dong Joo admits that he’s been rejected by the woman he came to find.

Dong Joo packs his suitcase and says goodbye to his mother asking her to watch over Soo Wan. He admits he is running away.

Dr. Choi calls Soo Wan’s father and threatens him for money. Soo Wan’s father remembers he did remove Dong Joo’s mother’s airmask (and Dr. Choi witnessed this unbeknownst to him). Ah, so he did try and kill Dong Joo’s mother. Later he imagined his late wife in that bed instead of Dong Joo’s mother and that’s when he tried to save her (which we saw in a previous episode).

Soo Wan brings a patient into the Emergency Room and looks for Dong Joo. She learns that he suddenly resigned and left. She searches for him at planetarium, but doesn’t find him. She goes to his mother’s grave and finds flowers for his mother and a mp3 player he intended her to find after he left. She heads to the airport, listening to the messages he made for her every birthday, how he missed her and most importantly his last recording when he tells her lied to her to previous evening. Soo Wan arrives at the airport frantically searching for him. In desperation she blows the whistle, turns and there Dong Joo is. She approaches him scolding him for breaking his promise not once but twice that he would never leave her without her permission. He sees the mp3 player in her hand and realizes she’s heard his confession. The voice over comes as they stare into each other eyes “From the moment I saw you, I wanted to tell you one thing…that I missed you.” Dong Joo pulls Soo Wan into a hug and finally tells her “I missed you Soo Wan”.
e75 e76

I’m going to savor this moment…Dong Joo is finally honest, though he didn’t intend for her to hear his confession until he’d left for Boston. They are in each other’s arms and happy.

But lurking nearby…What Evil Dad will do next? What does Dong Joo mean to him? Who is the hit and run driver? What impact does he or she have on these events?

Angel Eyes
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