Angel Eyes Episode 20 Recap

At the end of the last episode, single father tells Soo Wan that Dong Joo is at the ferry. Soo Wan thinks over what Dong Joo asked her, “did I matter so little”, and realizes, she’s blown it. She runs for the dock. Dong Joo is on the ferry. The ferry is pulling out of the dock. Soo Wan plaintively calls to Dong Joo. Does her hear her?

No, no, he doesn’t hear her.

Soo Wan and the little girl watch the ferries come to the island. Soo Wan comments that she misses someone. The little girl logically asks her why doesn’t she go visit that person?  Soo Wan obliquely answers that she shouldn’t visit that person.

Dong Joo drowns his sorrows and Ji Woon joins him. Dong Joo thanks Ji Woon for sending him as he knew Soo Wan was at the island. Dong Joo is happy Soo Wan is healthy but is bummed that Soo Wan will not come back. Ji Woon encourages Dong Joo not to give up on Soo Wan.

Ji Woon goes to visit his mother in prison. He tells her Soo Wan can see again. Ji Woon says Soo Wan choose correctly when she picked Dong Joo. His mother tells him he deserves love too. Ji Woon says he’s off to Africa again and it will be a while until they see each other. He tells his mother to stay healthy until he returns. She asks him what kind of mother was she. He tells her she was always on his side. I don’t know why but that chokes me up. Moms always wonder what kind of mother they are and reassurance is rarely given. Nice.

Dong Joo tells the ER team he’ll be unavailable for weekends from now on. They speculate that he may be dating someone. Dong Joo packs for his fishing weekend on the island. Hye Joo enters and asks if he is going to wait forever for Soo Wan. Dong Joo tells Hye Joo that he’s found Soo Wan. He’ll have to be patient but he plans to catch Soo Wan and bring her back. Hye Joo is excited and wishes him well.

Team Leader gets a call from Hye Joo saying Jin Mo is missing. He did not go to the after school program and his cell phone is off. Team Leader is rightly concerned. The airport police call and say Jin Mo is there after attempting to fly to America to find his mother. Team Lead hurries to the airport where he finds a unrepentant Jin Mo.  Team Leader smacks Jin Mo’s calves at home to punish him. Later that night Team Leader cries to his wife’s picture, sad that he hit Jin Mo and unsure of what to do next. Jin Mo enters the bedroom and comforts his father saying he understands being sad because of missing Mom.

Dong Joo comes to the island to fish for the weekend. Soo Wan gives him the cold shoulder and ignores him. Poor Dong Joo fishes alone. He observes Soo Wan smile helping others, maybe she would be happiest here on the island. Soo Wan asks why he came. Dong Joo says he simply came to fish. He tells her not to worry, he will not be asking her to return home with him. She tells him she is happy on the island and wants to stay there for a long time. He says he will return to the island on subsequent weekends to fish. Good grief Soo Wan, the man you love is gently pursuing you, woman, get a grip, reciprocate!

Dong Joo comes the next weekend to fish. Soo Wan ignores him. Are you getting the pattern?

The next weekend Dong Joo comes late. Supper is over. Single father and daughter fret about food for Dong Joo. Without a word, Soo Wan sweeps out of her room, into the kitchen, and brings a tray of food she had obviously readied for him in anticipation of his arrival. Soo Wan returns to her room. Dong Joo and single father look at each other. Is this progress? Dong Joo listens to an old Simon and Garfunkle album, Sounds of Silence, before bed. His back against the wall, her back against the opposite wall, they both listen to the song thinking about their young love. They are the definition of alone but together.

The next morning Soo Wan wishes Dong Joo safe journey home. Dong Joo asks her if she really will not return. She tells him she likes it on the island. The breeze, the waves, she doesn’t want for more than this.

Dong Joo walks back to the ferry. The little girl joins him and tells him she’ll be like Soo Wan and write him a letter. She asks for his name. He tells the little girl he is Park Dong Joo. The little girl whips out one of Soo Wan’s stolen letters and hands it to Dong Joo telling him it must be for him.

Dong Joo reads the letter “Dong Joo I write you a letter every day as if I was writing a journal. Was this how you felt writing letters to me in America? Letters I’d never see? You see we have a a lot in common. Maybe we are twin stars, however I’ve become a satellite endlessly orbiting a moon. I want to go near you but I’m afraid I’ll break you.”

Single father finds Soo Wan mooning over the album Dong Joo played last night.

I was going to watch but it is so frustrating that I can’t stand it anymore. I need to say something. How high and mighty you two are behaving. I can not stand to watch it anymore.

I have never told you about my daughter’s mother. She had a brain tumor and elected to exchange her life for our daughter. She was pregnant, gave birth, oh, how I regret the wasted time. Are you really breaking up because you love each other? That is bull. You are not separating. You are pretending to separate.

Do you know what the most painful separation is? Separation by death. You can not see the one you love because they are no longer in this world.

He is in front you. You love each other. Why do you block your eyes and ears and run away intentionally? How much will you regret it when you can not hold him or see him?

Do you know what makes me the most crazy? I should have done better when she was alive. I don’t hear these words as a joke. To see her one more time, I’d sell everything. That is the reality of separate, you idiot!

What are you doing? Get going!

Soo Wan has tears on her face and FINALLY runs to find Dong Joo. To repair their relationship. To make things right.

Side note: I want to personally thank single father for saying what every viewer was thinking and getting Soo Wan out of her noble idiot stupor!

Dong Joo finishes reading Soo Wan’s letter. She loves him. She wants him. She just can not get out her own way. He is staggered with relief.

Little girl spots a dog in the road, a car comes barreling down the road, Dong Joo sees the little girl in danger, Dong Joo dives into the road pushing the little girl out of the path of the on coming car, the car hits Dong Joo and over the car he sails landing with a thud on the pavement. NO, NO, NO!!

Soo Wan sees the whole thing. Dong Joo open his eyes, says her name, and closes them. In slow motion she approaches Dong Joo’s unmoving body.  She kneels next to him, calling his name over and over. Awk! Tears are streaming!

Dong Joo is rushed to the hospital, into surgery, and in his room appears to be in a coma. Everyone gathers hoping for his recovering.

Soo Wan faithfully waits by Dong Joo’s bed for him to wake:

Dong Joo, wake up, I have things to say. I lied. I said mean things. This is all my fault. I won’t do it again. I was able to endure the pain because I knew you were alive. I choose not to see you. I choose to endure the pain. In the future, I’ll do whatever you say. Wake up Dong Joo, wake up. I still have not been able to tell you…I love you. Wake up, please, wake up!

Dong Joo slowly opens his eyes, raises his hand and strokes Soo Wan’s head. She lifts her head, stunned. He is back! Dong Joo, Dong Joo, Dong Joo, she repeats with joy!

Min So stops by Detective Kim’s wife’s cafe and has lunch with the happy couple. Since his wife came back into the picture, he’s stopped drinking and smoking. His health is on the road to recovery. Good news for all of us that like this character.

Teddy finally takes Hye Joo to meet his local Grandma. Hye Joo drops her ice cream cone so Teddy trots to get another. Grandma spots Hye Joo eyeing Teddy and tells her not to bother that Teddy likes a girl already. Grandma describes Hye Joo unwittingly letting her know Teddy likes her. Thank you Grandma!

Dong Joo is released from the hospital and takes Soo Wan back to her house. It is weird for her being back in her Father’s house. Dong Joo thoughtfully tells Soo Wan they need to say hi to her Father. They head to Father’s study and Soo Wan imagines her Father their welcoming her home. It is surprisingly touching, this quiet moment. Soo Wan softly tells Father she’s back.

Soo Wan is welcomed warmly back to work at the fire station. The guys joke with her that her break was too long but admit that it was lonely without her. They get an emergency call and head out to help.

Dong Joo’s drama star stalker is back. She accuses Dong Joo of only pretending to be married. Where is this mythical wife? Soo Wan happens to come into the ER with Teddy and a patient. Dong Joo grabs Soo Wan and introduces her as his wife. Soo Wan is surprised and the drama star doubts him still. Dong Joo apologizes and draws Soo Wan into a public kiss. Soo Wan resists, then gives in. The drama star exits in a huff.

Soo Wan hits him before stalking off. Dong Joo gives the ER team a big grin. In return, the male doctors give him a thumbs up. The nurse is not as impressed. Cute, cute, cute.

Soo Wan snaps at Dong Joo that she didn’t know that a drama star liked him. Dong Joo relishes Soo Wan’s jealousy. He tells her that 1/100,000 of the suffering he endured because of her has been released. Dong Joo shows her that he is wearing the wedding ring she picked out for him. Soo Wan cheekily asks where is her ring?

Teddy, under strict instructions from Team Leader, takes Hye Joo out drinking. Hopefully the alcohol will boister Teddy’s courage and allow him to confess his feelings for Hye Joo. Hye Joo gets plastered and is wobbly on her feet. Teddy, having at least worked out in the past year, is able to piggy back her. Teddy ends up finally confessing his love only to find Hye Joo passed out. Teddy tells the sleeping girl that he’ll continue to confess until she accepts his love.

Dong Joo and Soo Wan visit his mother’s memorial marker. To her credit, Soo Wan recognizes that she has given Dong Joo pain and his mother may be upset with her. But even so, Soo Wan asks for permission to have Dong Joo. Soo Wan says she is lacking but she’ll make him happy for the rest of his life. She says she’ll work hard to pay him back for all the heart ache she gave him.

Dong Joo asks her later, when will she tell him that she loves him? Soo Wan counters that Dong Joo has not told her the same. Dong Joo asks where did the girl go that promised to do everything he asked? She tells him after he says it, she will. Dong Joo asks if she considers him a fish she’s caught. Soo Wan agrees that he is caught and he’s always been hers. Dong Joo tells her she obviously does not want the ring. Soo Wan calls him petty.  Dong Joo declares he has the ring and jogs away from Soo Wan. She takes off after him. Cute, cute, cute.

That evening at the planetarium, they stare at the stars together. Soo Wan commits that her love for Dong Joo will last hundreds of thousand of years (the time it takes starlight to reach earth). Dong Joo smiles and tells her that her proposal is astronomical.

Dong Joo extracts Soo Wan’s ring from his pocket and places it on her hand.

Soo Wan happily brags to her mothers in the stars looking down on them.

From her heart Soo Wan tells Dong Joo she loves him.

Dong Joo is happy and tells her to listen good, he loves her too. They kiss.

Dong Joo puts one last note on the wishing tree….
viki translates: Always the same (his love for Soo Wan), Dong Joo.
dramafever translates: Hope to always stay with me, Dong Joo.

And this final episode of Angel Eyes ends….

Comments (I’ll save my series comments for the series review, here’s are my thoughts on this episode)
* I thought for a couple of minutes that we’d end up with a tragedy instead of a happy ending.
* Soo Wan FINALLY sees SHE’S AN IDIOT to deny love that is right in front of her for fear of potentially screwing it up. Irony is, she did screw it up by repeatedly pushing Dong Joo away. That boy has perseverance in his blood! Thank goodness!
* Teddy FINALLY confesses his love to Hye Joo – ok, she was asleep but he promised to continue to confess until she accepted him.
* Ji Mo and Team Leader healing each other and accepting his mother’s death – felt right.
* Ji Woon returning to Africa to continue helping others – appropriate ending for him. I loved that he cheered Dong Joo on the path of perseverance. Ji Woon was a true friend to Soo Wan and Dong Joo.
* When Dong Joo and Soo Wan returned to her house and they “visited Father” in his study and Soo Wan imagined Father welcoming her home – touching.
* Even after Dong Joo and Soo Wan got back together, their interactions did not get gooey but remained sassy. That kind of communication mirrors Dong Joo’s mother’s interactions with both of them.

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