Angel Eyes Episode 15 Recap

At the end of the last episode, unbeknownst to both Dong Joo and her father, Soo Wan is just around the corner when they confront each other about father killing Dong Joo’s mother. Soo Wan sees her father sobbing and Dong Joo walk away in anger. Did she hear? Does she KNOW?

Yes she heard. Yes she knows. Soo Wan walks listlessly through the city. She ends up at Min Soo’s house and asks if someone kills another for an organ, what is the crime? What is the punishment? Min Soo answers that it is murder with 5 years to life in prison. Soo Wan says 5 years is too short.

Soo Wan’s father has written a note to Soo Wan, he grabs his keys and coat. Is going to end his life?

Soo Wan returns home listless and decides to make pumpkin porriage. Father comes into the kitchen wonders what she is doing. She babbles about not having pumpkin to make pumpkin porriage. Soo Wan then directly asks her Father “Why did you do that? Why did you do that to Jung Hwa? ” Her father pulls away and realizes SHE KNOWS.

Soo Wan: “Did I look that pitiful to you? Did you think if I could see I’d be happy? Did you think if you killed someone so I could see, it would be okay? Now I understand why you hid Dong Joo’s letters. Why you secretly took care of him. Why you disapproved of him so vehemently. What I don’t get it, is how could you kill? You aren’t that kind of person or doctor. But you killed Jung Hwa. To give your daughter eyes. Tell me it isn’t true. Tell me I misheard the conversation between you and Dong Joo. Tell me it is not true!”

Father: “For twelves years, everyday, I wish I could go back to that moment. Every time I see Dong Joo I ask myself, why did I do that?  But I could not turn back time. All that was left was for you and Dong Joo to live well in ignorance. 

Song Wan:”Live well? How do we live well?”

Father: “You could have never known. I would be punished after I died.  I am punished every day I live.”

Soo Wan: “What about Dong Joo? What about Hye Joo? What about Jung Hwa? How can you receive forgiveness?  Did you forgive yourself by taking care of Dong Joo? Was that good enough? I cannot forgive you. I cannot understand you. Even if Dong Joo forgives you, I cannot. Til the day I die, I cannot forgive you!

Excellent confrontation. I loved how direct Soo Wan was. That is a plus of this character. She says what she thinks. So many kdrama female characters are not direct. Soo Wan is. It is refreshing.

Soo Wan once again walks around without aim. She cries on a bench. She cries for her father, for Dong Joo and herself.

Dong Joo drives to Soo Wan’s house. Min Soo called him and let him know about Soo Wan’s visit where Soo Wan asked about the punishment for killing someone for their organs. Dong Joo reaches the house, enters, and finds Soo Wan’s father passed out on the floor. He takes Father to the emergency room. Ji Woon and Dong Joo agree that surgery is the only option. And Dong Joo is the only doctor with the skills to perform the operation. Ji Woon tells Dong Joo he understands this is a difficult situation but Dong Joo is Father’s only option. Ji Woon’s mother cannot believe that Dong Joo will perform the surgery. Ji Woon says he is positive Dong Joo is the best option for Soo Wan’s father. Dong Joo performs the surgery. Everything is looking good then things start to unravel. Dong Joo performs open heart massage to stop Father from dying on the operating table. After the surgery Ji Woon tell Dong Joo he never thought he’d say this again, but Dong Joo is a great surgeon and person. He thinks that no other doctor could have done what Dong Joo did. Dong Joo candidly tells Ji Woon he doesn’t know if he did his best or if he hesitated. Ji Woon asks where Soo Wan is. Dong Joo exits quickly to find her. Excellent post surgery scene. They were able to be honest with each other without anger.

Dong Joo searches all their spots (the steps, the planeterium, etc.) but he is unable to find Soo Wan. She’s not answering her phone. Where is she?

At the country cabin, Soo Wan feels the guilt. The guilt of her mother’s death and Dong Joo’s mother’s death. She wonders how Dong Joo still feels love for her. How could he make love to her knowing that his mother died because of her? Soo Wan thinks she must let Dong Joo go, but can she?

Min Soo’s eye witness has gone missing. Drats! Detective Kim thinks there is only one powerful family in town that could have the police captain to do their bidding. He says it is the Kang family. Min Soo is shocked but Detective Kim believes he is right to suspect that Kang family. He tells Min Soo to be careful so she doesn’t end up in the hospital too.

Ji Woon and Min Soo talk about his father. Ji Woon says he was a great prosecutor but not so great a father. He tells her his mother risked her own life to get pregnant and bring him into the world. He says his mother dropped her obsession with his father and became obsessed with him instead. As Min Soo exits, Ji Woon’s mother comes up and asks who she is. Ji Woon answers that she is Soo Wan’s friend and his friend too. Ji Woon’s mother doesn’t like that.

Cute scene when Hye Joo overhears some guys planning to prank an emergency call. She snatches the phone away and tells the operator this was a fake call. The guys get angry and start to threaten her. Hye Joo holds her ground and gives it back to them. Team Leader, Teddy and Ji Mo interject themselves and a fight breaks out. At the police station Station Chief tells the cop Team Leader and Teddy were off duty so they should be charged with assault. The prank call guys snicker. Station Chief continues that the prank call guys need to be charged too. That has them sputering. Hye Joo declares if they ever prank call again she’ll unleash her boyfriend on them. She declares Team Leader is her boyfriend surprising every man that hears her. Ji Mo is thrilled to hear her declaration.

Dong Joo goes to Soo Wan’s house and finds the rings she picked up at the jewlers. Meanwhile, Soo Wan remembers Dong Joo making an omelette for her at the country cabin. An omelette Soo Wan declared (with tears) tasted just like Jung Hwa made it. Soo Wan tells herself she can do it.

Teddy is thrilled when Hye Joo put a Pororo bandage on his face.

At the fire station, Dong Joo tells the chief about Soo Wan’s father having emergency surgery and no one being able to find her. The chief agrees not to let anyone know that Soo Wan is missing. Instead he tells everyone she is on a short vacation.

At a junkyard Min Soo may have found her man when the junkyard worker obviously recognizes the car she shows him but denies it. He refuses to let her search without a warrant.

Dong Joo and Min Soo meet to discuss Soo Wan. Min Soo tells Dong Joo that 12 years ago Soo Wan was not excited about a transplant because someone would have to die to give her the gift of sight. But that changed when she met Dong Joo and his family. Min Soo is amazed the Dong Joo’s mother gave Soo Wan the gift of eye sight. She tells Dong Joo she had a hit and run witness but he is missing.

Soo Wan goes to the fire station and turns in her resignation to the station chief. He asks why she is at the station when she should be at the hospital visiting her father who just had surgery. Soo Wan is shocked and rushes to the hospital.

At the hospital Dong Joo and Ji Woon stand by Soo Wan’s father. They are concerned that he hasn’t woken up yet and they do not know when he will. Dong Joo muses that all this could have been avoided IF his mother had not been injured in the hit-and-run accident 12 years ago. Ji Woon looks startled and asks a hit-and-run accident? Dong Joo tells him her mother was hit while riding a bicycle. Ji Woon is taken aback. The moment is interrupted by a phone call and Ji Woon leaves looking troubled.

Soo Wan arrives at the hospital and Dong Joo asks where she has been. Soo Wan wants to know what happened to her father. Dong Joo tells her he found him on the floor of the house and brought him to the hospital. He tells her he operated on her father. He doesn’t know when her father will wake up. Soo Wan asks Dong Joo if she can have a time alone with her father. Soo Wan tells her father everything that has happened is because of her.

The next morning Min Soo returns to the junkyard. The worker drives up in a silver car the same model and year she is looking for! And it has the matching identification number! She cutely tells the worker that if this were a kdrama there would be two explanations – this is a twin or it had only been presumed scrapped.

Dong Joo finds Soo Wan has spent the night by her father’s bedside. They go outside for some fresh air.

Soo Wan: I know everything now. Why you disappeared and why you had a hard time. When you came back, I felt that you were unfamiliar and anxious. I know that’s because I cannot understand you. You are too hard for me to figure out. Why do you like me? Why do you love me? You said you were happy I could see. Do you feel the same way now? 

Dong Joo: Stop it.

Soo Wan: You cannot simply be happy anymore. You are suffering. You know what my father did to Jung Hwa.

Dong Joo: Stop it. 

Dong Joo grabs her wrist and takes her to a church. THE church his parents married in.

Dong Joo: My parents were married here. When my Mom had a hard time with my Dad, she said she’d come here to remember the love she had for him. The troubles would melt away. Let’s start here Soo Wan. 

Soo Wan: I’m leaving. 

Dong Joo: Look at me and only me. Take my hand and follow me. 

Soo Wan: How can I do that? My father killed your mother. 

Dong Joo grabs her by the shoulders.

Soo Wan: How can I see and laugh and love with these eyes? It will be painful for you to see me every day. I cannot be your home. I am bad luck. 

Dong Joo: No! Not seeing you is painful. I’ve buried all this. It is over. 

Soo Wan: That is your delusion and wish. If we cover this up, it will spring up again. 

Dong Joo: I’m fine as long as you are with me.

Soo Wan: No. I cannot do it. Part of your mother is with me.

Soo Wan removes his mother’s ring and gives it to him.

Soo Wan: I cannot wear this. Park Dong Joo, can you disappear from my life?

Dong Joo is stunned as Soo Wan’s eyes plead with him to let her go.

* Good episode. I do not like when characters go “noble idiot” and sacrifice their happiness for others. Why? Because they always hurt the ones they are trying to protect. But for Soo Wan, I give her latitude for this episode. Talk about getting sucker punched. She just found out that Dong Joo’s mother donated eyes to her. She is feeling guilty about the gift of eye sight from her second mother, but Dong Joo helps her get over that hurdle. THEN she finds out HER FATHER KILLED Dong Joo’s mother. She seriously thinks “this is all my fault. My mother died in the tunnel because I wanted to see the stars. Dong Joo’s mother died because of my father, and I have her eyes”. That’s enough to mess with anyone’s head. I can understand Soo Wan telling Dong Joo that she just can not be with him right now. It is overwhelming. I was a bit surprised that she asked him to disappear. Poor Dong Joo, kicked to the curb again.
* This episode belonged to Lee Sang-Yoon (Dong Joo),  Ku Hye Sun (Soo Wan) and Jung Jin Young (Soo Wan’s father). These actors delivered powerful, intense, and subtle (not over the top) scenes.
* What a twist of fate that Dong Joo performed surgery to save Soo Wan’s father. Twelve years prior Soo Wan’s father successfully performed surgery on Dong Joo’s mother.
* What does Ji Woon know about a hit-and-run accident 12 years ago?

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2 comments on “Angel Eyes Episode 15 Recap
  1. Roxan Brix says:

    Why is it that Dong Joo keeps getting the bitter end of the stick. He’s sacrificed so much and now Soo Wans telling him to get lost. I get the fact that she’s feeling everything’s her fault, but to try and permanently push away Dong Joo is very selfish of her. It makes dong Joos mothers death all in vain. She wanted to give her back her eyesight (minus the fact that she was murdered).


    • kjtamuser says:

      It got frustrating watching Dong Joo get kicked at the end of the series. Good point about the wonderful gift of sight Dong Joo’s mother gave Soo Wan. I adored Dong’s Joo’s mother – she was wonderful.


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