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Your Name Review

Review. Your Name tells the story of a high school girl in rural Japan and a high school boy in Tokyo who swap bodies. Synopsis. What if you a high school girl and woke in a boy’s body…a boy you

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Tsuugaku Tochu Review

Review. Tsuugaku Tochu is about an introverted girl who has an unrequited love. Synopsis. What if you had a crush on boy? What if you found out he has a girlfriend? What if you make a new friend? Will he support

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High and Low Review

High and Low Review. Synopsis. High and Low is a 1963 Japanese movie about a wealthy man who must deal with a kidnapper and the consequences. More Detail. High and Low is a 143 minute film that divided into two parts. Part

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Pale Flower Review

Review. Pale Flower, is about two loners that try to connect with each other and the world. Synopsis. Pale Flower is a 1964 Japanese noir film directed by Masahiro Shinoda. It focuses on Muraki (Ryo Ikebe) a gang hitman just

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Seven Samurai Review

Seven Samurai Review. Synopsis. Seven Samurai is a 1954 Japanese movie about defenseless villagers that hire seven samurai to combat bandits who steal their crops. The time frame for the movie is 1587 Japan. This film was co-written, edited, and

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