Secret Love Affair Episode 11 Recap

Last episode the sharks (Hye Won’s husband, the chairman’s daughter, the chairman’s wife, Seon Jae’s girlfriend) were all circling suspecting that Hye Won and Seon Jae were having an affair.  The chairman’s daughter tries to get proof of the affair but cannot (yet). The chairman’s wife gets a tip that Seon Jae’s girlfriend can help and goes to see if she can recruit her help.

Hye Won and Seon Jae meet in an abandoned building. They kiss in greeting. The sweet moment is when he holds her hand helping her navigate the uneven ground. They confirm Hye Won’s husband knows about their affair. Seon Jae says he was surprised Hye Won’s husband called out about the investigation when he obviously tried to catch them in a compromising position. Hye Won says those people need her and Seon Jae is learning about unusual situations so young in his life. They chat. She gets a text from a reporter that lets them know she was followed and they are being observed. Seon Jae is upset that this is how she is treated. She tells him not to worry, those that think he is her weakness don’t understand how sly and smart she is. He tells her she needs give up the car, the house, the money. His is adamant she needs to run away from her current life. His passion makes him compelling. She calls him “wicked sexy” (at least that’s how the Viki subs translated it). She says she has to go and starts to leave. He goes after her telling her he can’t stand to see her back (her leaving him). To be careful, she recommends they take a break from each other. She gives him her personal cell phone saying she’d be too tempted to call him if she had it. They exit together. You feel sorry for Seon Jae as he has no power in this relationship and is at her mercy whether they are on or off.
She meets with the Chairman’s wife and daughter. They are openly suspicious where she was. Hye Won reads the text from the reporter saying she thinks one of them is behind it. They both deny it. There is plenty of verbal jockeying.

Hye Won leaves and calls Seon Jae on her way home. He’s unable to talk because he friends are over. His friends warn him away from Hye Won saying her crowd “are people that play with people” (an excellent description). He plays his concert piece for them and they are duly impressed. He falls asleep after repeatedly having her cell phone call his cell phone. In morning he chats online with his friend (not knowing it is Hye Won) asking if he told anyone about his goddess (Hye Won). Seon Jae is trying to find who is talking about the two of them.

Hye Won meets a friend and they obliquely and then directly talk about her affair with Seon Jae. She gets sad saying she misses him. Her friend is stunned that her controlled reserved friend is so upset…over a guy! The episode ends as Hye Won weeps missing Seon Jae.
This episode was slow and more like watching a chess match. The preview for the next episode looks like the storyline pace will increase.

This is the darkest lit drama ever. They need switch to high wattage bulbs in their lights.

Secret Love Affair
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2 comments on “Secret Love Affair Episode 11 Recap
  1. Herbert Hunsberger says:

    The stunned look on the faces of his friends after he plays the piano for them also reveals that this is the first time they realize just how unbelievably great his talent level is. They had no clue. But even more importantly, for them personally they now know that their best friend is moving into a totally different world than the one they currently inhabit, and they may actually lose him completely as his talents become better known world wide.


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