Angel Eyes Episode 10 Recap

Soo Wan is the focus this episode as her relationship with Ji Woon moves further into the “not going to happen” zone. Last episode not every person that heard Soo Wan or Dong Joo declare their love for each other wanted to hear this news or was supportive. Do they win anyone over this week? What about that hit and run from years ago?

We start the episode with Soo Wan and Dong Joo cooking dinner at his apartment. Turns out he’s not that good of a cook and Soo Wan is stymied how he managed in America. Ah America, where if you so desire, you can purchase your food so others have done the cooking for you. While Dong Joo and Soo Wan are enjoying a delicious dinner and each other’s company, Ji Woon is drinking soju. Min Soo shows up noting he seems to be lacking a drinking buddy. Ji Woon wants to know when Min Soo knew that Dylan was Dong Joo. He asks if she’s like everyone else laughing at him while he was the fool not knowing who Dong Joo really was.  Why did his love with Soo Wan evaporate for this mythical first love?

While Dong Joo does the dishes Soo Wan takes the opportunity to snoop in Dong Joo’s room so she can put the mp3 player (presumably with a message from her to him) where he’ll find it. She finds a box of old letters, all of them addressed to her, from Dong Joo, returned to him stamped address unknown. Soo Wan is stunned there are so many letters. Dong Joo finds her with the letters and tries to take them back. She says they are HER letters. Dong Joo doesn’t want her to read the letters, they are so old and must be embrassing. Plus he snipes she NEVER wrote him a letter. Soo Wan counters she never had his address. He says he left it at the hospital with an initial letter. Soo Wan wonders why she never received the letter with his address. Dong Joo guesses that her dad took the letter with the address. Dong decides not to share his theory with her as it will hurt her. This is a kdrama staple…one member of a couple not being fully truthful to avoid hurting the other. Dong Joo distracts her by proposing she write him a letter then he will return a bundle of letters to her. She complains but says she’ll write him a letter. Cute, cute, cute, they are.

Ji Woon’s mother is reviewing Dong Joo’s mother’s medical file. She stares at the picture of his mother remembering how she stole into her room and injected something into Dong Joo’s mother’s IV. Something that caused that cardiac arrest? Wow, big reveal there! She killed Dong Joo’s mother.

Dong Joo walks Soo Wan home and Ji Woon watches from his car. Dear Doctor Kang, that is borderline stalker. When Ji Woon returns home, his Mother is waiting to tell him that he’s drinking too much and he’s late to work too often. With tough love she tells him his love is turning him into a fool and it is time to end the engagement and call off the wedding. Ji Woon is shocked. Ji Woon’s  mother repeats the message, end it with Soo Wan. Ji Woon asks why. His mother say that Soo Wan is ruining him and she never wanted a girl like that to be his life partner. She claims Soo Wan is unlucky and he needs to end it.

At the hospital Ji Woon’s mother sees Dr. Choi in her office. She asks why he is seeing Soo Wan’s father. Does he want a position at the hospital? Dr. Choi is amazed she’s found out. He says he wants a position as chief of the pharmacy. She responds with his drug problem that is like asking a cat to care for a fish. However she agrees IF he’ll do something for her.

Dong Joo reads about Halley’s Comet Meteor Shower at the planetarium and asks Soo Wan to go with him. First she meets Ji Woon’s mother where the mood is tense and awkward. Ji Woon’s mother sees Dong Joo’s mother when she looks into Soo Wan’s eyes. Ji Woon’s mother remembers how she used to dote on Soo Wan when she was young. She asks Soo Wan straight out “Do you love Ji Woon”? Soo Wan looks pained and does not answer.  Ji Woon’s Mother says Ji Woon loves her but she does not think that Soo Wan loves Ji Woon. She asks if she’s right. No answer again. Ji Woon’s Mother says Ji Woon will never marry anyone else but Soo Wan. Finally Soo Wan finds her voice and says she has already told Ji Woon that she can’t marry him. Mom is shocked. She bluntly asks if there is another man in the picture. That was one too many direct questions and Soo Wan leaves. Ji Woon’s mother is nonplussed. Who is this girl that does not love and want to marry HER son? She gets a call from the police captain telling her they’ve got a bit of a problem…cut to Detective Kim checking out all the cars on the list from 2009 eliminating ones that don’t fit as he goes. He and Min Soo continue to go through the paperwork and he gets frustrated. Min Soo suggets making the investigation official so they’ll have more resources. Detective Kim gets angry and is adamant she can NEVER talk about this investigation. She asks about Dong Joo’s witness statement that the car was blue per Dong Joo’s mother’s last words. Detective Kim brushes this information off as not reliable.

Soo Wan finds Dong Joo at the planetarium with a telescope, tent and chairs on the roof to view Halley’s Comet Meteor Shower. Dong Joo asks Soo Wan to promise not to get hurt or die AND to live long. She is touched and calls him kind. Dong Joo says he isn’t kind at all. He hates his father, the man that left his mother behind. Dong Joo declares he’ll never forgive his father for leaving his mother. Dong Joo asks Soo Wan to promise him and she agrees complete with cute pinky swear. They watch the comet together. Dong Joo back hug wraps a blanket around Soo Wan while they watch. She looks back at him and he quick kisses her. She keeps looking at him and he goes in for a several more kisses, meanwhile the comet shower is all around them.

Hye Joo shows up at Team Leader’s apartment and Teddy is thrilled to see her. She seems to hit it off with Team Leader’s son. Team Leader is concerned about her but Teddy tells him it will be fine.  Team Leader is assured by Teddy’s confidence in Hye Joo.

At a restaurant Ji Woon, his mother and Soo Wan’s father wait in a private dinner room. Ji Woon wonders who they are waiting for and why are they here. Soo Wan enters the room much to Ji Woon’s surprise. Ji Woon’s mother is direct and says she called this meeting to confirm what Soo Wan said to her previously. She asks if Soo Wan will marry Ji Woon. Soo Wan confirms that she cannot marry Ji Woon.  Ji Woon’s mother declares their relationship is over because Soo Wan does not love Ji Woon. Soo Wan’s father and Ji Woon are blindsided by her blunt words. Ji Woon and Soo Wan leave. Ji Woon’s mother says to Soo Wan’s father, it is over. She tells him he knows very well that they can’t change this and they can’t be in-laws. She leaves. Ji Woon berates his mother for the blindside tactics. She calmly tells him this isn’t about patience but self esteem. How can he wait when Soo Wan says she likes another man? She tells him to get his act together and leaves.

When Teddy and Team Leader returns home and the house is in shambles with Hye Joo and his son enjoying water guns INSIDE the house. Team Leader is stunned. Teddy tells him he’ll clean up the mess.

Dong Joo meets Soo Wan at the planetarium and she tells him her engagement to Ji Woon is officially broken. Dong Joo tells her that Ji Woon loved her because she is a good woman. She asks Dong Joo what do we do when our love feel tormenting?  He pulls her to him and tells her you cannot deny love, for if you do, you are not living.

Soo Wan’s father is bummed out at the hospital. He goes for a walk and is stunned to see Dr. Choi who is introduced as the new pharmacy chief. He learns Ji Woon’s mother hired him. He goes to Ji Woon’s mother who tells him she is keeping his enemy close so she can monitor him. She tells him to leave Dr. Choi to her.

Ji Woon is lackluster at work and everyone is noticing.

Dong Soo asks Soo Wan out and they shop at the mall for Parents Day. Soo Wan picks out a tie for her father and Dong Joo gets him a potted carnation. As a special bonus Dong Joo picks out a pretty purse for Soo Wan remembering his mother telling him that women need purses and clothes from the men who care for them. Dong Joo walks Soo Wan home. He gives her the plant to give to her father. He says he does not want to upset her father by giving it to him personally. Meanwhile Dad is in the study looking at the snatched letter that Dong Joo left at her bedside before he left for America. Dad leaves the study to get medicine. Soo Wan enters the study looking for her father and leaves the gifts on the desk. She spots the letter, picks it up, and realizes her father kept Dong Joo’s address and letters from her.
ep_10_11 ep_10_12
When her father returns she asks him why did he keep this from her?  Her father says he thought it was better that she not know. Her father says he thought she’d get over it in time and thought it was the best thing for her. Soo Wan asks how could he deceive her for 10 years, keep in contact with Dong Joo and tell her NOTHING? Why, why, WHY? Her Dad says he loves her and Dong Joo but their destinies are separate. She is upset at her father’s arrogance and leaves.

On the bus She reads the letter Dong Joo wrote so many years ago telling her that he was thrilled her surgery was successful so she could read this letter but he had 2 bad things to tell her. Number 1 his mother had died and number 2 he and Hye Won had to leave immediately for America for her surgery. He apologizes and tells her he’ll write and call her. Soo Wan heads straight to Dong Joo’s house. Dong Joo is surprised to see her and when she cries and says she is sorry repeatedly he hugs her tightly. He puts her to bed with his sister, calls her father letting him know where she is. Her father thanks him and reads the note Dong Joo wrote for him with the parents day gift. In the note Dong Joo tells him that he hopes next year he’ll be more accepting of his love for Soo Wan.
ep_10_14 ep_10_15

Cute breakfast scene the next day with Soo Wan, Hye Joo and Dong Joo swapping eggs until Dong Joo ends up with the broken one. The ladies high five each other. Soo Wan tells Dong Joo she misses his mother and being able to say thank you and I love you to her. Dong Joo notes because his father ditched them, his mother knew better than most that life could change in an instant. Dong Joo tells Soo Wan that she should return to her father’s house. She agrees and when her father comes homes she is cooking him dinner. He is relieved to have Soo Wan back. After supper she asks her father to accept Dong Joo because he saved her from despair so many years ago. She asks her father if he ever forgot about her mother? Soo Wan gets on her knees and says Dong Joo can make her happy. She apologizes for hurting people but cries that she wants to be happy. Her father cries and pulls away leaving her in tears on her knees.  Her father visits her Mother’s grave. He tells her that Soo Wan and Dong Joo are hurting because of him and he’s tried of the struggle. He loves Dong Joo and wants his children happy. He asks what should he do?

Dong Joo and Soo Wan’s father go fishing together. Dong Joo tells him that he needs to take care of his health. Dong Joo remembers the happy times they spent together. Dong Joo tells him that now is the most important time with him. He asks Dong Joo if he hates him. Dong Joo tells him he understands his reticence about their relationship.  With that Dad finally says “Make her happy, our Soo Wan”. Boom, parental approval granted!

ep_10_19 ep_10_18
Dong Joo heads to the hospital and gives Soo Wan the good news. Her father approves of their relationship. She can’t believe it. They hug each other tightly. They finally have the green light for their relationship to proceed! I’m going to savor the moment. They are in each other’s arms and happy. They make me smile.

* Not as good as the last episode but solid progress for their relationship and the story. The heavy hitting actor this episode was Soo Wan (played by Koo Hye Sun). She was headlined most of the emotional punch scenes. She made this episode work.
* I appreciated Ji Woon’s mother calling the relationship between Ji Woon and Soo Wan officially over. She recognized the relationship was hurting her son.
* What does Ji Woon’s mother want Dr. Choi to do for her? Dr. Choi heard Dong Joo’s name, will he approach Dong Joo about Soo Wan’s father’s part in Dong Joo’s mother’s death?
* Ji Woon’s mother injecting something bad in Dong Joo’s mother’s IV. She must have done it to cover up her husband’s hit and run accident.
* Who is Dong Joo’s father?
* Dong Joo and Soo Wan are a solid pair now that dear old Dad finally accepts them. Let them be happyfor the moment, the adults in their lives look like they’ll find a way to mess it up.

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2 comments on “Angel Eyes Episode 10 Recap
  1. Wink*** says:

    uumm. about Dong Joo’s father, Didn’t he die with Soo wan’s mother because the tunnel collapsed while rescuing her and little Soo Wan?


    • kjtamuser says:

      You are absolutely correct. I removed my question. Must have zoned out when I wrote that!
      I do wonder why the show’s writer did not use the fact that Dong Joo’s father died saving Soo Wan’s mother as another guilt card / bad karma for our couple.


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