Angel Eyes Episode 17 Recap

At the end of the last episode, Dong Joo leaves Soo Wan’s father’s hospital room. As he exits, Father takes off his mask and attempts to speak….

Father tries to sit up and stop Dong Joo but falls out of bed. Dong Joo hears the crash and runs into the room. Father grips his shoulder and with his eyes motions to the cabinet. Dong Joo ignores this trying to help him medically. Father once again grips Dong Joo’s shoulder and with his eyes and hand directs him to the cabinet. Dong Joo opens the cabinet and sees the box of letters and the mp3 player. Dong Joo takes the mp3 player out and Father indicates that is correct. Dong Joo puts the mp3 player in his pocket and returns to helping Father. Father touches Dong Joo’s face and utters “Soo Wan” but he thinks “Dong Joo, please take care of Soo Wan”.

Father suffers a heart seizure and Dong Joo calls for the emergency team. Ji Woon and Dong Joo attempt to revive Father but it is to no avail. Dong Joo refuses to give up continuing CPR even after Ji Woon tells him it is no use. Dong Joo tells Father “Don’t do this. Come back, come back!”. He further implores “You can’t like this, you can’t like this!” Soo Wan enters the room to see her father on the ground with Dong Joo giving CPR with Ji Woon telling him to stop. She calls her father and both men stop short. Soo Wan falls to her knees and touches her father’s now lifeless face. The realization hits her and she cries “wake up Dad. wake up!” Soo Wan is crying, Dong Joo is crying and I’m crying too. Ji Woon, racked with guilt, leaves the room first.

Ji Woon goes to his mother after Soo Wan’s father dies. “One thing is for sure. Together we’ve killed yet another person”. Excellent line.

At the funeral Soo Wan is lifeless and withdrawn. She’s robotic going through the motions. Everyone comes…

ep17_5Dong Joo & Hye Joo,
ep17_8the ER workers,
ep17_9the fire station team,
ep17_11and Ji Woon’s mother who thinks to Soo Wan’s father “You’ve ultimately failed. I won’t fail. I will protect until the end. I will endure through this. Watch me.”

Alone in his office Ji Woon thinks he is not a good man and cries.

Ji Woon’s mother stops by his apartment after the viewing.

Ji Woon: Mom, until the moment of his death, Director thought he was responsible for Dong Joo’s mother’s death.  In truth that might not be true.

Mother: Ji Woon.

Ji Woon: Do you know how hard it was for me even thinking the woman I hit was ok? To forgive my cowardly self that hit someone and ran away, do you know how hard that was? Do you know how hard it was to erase the memory?

Mother: I do! Because you are good and kind. Even after I told you everything was ok, you wouldn’t accept it, you were tormented. Did you want me to tell you the person you hit was hovering on the brink of death? Should I have told you she died? Do you think you could have handled it? You would have given up your dream and have been consumed by guilt. Are you telling me I should have watched that happen?

Ji Woon: Mom!

Mother: Even if I were faced with that situation again, nothing would change. I don’t feel regret. Do you know what you mean to me? Do you know I only want happiness for you?  You became a wonderful warm and caring man. How could I let your future be ruined?

Ji Woon: Mom, come to your senses! Look at what we did! Dong Joo, Soo Wan and her father…all of them…all of them suffered because of me!

Mother: Dong Joo’s mother lived. The surgery was successful! Soo Wan’s father killed her after the successful surgery because he coveted the eyes for Soo Wan. You did not kill her, he did!

Ji Woon: I can never accept that! Now that I know everything, I must tell everything. I’m going to tell Soo Wan and Dong Joo the truth. I’m going to confess.

Mother: Are you crazy?!  You can not. Take it to your grave. You can not confess! If you do, will anything change? Will the dead come back to life?

Ji Woon: Do you want me to go crazy in the bar-less prison for the rest of my life? My decision will not change.

Mother: If you tell, I will die! For you, do you know what I did? How can you tell, not knowing everything I did for you?

Terrific confrontation between mother and son. Cards are on the table now.

Soo Wan and Min Soo talk after the funeral. Robo Soo Wan has taken over. Min Soo is frustrated.

Soo Wan talks to her father’s picture. “Are you happy to be with Mom? We promised to do life together and now you’ve left me. As long as you are happy, I’m okay.”

Dong Joo listens to the mp3 message from Soo Wan. We see her father overheard Soo Wan record the confession in his hospital room.

Soo Wan: It’s a lie. What I said to you were all lies. I won’t be able to live without you. I won’t be able to breath. It will be terrible. I don’t want to send you away. Watching is sufficient. I want to be by your side for the rest of my life. Do you hate me? You will hate me won’t you? I don’t like it when you hate me. After sending you away, what will I do? What will I do? Dong Joo, Dong Joo…”

Dong Joo realizes that Father overhead her make the recording and guided him to it with his final actions. Dong Joo resolves to stay in Korea and help Soo Wan.

Soo Wan visits her father’s grave and is overcome by sadness and guilt at her stern judgement of her father’s misdeeds. She faints at the grave. Dong Joo takes her to the hospital. Dong Joo and Ji Woon are by Soo Wan’s side when she opens her eyes. She asks why is everything so dark? Oh no, is she losing her sight? After a battery of tests it is determined that Soo Wan is willing herself not to see, the issue is psychosomatic.

Min Soo visits Soo Wan in the hospital and tells her to stop playing around. She tells Dong Joo to fix this, he’s the doctor. Dong Joo escorts her out of the room. Soo Wan sits in the hospital bed, calm and peaceful.  Dong Joo tells Min Soo that Soo Wan does not want to see.

Ji Woon asks his mother why Soo Wan has to pay for the mess they made. His mother says that Soo Wan and her father were ill-fated. Why should she be held responsible for their mistakes? Ji Woon can not believe his mother. His mother says instead of confessing and sending her to jail, he should come up with a better alternative. Ji Woon remembers his mother’s confession:

Ji Woon: Tell me everything and do not leave anything out.

Mother:  I did it. To cover your accident, I killed Dong Joo’s mother. 

Ji Woon: You killed her? How? Why?

Mother: She was going to wake up. She remembered your sports car. If she woke up, you would have been arrested. What else could I do? 

Ji Woon: What exactly did you do?

Mother: After her surgery I gave her an injection of respiratory poison.

Ji Woon: You are kidding; right Mom? Is that why she never woke up from a successful surgery? Soo Wan’s father wavered in his decision to save her or let her die. But it did not matter, did it?

Mother: He coveted the eyes for his daughter. He’d understand what I did.

Ji Woon: These are not the same. Wavering over a patient in arrest and causing the arrest by injection with the intent to murder are very different things!  You let Soo Wan’s father think he killed her his whole life? You were friends. You should not have done that to him!

Mother:  He would have understood.

Ji Woon: You should have let me go to jail. Why did you do it?

Mother: Why? I only have you in my life. You are all I have!

Dong Joo packs to go live with Soo Wan while she is recovering. Soo Wan returns home and gets the cane out she used when she was blind. Soo Wan is fully determined to live her life blind. Dong Joo is beside himself trying to figure out how to stop her from willing her own blindness. He tells Soo Wan no matter what he won’t leave her side.

Hye Joo is feeling down and Min Jo suggests a picnic which Team Leader and Teddy agree is a good idea. Hye Joo packs quite a spread. They play in the park. Teddy feigns injury to gauge if Hye Joo has feelings for him. Team Leader and Hye Joo are talking alone and Hye Joo presents him with the sweater she knitted. She tells him she does not want his gratitude. She wants him to know that she likes him. She leaves and Teddy is bummed at what he saw between them. Team Leader is stunned and can not believe how bold she was. Later that night Teddy calls his adopted Grandmother who tells him that society won’t accept Team Leader (a widower) having a relationship with someone 12 years his junior. Teddy says he’ll be happy if Hye Joo is happy. Team Leader overhears. In his room, Team Leader muses to his wife’s picture that she left this world too early and now someone too young in life thinks she likes him. He packs up the sweater determined to straighten things out with Hye Joo.

The next day Dong Joo meets with Father’s lawyers who state that most of his estate goes to charity but the house and some other property goes jointly to Soo Wan and Dong Joo. In addition he names Dong Joo as his successor at the hospital. The lawyers give Dong Joo a letter Father left in their care for Dong Joo.

The letter in Father’s voiceover: Dong Joo I don’t have the right to call you my son anymore. I should not give excuses or ask for an apology. Don’t try to understand me. Don’t cry for me. Keep loving Soo Wan. Protect my daughter as I could  not. Protect her with your love that is stronger and wiser than mine. Keep your heart from wavering. For me our fishing moments were treasured. Thank you. 

Dong Joo visits Father’s grave and shares a beer with him. Dong Joo chides him for leaving him with a hard homework assignment. He frets that the problem may be unsolvable. Dong Joo asks Father to help him get Soo Wan back to normal. 

Detective Kim is released from the hospital and goes to see the police captain. He baits a trap by showing the police captain a picture on his phone of the captain and Ji Woon’s mother meeting. He dubs it “Secret Love Affair”. The police captain is furious after Detective Kim leaves his office. Detective Kim tells Min Soo that he’s the bait to get new information on the hit-and-run case. He tells her to be ready for his call 24/7. Min Soo listens to the emergency call for the hit-and-run. She can’t believe it but she thinks the caller’s voice is Ji Woon!

Dong Joo tries to engage Soo Wan with little success. Soo Wan has Dong Joo take her to get paired with a seeing eye dog.

On the way home, Dong Joo tells her to stop it and get psychological treatment. Soo Wan angrily gets out of the car and starts walking down the street. Dong Joo pulls her out of the way before a car hits her. He asks her if she wants to die. Soo Wan says she will send Dong Joo away. He must be free. She is no good to anyone that loves her. She tells Dong Joo he must leave her. Soo Wan will not accept Dong Joo in her life anymore. Soo Wan is not going to let anyone get near her again. Now what can Dong Joo do?

* This episode had emotional punch with the death of Soo Wan’s father.
* Call me crazy but I buy Soo Wan thinking she’s ill-fated and wanting to withdraw into herself. She did this when she was blind. It is a known coping mechanism for Soo Wan. We’ve gone full circle. Soo Wan has reverted to the same state she was in at the beginning of the series. Dong Joo is going to have to bring his A game to get her to live life again.
* Hats off to Hye Joo for telling Team Leader she likes him. Teddy was terrific telling Grandma (and isn’t it neat he’s adopted a local Grandma) that as long as Hye Joo is happy, he is happy. Team Leader was sweet talking to the picture of his dead wife chuckling that he’s got to extract himself from this mess.
* Ji Woon knows everything. He is the hit-and-run driver from 12 years ago. His mother injected Dong Joo’s mother with the drug that caused her cardiac arrest. What will Ji Woon do? Bring his crime into the open or keep it buried?

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