Ghost Doctor Review

Synopsis. A brilliant surgeon with limited people skills, ends up in a coma. The hospital relies on his mastery and can’t function as well without him. An first year resident who has the ability to see ghosts can see the surgeon’s ghost. The surgeon and resident are amazed when the surgeon can enter and control the resident’s body. They forge a relationship that includes conducting tricky surgeries, learning who is behind the surgeon’s accident, resuscitating the relationship between the surgeon and his former love, and challenging the resident’s fears and family issues.

What I liked

The bromance between Young Min and Seung Tak was the key relationship. Writer Kim Sun Soo challenged both Young Min and Seung Tak throughout the series. Young Min was given the opportunity to see the effect he had on others – both good and bad. Seung Tak was given the opportunity to face his fears and overcome them. Their bromance was the foundation of the series. Rain and Kim Beom played off each other with ease. Rain’s ease with comedy was apparent and it was a pleasure to see Kim Beom play a character with substance and personal challenges to overcome. Their love interests – Jang Se Jin (Uee) and Oh Soo Jung (Son Na Eun) – were supporting elements of story. Soo Jung got the short end of the story stick.

Cha Young Min (Rain) evolved into the man he was meant to be. Young Min was emotionally shut down, pompous, and arrogantly sure his skills and opinions as the best surgeon in the hospital were gave him the right to do and say what he wished without regard for others.  Over the series his eyes were opened. He realized the impact he had on patients and learned to become a more sensitive caring version of himself.

Go Seung Tak (Kim Beom) evolved to the doctor he was meant to be. Seung Tak was a book smart slacker with a heart, who wanted to be a surgeon but couldn’t cut it. When Young Min entered his body, Seung Tak was able to have surgeon’s hands that sung in the operating room. He went through the personal battle to decide to become the skilled surgeon he wished he could be. His relationship with his cousin, Deputy Director Han, evolved to where Seung Tak could say what needed to be said and stand on his own.

The other ghosts mattered. Each ghost was featured with a resolution to their comatose state. Some wake, some don’t, but they had their moment. Each had an impact on Young Min’s evolution. Tess (Soo Jung’s grandfather) who could also inhabit other humans, was the wise elder statesmen for all the ghosts.

What I didn’t like

Limited surgical skill in this hospital was ludicrous. I shook my head at the few doctors that could perform surgeries in the operation room. I shook my head that a first year resident like Seung Tak was allowed to conduct complicated surgeries.

Villains didn’t pack the punch they could have. Deputy Director Han Seung Won (Seung Tak’s cousin) and Jang Min Ho (Se Jin’s half-brother) schemed and did bad things They put Young Min in a coma, hastened Chairman Jang’s death, blackmailed Resident Ah to do their bidding when he resisted, etc.  But they weren’t key players after a certain point in the series and turned more nuisance then menacing.

Would I recommend Ghost Doctor?

Yes. This spark of the series was the enjoyable bromance between Young Min and Seung Tak. Rain and Kim Beom were a terrific team taking the squabbling twosome through experiences that built trust and friendship. This series is worth watching these two actors bring their flawed characters to life and finding strength & support in each other.

Original Sound Track (OST)

You can listen to the full 49 track on YouTube. Details can be found on Dramawiki.

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8 comments on “Ghost Doctor Review
  1. DramaDazed says:

    Perfect timing…I just finished the series today and agree on all your points kjt.

    One of the funniest adjustments I have to make watching kdramas is the weirdness of hospital/medical situations: an iv stand and a humidifier for serious illness or injury and or a trip to the hospital for a twisted ankle, a fever or a small cut. And the bedding, and wearing street clothes! Anyway I am so inured to the broad strokes used in medical scenarios that I didn’t even notice the surgery stuff in this drama.

    After liking Kim Beom in BoF, it was a shock to see him in Padam Padam. This drama is more in the middle.

    Definitely a sweet bromance.

    P.S. kjt. (Or other readers) Do you watch much cdrama? Do you have an opinion on the iQIYI service? I see it has some kdrama, I see some that are also available on viki , but focus is cdrama.


    • Jane Tilly says:

      Haven’t used iQIYI service. I’ve watched a few Chinese dramas, but prefer Kdrama


      • DramaDazed says:

        Hi Jane… absolutely agree that Korean dramas just have something indefinably better. I have seen a few cdramas I like and I have even been experimenting with wuxia and xianxia out of curiosity.

        Did you like Ghost Doctor?

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Kay says:

    Great review 🙂 Your summary is similar to what I’ve heard from others. I can tell that Kim Bum and Rain were great together. I’m glad you enjoyed it for the most part 🙂


  3. Jane Tilly says:

    Just finished Ghost Doctor last night. I concur the bromance between the male leads is what made this such a great drama.

    I agree that the “Limited surgical skill in this hospital was ludicrous.”-KJT. Wasn’t there 3 other senior surgeons in addition to Dr Ban in the cardio-thorasic department❓⁉️. Why were Resident Ahn and Intern Seung Tak tasked with all the surgeries while the full-fledged surgeons observed OUTSIDE of the operating room❓⁉️. Why were these full-fledged surgeons even on the payroll❓⁉️ ✳️RANT OVER✳️

    This story was a true bildungsroman for Min Young and Seung Tak. It was a joy to see both of these men overcome their weaknesses and see the positive growth in their characters. The actor playing Resident Ahn did a great job in turning that character around and take responsibility for his action … I even felt sorry for him

    I think Ghost Doctor was worth the time to watch.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. beez says:

    I wanted to come back to the fold and watch this with you guys, but then Show got to spooky for me.

    I see kjt hasn’t been posting a lot. Is everything okay?


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