Angel Eyes Episode 3 Recap

We transition to the adult actors for Dong Joo (played by Lee Sang Yoon who I haven’t seen before but will readily admit he is handsome) and Soo Wan (played by Koo Hye Sun from Boys Over Flowers).
I gotta tell you the younger actors are cuter. I’m sure the adult actors will grow on me.

Soo Wan has become an EMT  and works in the local firefighter station (like Dong Joo’s Dad). Soo Wan has a bit of a temper and ends up in the local police station where her childhood friend has indeed become a police officer. She pleads with Soo Wan not to assault people. Soon Won counters why doesn’t the police arrest people that make prank emergency calls then insults the responders.

Dong Joo has become a doctor and starts work in the local hospital emergency room (like Soo Wan’s Dad). Soo Wan’s Dad is now the director of the hospital and is floored when Dong Joo shows up unexpectedly as the new emergency room Chief. Son Wan’s Dad rips into him (in private). How could he leave a great job in Boston for a country hospital? Dong Joo says it has been 12 years since he’s been in Korea, his sister in fine in the states, and he wanted to come back. Dong Joo says Son Wan’s Dad has helped him for 12 years it is his turn to support his Dad at this hospital. Dong Joo asks him to call him Dylan and not tell anyone about their relationship. Soo Wan’s Dad readily agrees. Soo Wan’s Dad remembers visiting Dong Joo in the states and sponsoring his education.

Dong Joo visits his mother’s grave and says he wants to see Soo Wan again. Soo Wan is cooking by listening to the audio tapes Dong Joo’s mother gave her years ago (sweet moment). The next day Dong Joo is crossing the street and hears someone call Soo Wan’s name. He looks in amazement spotting her working as an EMT. Later he watches her across the street as she washes the ambulance at the fire station. He walks up to her…will she recognize him? Nope, she doesn’t know him. He covers by asking for directions to observatory.

Back at the hospital we meet the neurosurgeon, Dr. Kang, (played by Kim Ji Seok from Chuno and Personal Taste). He befriends Dong Joo. Dong Joo is leaving the hospital to find Soo Wan when he is alerted an EMT is being held at knife point by a mentally disturbed patient. He rushes to the emergency room and finds Soo Wan is the EMT being held at knife point. He helps her escape but the patient with the knife ends up stabbing Dr. Kang. Dong Joo is surprised that Dr. Kang turns out to be Soo Wan’s boyfriend and fiancee…convenient isn’t it? Dong Joo is stunned to find out that Soo Wan is his benefactor’s daughter. He can’t believe it. This man kept this from him?
He goes outside to collect himself. Soo Wan follows him. He notices she’s wearing the whistle he gave her years ago. Dong Joo instinctively reaches out to touch the whistle but Soo Wan pulls back her personal space invaded. He grabs her by the wrist like he used to do when they were young and the episode ends.

Why, why, why does Soo Wan’s Dad NOT want a terrific person like Dong Joo for his daughter?

Why does Soo Wan wear her face mask around her chin?

Angel Eyes
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7 comments on “Angel Eyes Episode 3 Recap
  1. Mark Freburg says:

    I’ve commented on your wonderful overall synopsis of this series previously, but I’m watching this drama for a second (third?) time so I decided to read your individual episode comments, as I’d not previously done so. Here in this third episode, after Dong Joo met Soo Wan at the fire station for the first time as adults, and failed to introduce himself, was THE turning point of the series. If he had only said “Hi, I’m Dong Joo, we have a lot to discuss,” this would have been a completely different drama–but in my American mind, one that would have been considerably more satisfying! Especially as an American male, I wonder what kind of guy would leave this unsaid when meeting a woman he loved but had not seen for twelve years?

    Later in the same episode, we see Dong Joo finding out that Dr. Kang is So Wan’s boyfriend which thus solidifies his decision not to be close to her. Idiot! Or to use the wonderful term you have coined for some of your reviews, “noble idiot.” Something I don’t think most Americans are willing to be. We are, as the Korean would put it, too greedy! –Mark


    • kjtamuser says:

      Yes, the missed opportunity to communicate looms large in many a drama. As you note if he revealed himself in the beginning things could have been so different. The term noble idiot is not mine but one commonly used to describe the stupidity of self sacrifice that only hurts not helps situations. Glad you enjoy this series.


  2. Mark Freburg says:

    Ah, if you had left me unknowing about the source of “noble idiot,” I would have thought you even more brilliant. You missed a great opportunity. 😉


  3. Mellissa Albano Kuo says:

    I like the actors individually, as I have watched their past dramas (0n the way to the Airport and Blood) but I dont understand why the producer/director had to have two sets of actors play the role of the younger and older Dong Joo n Soo Woon…
    Also the story line… i find it a bit loose..some angles to the story I dont quite get… why Soo Yoon never knew about Dong Joo’s mom getting killed from a car accident and being the eye donor for Soo Woon… is their a confidentiality law about this donor recipient thing?
    Didnt Dong Joo ever write other letters to Soo Woon at all or make a call to her cellphone in those 12 years he was in the US? The one who knows everything is Soo Woons father… why the secrecy? i am still in ep 3…i hope these questions of mine get answered reasonably credibly to tighten up the story line……having just watched A fast paced n realistic plot k drama “A Secret Love Affair” (2014) and World of the Married (2020) I kind of find Angel Eyes really slow paced but i am sticking to it because I like the four leading actors …


    • why the producer/director had to have two sets of actors play the role of the younger and older Dong Joo n Soo Woon
      I enjoyed the younger actors and felt their chemistry was excellent.

      i hope these questions of mine get answered reasonably credibly to tighten up the story line…I kind of find Angel Eyes really slow paced but i am sticking to it because I like the four leading actors.
      I hope you stick with it and get into this series.


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