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The Merchant Gaekju Review

The Merchant Gaekju Episode Review Synopsis: Merchant Gaekju is a 41 episode Korean drama becoming a great merchant. Our lead rejects following his father’s path of becoming a great merchant as a boy. As an adult he realizes being an

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Thirty But Seventeen Review

Thirty But Seventeen (aka Still 17) Review Synopsis. Thirty But Seventeen is a 16-episode (32 split) 2018 kdrama about a girl in a coma due to an accident when she was 17. She wakes 13 years later, 30 years old

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The Game Towards Zero Review

The Game Towards Zero Review Synopsis. The Game Towards Zero is a 16-episode 2020 kdrama about a man that can see someone’s death when he looks into their eyes. He’s recruited by a police detective to help her team find a girl

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1% of Something Review

1% of Something Review Synopsis. 1% of Something is a 16-episode 2016 kdrama about a rich CEO (Jae In) who enters into a 6-month dating contract with an elementary school teacher (Kim Da). He’s a workaholic and demanding. She’s kind and a

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Feels Good to Die Review

Feels Good to Die Review Synopsis. Feels Good to Die is a 16 (32 split) episode kdrama about a demanding, unkind boss and a team member that is trapped in a time loop every time someone wishes him dead. That is a

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What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim Review

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim Review Synopsis. What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? is a 16 episode kdrama about a vice president and his secretary. Vice President Lee Young Joon has enjoyed the support of trusted secretary Kim Mi So for

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Arthdal Chronicles Review

Arthdal Chronicles Review Synopsis. Arthdal Chronicles is an 18-episode 3-part kdrama about an empire that enslaves and conquers other tribes for cheap labor and assimilation. What if you were happy in your tribe and didn’t know what lied beyond the

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My Country: The New Age Review

Synopsis. My Country: The New Age is a 16-episode 2019 kdrama about two friends who take different paths to create their country (aka the world they want to live in). Initially the two friends have a natural rivalry. But when

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Tale of Nokdu Review

Synopsis. The Tale of Nokdu is a 16-episode webtoon inspired 2019 kdrama about a man trying to find out why his family was attacked. Jeon Nok Du lives on an island with his father and older brother. He’s been forbidden

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Melting Me Softly Review

Synopsis. Melting Me Softly is a 16-episode 2019 kdrama about a two people who engage in a “freeze me for 24 hours” cryogenic experiment that goes awry and they end up frozen for 20 years. When they are unthawed they

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