Angel Eyes Episode 18 Recap

At the end of the last episode, Soo Wan angrily gets out of the car and starts walking down the street. Dong Joo pulls her out of the way before a car hits her. He asks her if she wants to die. Soo Wan says she will send Dong Joo away. He must be free. She is no good to anyone that loves her. She makes everyone miserable.  Soo Wan is not going to let anyone get near her again.
Dong Joo takes Soo Wan to her old house and he reminisces their young love. Dong Joo tells Soo Wan she is a blessing in his life. Soo Wan replies she once thought she was a positive force but really she is a negative force. She declares they never should have met. That shakes Dong Joo. Soo Wan says she has to go back to her old life, the shell she should have stayed in.

Team Leader returns the sweater to Hye Joo. He says he is not suitable, he is older, has a child, etc. He sees her as a daughter NOT as a woman. Hye Joo protests but Team Leader firmly says he will not change his mind. She better sort out her feelings so they can be comfortable again. Teddy watches Hye Joo deflate as Team Leader walks away.

Ji Woon and Dong Joo pound some booze, each miserable together. Dong Joo says he hates the word “IF”. People waste energy wishing unchangeable things could be changed. But now Dong Joo is thinking…what if there had been no hit-and-run accident, what if he could have saved Father, etc. Ji Woon is racked with guilt. Dong Joo declares he can not consider what if he’d never met Soo Wan. Dong Joo wants her to come back to herself. Ji Woon says Soo Wan should not blame herself for any of this. Dong Joo agrees.

Ji Woon blames himself for all of the pain his friends are feeling. He smashes his fist into a mirror in frustration.

Teddy slights Team Leader at work, angry that Team Leader made Hye Joo sad. After work Hye Joo is waiting outside the fire station and asks to speak with Team Leader alone. She kisses him on the cheek and notes that he has a reaction. Team Leader says she is cute but he can not be with her because she is not a healthy person due to her weakened immune system from childhood leukemia. Hye Joo calls him a coward. Team Leader agrees and firmly tells Hye Joon if she can not get her feelings under control he will ask her to stop watching Ji Mo. Teddy watches this interaction from afar. When Hye Joo swings dejectedly Teddy brings her a drink and is able to lift her spirits. They agree to meet Teddy’s local Grandma one day. Cute, cute.

Soo Wan’s doctors tells Dong Joo he must support her without criticizing her or helping her unless she asks for it. Dong Joo follows this advice at home, letting Soo Wan navigate the daily chores solo.

Police captain tells Ji Woon’s Mother that Detective Kim has a picture of them on his cell phone. Mother says Ji Woon wants to confess to the hit-and-run. Police captain presses her to make sure that Ji Woon does not confess. Ji Woon enters his mother’s office and the police captain exits quickly. Ji Woon begs his mother to stop hurting people for his sake. Ji Woon says he needs to receive punishment for his mistakes. If she loves him, she’ll let him.

Hye Joo visits Soo Wan and is sad at her return to blindness. Upset she tells Soo Wan she must regain her sight. Hye Joo presses a ball of purple yarn in Soo Wan’s hands and tells her she should knit a sweater and when the sweater is done then she must regain her sight.

Min Soo calls Ji Woon recording his voice and the conversation. A forensics police officier compares the emergency call from 12 years ago and the conversation from today and says the voices are match! Min Soo thinks/hopes even if Ji Woon called in the hit-and-run, maybe he is NOT the driver.

Police captain calls Detective Kim to meet him. As he directs Detective Kim to cross the street a large truck comes barrelling down the road heading for Detective Kim. Things look dire until Min Soo drives her car between Detective Kim and the truck. The impact jars her but she is not seriously injured. Detective Kim handcuffs the truck driver and correctly guesses he is the man that hit him in the head with a metal pipe. Detective Kim tells Min Soo we’ve finally created the proof we need.

Police captain is on the phone with Ji Woon’s mother about the failed murder attempt when the police barge in his office and arrest him. Ji Woon’s mother overhears the arrest and panics. She hurries to Ji Woon’s apartment and starts packing him a bag begging him to flee to Austrialia. Ji Woon agrees to do as she says.

Ji Woon does the opposite of what his mother told him to do. Ji Woon calls Min Soo to meet him at the police station. There he waits in an interrogation room. Dong Joo is brought into the ajoining room on the other side of the 2 way mirror. When Min Soo enters and sits at the table with Ji Woon, he confesses it all. He admits to being the hit-and-run driver. He even says HE administered poison to Dong Joo’s mother! Argh! Min Soo tells him he just admitted to murder and arrests him. Dong Joo exits the interrogation room and tells Ji Woon he does not believe him.

As Min Soo leads Ji Woon down the hall in hand cuffs, Ji Woon’s mother finds them and states SHE administered poison to Dong Joo’s mother and tells Min Soo the police captain will confirm her story. The police captain does indeed confirm Ji Woon’s mother’s story. Ji Woon is released and feels terribly guilty. Min Soo tells Dong Joo that Ji Woon is the hit-and-run driver and Ji Woon’s mother killed his mother.

Dong Joo visits Ji Woon’s mother in prision. She states her actions were justified as she was only protecting her child. Dong Joo rejects her logic.

Ji Woon: How did you do such a thing? As a doctor and a parent, how could you do such a terrible thing, then live as if nothing had happened? I thought Soo Wan’s father killed my mother. He thought the same until the day he died.

Mother: What’s the difference between Soo Wan’s father and I? For his child, he would have committed murder. I don’t know if I were to return to that moment if I’d do things differently. A mother’s heart is like that. If your mother was in my shoes, she’d understand.

Dong Joo: No. Don’t speak my mother’s name like that. My mother taught me that parent’s hearts are not like that. Thinking of my mother gives me warmth, and strength. Her embrace was always ready for me. My mother’s love was a lamplight that made me happy to be born and endure no matter what this world threw at me. What was your love for Ji Woon? Do you think Ji Woon is happy and thankful for your love?  You need to be sorry to all of us (mom, sister, Soo Wan and her father). But the person you need to feel the most anguish and regret towards is your own son.

After Dong Joo tells her everything, Soo Wan is racked with guilt now knowing her father DID NOT kill Dong Joo’s mother. Oh the things she said to him in anger, that she would never forgive him, that he was a terrible person, etc.

Dong Joo finds Father’s wallet and sees his college graduation picture with Father’s writing on the back “Dong Joo’s Graduation, I was proud of my son”. That answers the question, what do I mean to Father? Dong Joo remembers all the good times with Father and dissolves into tears. Ok, now I’m crying.

Dong Joo and Ji Woon talk. Ji Woon apologizes for himself and his mother. Ji Woon asks Dong Joo to take care of the hospital as he is taking a leave of absence. He tells him the burden of guilt over his actions will never leave him.

Dong Joo finds Father’s letter to Soo Wan and reads it. Dong Joo takes Soo Wan to the country. They walk in the woods like they did before, they chat in the cabin like they did before. Dong Joo reads Father’s letter to Soo Wan:

Soo Wan, my daughter, the happiest day of my life was the day I met you. When I touched your hands, I began a new life as a Dad. Soo Wan, responsibilities always follow a decision. You reveal yourself through your decisions. My wrong decision forced me to painfully reflect on the kind of man I was. When I saw Dong Joo’s mother selfless choice, I realized Dong Joo would also be that kind of person. I don’t know if you’ll believe me, but when I met Dong Joo I began to love him. When he called me “Dad”, for 12 years, I felt pain and joy. For making things difficult for the two of you, I am sorry. Soo Wan, my beautiful daughter, my final greedy wish is that you be happy with Dong Joo. I will ask Dong Joo’s mother for forgiveness. 

Ok, I’m crying again.

Dong Joo pulls Soo Wan in for a kiss but she is like stone in his arms. Dong Joo begs her to come back to him, to see again. She sits there in stony silence.

Dong Joo is at his wits end, he cannot get Soo Wan to budge from her shell of misery.



That night Soo Wan dreams of her father and herself as a little girl. It is a sweet dream. When she awakes, she can see!

She goes to the living room where Dong Joo is sleeping on the couch. She smiles when she looks at him. Soo Wan almost wakes Dong Joo but decides against it. You can see the pain in her eyes.

When Dong Joo wakes up, he finds a note from Soo Wan. He realizes she can SEE to write the note. He searches the cabin, but she is gone! He goes outside looking for her, calling her name desperately….the episode ends.

* Lots of progress in this episode. Ji Woon and his mother finally confess. Detective Kim and Cha catch the corrupt police captain. Team Leader firmly tells Hye Joo they have no future and Teddy is a good friend to Hye Joo. Finally, Soo Wan gets her sight back.
* This episode had emotional punch in scenes, Dong Joo’s graduation picture in Father’s wallet and Father’s letter to Soo Wan.
* Soo Wan wallowed in the blind abyss but snapped out of it at the end of the episode. What is next for her? For Dong Joo? For them as a couple?
* Kudos to Team Leader for being direct with Hye Joo that a relationship was out of the question. I liked that Hye Joo tried to convince him multiple times. That seems true to her character. Teddy was sweet, watching over her and disparing at her pain.
* Ji Woon impressed me by confessing all. His attempt at noble idiot failed when his mother showed up and confessed to administering the fatal poison to Dong Joo’s mother. Dong Joo’s confrontation with her at the jail was good. Did she finally see she was off-base in justifying her actions as a parent protecting her child?
* This episode belonged to Lee Sang-Yoon (Dong Joo) and Kim Ji Suk (Ji Woon), who finally got to show his acting prowess. These actors delivered powerful, intense, and subtle (not over the top) scenes.

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  1. crazyahjummafan says:

    Ji Woon’s mother did not do it for him. She did it for herself. In fact, I think that most of the things she did was for herself. She always wanted him to be the best, but that was not for himself…it was for herself, that she is the mother of that brilliant doctor, head of the ER, etc…


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