Six Flying Dragons Episode 1 – My Thoughts

Six Flying Dragons Episode 1 – My Thoughts

* Having started and stopped this series years ago, I was inspired to begin this series again after watching My Country: The New Age. In My Country the linchpin character, Bang Won, is portrayed by Jang Hyuk (the best actor of all IMO). Six Flying Dragons (6FD) cast the stellar actor, Yoo Ah In, to portray Bang Won (and I understand will own this role). Both are actors I hold in the highest regard.

* I will not be recapping this series. Dramabeans’ Javabeans wrote detailed recaps of 6FD, so there is no need to redo this fine blogging.

* Episode 1 focuses on General Yi Seong Gye, the first dragon, and his sons including Bang Won. Called by the palace to become Chancellor, General Yi has a traitor in his midst, who provides details of a past traitorous action General Yi’s father convinced him to do. This information is passed to Lee In Gyeom who reveals the secret at a feast in honor of General Yi. Very few realize the performed sketch details General Yi’s betrayal and murder of friend Jo So Saeng.

The culmination of the episode is when the two men, General Yi (aka Lee Seong Gye) and Lee In Gyeom, meet in the garden after the feast. Quoting Javabeans’ episode 1 recap (6FD Ep1 Recap link):

Lee In-gyeom says he’s finally starting to understand the general, having previously wondered what drove him to throw himself into battle heroically and protect his people and never show much thirst for politics. “Now I understand,” he says. “It’s because more than anybody else, you cannot forgive yourself. However, why is it that you are now trying to forgive yourself? Why is it now that you are joining politics? Why did you appear now to try to block my path, WHY?!”

Lee Seong-gye wears a morose expression as he asks quietly whether anybody else knows this truth. Lee In-gyeom assures him that only the two of them know. So what will he do about it?

The two men stare each other down for long, tense moments… and then Lee Seong-gye requests, “Please let this go. I beg you.” And he bows his head low.

Around the corner, Bang-won watches aghast as his father, the hero, subjects himself to the enemy.

* The young Bang Won is brash. He worships his father. Watching his father bow to another galls him. His father betrayed and murdered a friend. We know this will be repeated with Bang Won. Boon Yi and Ddang Sae are introduced and engage Bang Won.

* My Country versus 6FD. My Country is a compressed selection of all that 6FD will cover. In this series, General Yi still feels shame for murdering and betraying his friend.  In My Country, General Yi who became King, had no remorse for his past actions but Bang Won always did.

* I rank this episode (on a scale from 1-10) as good. My rating chart is below:

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3 comments on “Six Flying Dragons Episode 1 – My Thoughts
  1. Snow Flower says:

    Where is it streaming? I would like to rewatch it.


  2. Beez says:

    Hi, SnowFlower (Hi kjt) *waves to all*
    Unfortunately, as far as I know it’s only streaming on the illegit sites right now but I expect it to eventually be available on KOCOWA because it was an SBS production and they are adding like shows everyday. One thing about KOCOWA though is their shows don’t show up unless you type in the exact name that KOCOWA knows the show by. So be aware that once they do have Six Flying Dragons, you may have to try searching it by it’s new name “Roots of Throne”.


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