Angel Eyes Episode 11 Recap

The episode begins with Dong Joo sharing the good news with Soo Wan that her father has given them his blessing. They hug each other tightly, happy that they’ve gotten over this hurdle. Watching them is Dr. Choi. Is he going to rain on their happiness?

Dong Joo and Soo Wan join Hye Joo at the apartment to celebrate. Hye Joo demands to know what they are celebrating. Dong Joo tells her that Soo Wan’s father has given them his blessing and he is officially son-in-law material. Hye Joo asks if Dong Joo has sealed the deal with a proposal. She correctly points out that he has yet to receive Soo Wan’s consent that she wants Dong Joo as her groom. Cute interchange between Hye Joo and Soo Wan in this scene. Dong Joo makes the mistake of saying he does not understand why a proposal is such a big deal and that women are strange. Hye Joo gives him a chance to take back that statement. But Dong Joo holds fast that women are strange. His reward is cake on his face and Hye Joo flounces out of the room.

Detective Kim shows up at Ji Woon’s mother’s house just as she is leaving for work. He asks about the navy car that was purchased in 2002 under her husband’s name and DESTROYED later. Ji Woon’s mother claims not to remember that car, tells the detective she has to leave for work and splits. If looks could kill, Detective Kim would be a dead man.

Detective Cha calls in a favor and asks her forensics buddy to analyze dirt from the scene of the hit and run crime. He tells her he’ll put a rush on it.

The paramedics get an emergency call to help a cardiac patient. Dong Joo accompanies Teddy and Soo Wan and saves the man’s life. At the ER the doctors, nurse, Soo Wan and Dong Joo are all relieved another patient is on the road to recovery. The room gets chilly when Ji Woon enters as Dong Joo and Soo Wan start to exit the ER. Everyone stares at each other and the awkward silence ends when Ji Woon walks away. Outside the ER, Dr. Choi introduces himself to Soo Wan and Dong Joo.  Dr. Choi says it is good that Soo Wan’s surgery was successful so many years ago. THAT gets Dong Joo’s attention. Later, Dr. Choi remembers Ji Woon’s mother’s demand that in exchange for the hospital job, one day he’ll reveal Soo Wan’s father’s secret WHEN and TO WHOM she dictates. Back at the fire station, Dong Joo remembers that Dr. Choi was the attending doctor after his mother’s hit-and-run accident. Soo Wan enters his office and they discuss Dr. Choi treating Dong Joo’s mother. Soo Wan tells Dong Joo her father has requested they come to the house after work.

Ji Woon is distracted at work and prescribes the wrong medicine for a patient. The ER doctors and nurse try to guess why Ji Woon is not engaged at work anymore. Ji Woon’s mother overhears them discussing Ji Woon’s mistake and is NOT happy. To add to her day, the police captain calls her and they agree to meet that evening. At the meeting the police captain drops the bomb that evidence from the hit-an-run scene has been sent to the forensics lab for analysis. He continues that if the family requests a re-investigation this would be a big problem. Ji Woon’s mother is NOT happy. She directs the police captain to stop Detective Kim and Detective Cha’s investigation and she’ll take care of Dong Joo. She realizes that Soo Wan’s father will be hurt with her next move. She’s sorry she’ll hurt her friend. But not sorry enough to not hurt him.

Soo Wan’s father urges Dong Joo and Soo Wan to move to Boston and start their lives together there. He wants the young couple to live unhindered in a new place. Soo Wan asks if her father will come with them. That’s a negative. Soo Wan flatly states if HE stays then SHE stays. Dong Joo agrees noting that they’ll only worry about him if they aren’t nearby. As Soo Wan walks Dong Joo out she admits she was surprised by her father’s suggestion. Dong Joo says as long as he has Soo Wan, Hye Joo, and her father then he could live anywhere, family is what matters. Dong Joo and Soo Wan both smile at the thought of being together as family forever.

Soo Wan’s father and Ji Woon’s mother discuss the broken engagement. Soo Wan’s father admits that he gave Dong Joo and Soo Wan his blessing. Ji Woon’s mother is surprised. Soo Wan’s father states he told the young couple they should move to Boston. Ji Woon’s mother likes this idea (it may stop the reinvestigation into the hit-and-run case of Dong Joo’s mother). Soo Wan’s father admits that if the young couple ever finds out what he did, they’ll be in terrible pain. He should suffer for what he did, not them. Ji Woon’s mother looks very uncomfortable.

Dong Joo and Soo Wan’s father talk outside the hospital. No matter how he tries, Dong Joo tells him they are NOT MOVING. Dr. Choi slithers up and Dong Joo tells him he now recalls that Dr. Choi was the attending doctor on his mother years ago and thanks him for his efforts. Dr. Choi appreciates Dong Joo thanking and remembering him. Dong Joo leaves. Dr. Choi immediately needles Soo Wan’s father saying if Dong Joo found out, all that affection would go up in smoke.

Back at the fire station, Dong Joo asks Team Leader how Hye Joo is doing as his son’s nanny. Team Leader is about to say something negative but Teddy interrupts and says Hye Joo is terrific and all is well.  Dong Joo asks where Soo Wan is. Team Leader says she left when her shift was done. Dong Joo is disappointed he missed her.

Turns out that Team Leader’s son got a zero on his spelling test. Hye Joo “helped” him. Unfortunately she cannot write Korean well due to her formative years in America so she ends up hurting not helping. The good news is that he got a perfect grade on his math test because Teddy helped him. Team Leader promises his son that he’ll come to parent day at his school.

When Dong Joo returns to his apartment. Soo Wan is in the kitchen making dinner and has a welcoming smile. Dong Joo LOVES coming home to her. He hugs her saying this is a fantasy come true. They both enjoy the moment, cute, cute, cute.
After dinner as promised she hands Dong Joo a letter and he picks one from the stash of old letters he wrote over the years. Later Dong Joo reads Soo Wan’s letter where she admits that she has loved him twice in her lifetime and if another opportunity presented itself to love him again, she’s sure she’d choose to love him again.

Teddy and Soo Wan have a patient that refuses to go in the ambulance, so Soo Wan and the patient follow Teddy to the hospital in a taxi. The patient senses there is a dead soul in Soo Wan. Soo Wan is impressed. The patient says the soul is a good person that protects her. The patient notes that Soo Wan has a dangerous job but the soul has kept her safe. Soo Wan says she does not know who donates her eyes but she has always felt it was a good person. At the ER Ji Woon signs the paperwork Soo Wan has without a word to her. The ER team huddles to discuss the strained atmosphere between Soo Wan and Ji Woon. They discuss the rumor that they’ve broken up because Ji Woon’s mother wanted a better candidate for daughter-in-law.

Dong Joo finds Soo Wan reflecting on the person that donated their eyes to her. Soo Wan says she’s forever grateful to the person. {Attention Dong Joo, Attention Dong Joo, now is a golden opportunity to tell Soo Wan is was your mother that donated her eyes} . Soo Wan says she needs to be thankful every day. Dong Joo says he’s sure the donor would be pleased a wonderful person like Soo Wan has their eyes.  Is it just me or does anyone else think that Soo Wan would be HONORED to know she has Dong Joo’s mother’s eyes AND that Dong Joo’s mother specified Soo Wan was to receive them?

It is parents day at school and Team Leader is ready to go when the fire alarm rings. Team Leader decides he must answer the emergency call.  When Team Leader and Teddy arrive home, Hye Joo is furious that Team Leader broke his promise to his son. Team Leader’s son has locked himself into his room. Team Leader tells his son he has brought gifts as an apology. His son yells that he is a liar and starts to cry. Hye Joo tells Team Leader that his son was ridiculed by his classmates. Team leader apologizes but his son won’t open the door. Hye Joo makes an excellent point stating an apology given does not have to be automatically accepted and his son’s anger and disappointment set aside. She notes that per his son, this isn’t the first promise he has broken. His son waited and believed he would show until the school day came to close. With that Hye Joo leaves. Team Leader feels awful, lamenting that he saves people all day but could not save himself from hurting his child.

Ji Woon’s mother finds him bummed out on his couch. She asks him what is wrong with him. Why is he disappointing her? Ji Woon’s mother asks why he so upset over a girl like Soo Wan. Ji Woon entreats his mother not to speak ill of Soo Wan. That irks her and she tells him to get his act together. Ji Woon’s mother drops the bomb that Soo Wan and Dong Joo are marrying and moving to America. Ji Woon is stunned.  His mother repeats, get your act together and leaves.

Dong Joo visits Detective Kim at his apartment. Min Soo is there too. They discuss the case and are hopeful the forensics test will narrow down the details of the car that hit Dong Joo’s mother. Dong Joo admits he has always wondered what kind of person could hit his mother and leave her without helping. Dong Joo hopes they can catch the hit and run driver. They all agree they’ll keep at it until the statute of limitations runs out in less than a month.

Soo Wan looks for Dong Joo at work only to find out it is his day off. She is miffed that he did not tell her it was his day off. She calls him and asks what he is doing on his day off. Dong Joo says he has a date. Soo Wan is stunned. Dong Joo says his date has arrived and signs off leaving Soo Wan sputtering to a disconnected line. Soo Wan’s father comes up the stairs and they begin their day hike. At the overlook Dong Joo asks him what Soo Wan’s mother was like. Dong Joo says that Soo Wan has always felt guilty for her mother’s death. Her father is surprised the Dong Joo knows this. He tells Dong Joo the first time he saw Soo Wan’s mother HE KNEW she was the one for him. Dong Joo can relate and says he still gets nervous around Soo Wan. They both smile and enjoy the views.

Min Soo gets the call from her forensics buddy that the test results are in. They meet and he hands her the report. They now know the year span and model of the car. Min Soo is thrilled, this reduces the potential pool of cars. Lurking in the shadows eavesdropping is the police captain who calls Ji Woon’s mother. She asks the captain if Dong Joo leaves for America, is the case dropped? The police captain says once the evidence is filed, there is no stopping the case. Ji Woon’s mother tells the police captain he has to “take care of” Detective Kim and Detective Cha. She meets with Dr. Choi and tells him the time has come. Ji Woon’s mother directs Dr. Choi to tell Dong Joo about Soo Wan’s father killing his mother. Dr. Choi is stunned speechless.

As Soo Wan exits work Dong Joo shows up and asks her to come with him. She is still miffed about his “date” and stalks off. He stops her. Taking her hand leads her to his new car. Dong Joo tells her he can drive her to work every day. She is surprised. He asks if she’d like to take her first ride in the car.

ep11_21They end up at the planetarium.  When they enter the lobby, Soo Wan sees the wishing tree rimmed with hundreds of candles and presents under the wishing tree. It is pretty and a nice variation on the string lights typically used. Dong Joo explains the presents are her birthday gifts that he has purchased for her over the last 12 years. Ahh, that is sweet. The gifts range from mittens, to Boston Red Sox t shirts, to a pretty bra (which embarrasses Dong Joo but Soo Wan is cool with it). Dong Joo admits the staff now thinks he is crazy.

But wait, there is one more thing…they head up to the observation level. They sit in the cafe and Dong Joo remembers seeing her 12 years ago thinking how pretty she was and how lucky he would be to have her as his girlfriend. They both smile remembering their early relationship. Dong Joo grows serious and tells Soo Wan “now I want that girl making my house a home, knowing when I come home to her, I’ll never be lonely.”

Dong Joo walks to Soo Wan and gets down on bended knee. He tells her that he won’t always make her happy, but he knows his heart has grown in love for her over the last 12 years, and he’ll continue to let his love for her grow, she is the most precious person in the world to him, that is a promise.

He gets out a small velvet box telling her he shopped and shopped but in the end thought this was the perfect one, his mother would want her to have this…he opens the box and reveals his mother’s wedding ring complete with inscription from his father, Jung Hwa, I love you.  I agree this ring is the perfect one for the two of them.

Soo Wan is stunned at the offering of the precious ring.

Dong Joo formally asks “Will you be my family?” Soo Wan looks at Dong Joo, smiles and nods her assent. Dong Joo slides the ring on her finger, a perfect fit.
Soo Wan hugs Dong Joo. She tells him “I will be your family. I will wait for you every day.” They are engaged! I’m going to savor the moment. They are in each other’s arms and happy. They make me smile.

* Another happy episode for Dong Joo and Soo Wan. They are now engaged! I’m tagging this as the last happy episode for our couple. Now comes the trial and tribulation phase.
* Ji Woon’s mother feels trapped and has given the go-ahead to Dr. Choi to drop the bomb to Dong Joo that Soo Wan’s father killed his mother. Poor Dong Joo, that will knock the stuffing out of him. Unfortunately Soo Wan’s father will not be able to deny the allegation because he believes he did kill Dong Joo’s mother (he does not know that Ji Woon’s mother contributed to Dong Joo’s mother’s death by injecting something into her IV). Heart ache heading our way in the next episode.
* I have a hard time believing the Soo Wan would be devastated that she has Dong Joo’s mother’s eyes. Soo Wan was thrilled to get his mother’s wedding ring.  She’ll be honored his mother specifically donated the eyes for her. She’ll feel betrayed when she learns Dong Joo AND her father kept this from her.

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