Angel Eyes Episode 12 Recap

We begin episode 12 at the planetarium reliving the proposal and acceptance. Dong Joo drives Soo Wan home and needs to get in one more hug before she goes into the house. Soo Wan’s father watches from the window. When she enters the house she tells her father she is very happy. They both smile at each other.

The next day Soo Wan and Teddy are on an emergency call. The ambulance is blocked by a parked car so they gather the stretcher and go to the apartment on foot. The young woman is experiencing chest pains. Soo Wan sends Teddy back to retrieve the defibrillator. The woman starts having difficulties and Soo Wan calls Dong Joo. Panic rises in Soo Wan as the woman worsens and she drops the phone to interact with the woman. Soo Wan hears Dong Joo calling her name and she picks up the phone. He tells her to stay calm and directs the treatment. The woman improves by the time Teddy returns. Back at the fire station Soo Wan goes to Dong Joo’s office and gives him a back hug thanking him for his calming support. Dong Joo jokes this is a place of business but she just hugs him all the tighter. They stare at each other and Dong Joo says he is grateful she needs him. Dong Joo goes in for a kiss which is aborted due to approaching coworkers approaching. Dong Joo tells Soo Wan he needs to tell everyone work that they are involved.

Detective Cha has the rude shock of coming to work to find her desk packed up complete with reassignment to traffic. The police captain coolly tells her reassignments are common. She fumes and he smirks.
The police captain treats Detective Kim to dinner. He tells him about a sweet security job at a nursing home in the mountains. Detective Kim questions why he is being told about this job when he knows the captain hates him. The captain says I do not hate you just your terrible personality. He cajoles Detective Kim that they are still partners. Detective Kim says he will take the job in 3 months after he wraps up something he is working on now. The captain tells him to forget about the old hit and run case and take the job. Detective Kim asks how the captain knows that he working that old case. The captain says he knows because of Detective Cha. Detective Kim wryly notes how impressive the captain knows what a low ranking detective does in her spare time.
ep12_7 ep12_6
Dong Joo drives up in front of his apartment. Dr Choi is lurking ready to tell Dong Joo bad news. But Soo Wan exits the car thwarting Dr Choi who slithers away…for the moment.

Dong Joo and Soo Wan enter the apartment holding hands. Dong Joo tells her he wants to tell everyone at work they are a couple so he can hold her hand there too. Soo Wan tells him no, having an open relationship at work would be a hassle for both of them. Dong Joo petulantly tells her he wants to reveal their relationship. In fact he would like to put a sticker on het forehead that reads “Dong Joo’s woman”. Cute, cute, cute. He tells her he will tell everyone at the next team meeting.
The next day team leader comes in at the end of a meeting. He asks what he missed when the door bell rings. It is Min Jo’s class for a visit. The teacher introduces Team Leader to the children. Hye Joo and Teddy give each other signs of approval obviously having come up with the idea to break the stalemate between father and son (recall Team Leader did not show at school for parents day bitterly disappointing his son).
The kids have fun with hoses, seeing pipe cutting, watching jumping and repelling from buildings. As the class gets ready to leave Min Jo flings himself in Team Leader’s arms apologizes to his dad then scampers after his classmates. Team Leader puts Teddy in a head lock and thanks him. Teddy notes someone else deserves credit.

After the visit Dong Joo and Soo Wan talk children. Dong Joo admits when he first got back in town he watched her across the street and thought Min Jo was her son and she was married to Team Leader. Soo Wan laughs that must have been a shock. Dong Joo says when he realized it was not true it was like going from hell to heaven. Dong Joo vows to be a good father. Soo Wan vows to be a good mother just like his.  Dong Joo agrees she can be like his mother EXCEPT she can not die young. They need to live long happy lives with their family. Soo Wan happily agrees.

Team leader takes Teddy, Hye Joo and Min Jo to dinner. Hye Joo drinks too much and rips into Team Leader for not taking Min Jo to an amusement park and sleeping during the day on weekends due to his work schedule. She promptly passes out at the table. Teddy tells Team Leader the school visit was Hye Joo’s idea to reconcile Min Jo to him. Team Leader looks at the sleeping Min Jo and with insight tells Teddy that Hye Joo’s father was killed on the job when she was young and she must be still knotted up about it. He says he deserves her critisism and is thankful she cares. Teddy tells Team Leader he will take Hye Joo home. Turns out that she is heavier than Teddy can handle. So Team Leader piggy backs Hye Joo and Teddy takes Min Jo. Hye Joo drunkenly mutters than Team Leader smells like dad. Teddy is bummed he is missing the opportunity to carry her. Time to hit the gym and do some weight training Teddy!

ep12_22 ep12_21
While waiting for Soo Wan outside the fire station, Dr Choi calls Dong Joo to meet. Dong Joo agrees and sends Soo Wan at text that she’ll have to find her own way home. She kicks the door to his office as a thank you. Over coffee Dr Choi asks what Dong Joo thinks of Soo Wan’s father. Dong Joo tells him the man is like a father to him. Dr Choi nods his understanding noting the Dong Joo’s education was paid for by Soo Wan’s father. He quickly drops the bomb that Soo Wan’s father knew about Dong Joo’s mothers eye donation. When Dong Joo’s mother went code blue after the successful surgery Dr. Choi relates that he found Soo Wan’s father removing the air mask NOT helping her. Dong Joo calls these statements lies. Dr Choi understands telling Dong Joo the truth hurts in this case. He leaves.

Meanwhile Soo Wan walks home looking at her ring then window shops at beautiful wedding dresses.

On the other hand, Dong Joo walks home in a daze. He rejects that Soo Wan’s father did this, it can not be he tells himself. At home he reviews the hospital records that confirm the surgery went well. He goes to the hospital to talk to a doctor that assisted that day. He confirms Soo Wan’s father worked hard to save the patient. He notes when the patient went code blue and the trauma team arrived Soo Wan’s father was alone in the room with the patient. He was performing CPR and very upset. Dong Joo ponders.

The next day Dong Joo does not show up for work worrying Soo Wan. Dong Joo disappearing is a hot button for her.

Dr Choi slithers into Ji Woon’s mother’s office relating he told Dong Joo and he must be suspicious because he went to the hospital to question an assisting doctor. Ji Woon’s mother tells her to keep her apprised.

Dong Joo stares at Soo Wan’s house when she approaches. Relieved to see him she invites him inside saying her father is home. Dong Joo declines the invitation saying he feels better seeing her and turns to leave. Sensing something is amiss Soo Wan tells him she will see him tomorrow and smiles. He returns her smile and walks away obvious that something is weighing heavily on his mind.

Dong Joo meets with Dr Choi telling him he does not know Dr Choi but knows the kind of man father is. Dong Joo declares Soo Wan’s father incapable of doing what Dr Choi accuses him of doing. Dong Joo questions Dr Choi’s intentions. Dr Choi calmly states he saw what he saw but it confused him at the time. Now 12 years later Dong Joo is back and he realized the significance of what he saw. He bluntly states father is not a savior but a murderer. He asks Dong Joo if he would feel compelled to tell the hard truth if the situation were reversed. Dr Choi says the truth must be revealed and that is what he must do. Dong Joo pours over the hospital records again. He notices the nose dive his mothers vitals took and wonders why (recall Ji Woon’s mother administered an injection into his mother iv that caused the cardiac arrest). Dong Joo tortures himself wondering if father removed the mask triggering the drop in vitals.

The next day at the fire station Soo Wan finds Dong Joo’s office empty again with no explanation from him as to where he is. Captain comes in and asks if she knows why Dong Joo is taking vacation time off. Soo Wan is surprised. Captain says something is wrong with Dong Joo and asks her to check it out. She agrees. Dong Joo broods at the beach recalling fathers cryptic words “what you mean to me you can never imagine”. Dong Joo broods at his mothers grave. He asks her to tell him it is not true. He asks what he should do? He asks what this will mean for he and Soo Wan. He breaks down and cries. Meanwhile after another day of radio silence from Dong Joo, Soo Wan dreams of waking in the hospital 12 years ago and finding Dong Joo gone.

The next day Soo Wan is distracted as she drops off a patient. She walks by Ji Woon not noticing him. He follows her asking if something is wrong. She denies it. He notes since they see each other during the course of their work days so they should speak comfortably with each. Soo Wan agrees. Soo Wan visits mom’s grave asking if Dong Joo is ok. She broods at the playground. Dong Joo arrives walking slowly. She rushes to him: where has he been, why is he doing this, she is worried about him. She cries she thought he had left her again. He calls her name repeatedly in emotional distress before collapsing.

She gets him home somehow tucking him in bed. Dong Joo recalls his mothers request in the hospital that Soo Wan receive her eyes should something go wrong. He says his mother’s name repeatedly in his sleep. Soo Wan wakes him and he hugs her in relief. She asks if he had a dream which he confirms. He silently cries as he hugs her. The next morning he sees the mp3 player Soo Wan placed in his desk and listens to the recent message. Soo wan tells him she is happy he is back for she was so lost without him. She thanks him for returning, finding her again. He cries listening to her words.

Detective Kim finds Detective Cha manning a traffic light and not happy. He notes that the timing is interesting. The second they get close to hard evidence she gets reassigned. He tells her to quietly do her job and he will continue with the investigation. Unbeknownst to him detective Kim is being followed and photographed. Looking into a junk yard an unknown assailant hits him on the back of his head with a metal pipe. That was a hard hit. He goes down and does not move.

Dong Joo heads to the hospital and Ji Woon spots him. Ji Woon’s mother takes a phone call about Detective Kim being neutralized. She remembers injecting a drug into Dong Joo’s mothers IV 12 years ago. Dong Joo meets Dr Choi on the hospital roof top telling him he will ignore what Dr Choi told him. It will only bring unhappiness. Dr Choi asks if Dong Joo does not believe him. Dong Joo says he decided not to believe him. As Dong Joo walks away Dr Choi yells his mother’s death was unjust. The man he calls father is a murderer. Dong Joo grabs Dr Choi by his lapels and tells him to keep his mouth shut. Do not talk about his mother’s death again. Dong Joo walks away unaware that Ji Woon was lurking nearby. Did he see AND hear their encounter? Dong Joo heads to Soo Wan’s fathers office. Both men stare at each other. Dong Joo says he has a question to ask….and the episode ends.

* The writer highly values family as contributing to happiness. Protection of family is the priority for this series. You’ve seen Ji Woon’s mother, Soo Wan’s father and Dong Joo make choices to protect their families.
* I liked that Dong Joo went a bit dark thinking about what to do with the accusation that Soo Wan’s father killed his mother. I was not surprised that he elected to put aside the accusation, preserving his family unit and their happiness is the priority. I was surprised how tough he was with Dr Choi.
* Ji Mo’s class visit to the fire station was fun. Hye Joo and Teddy were clever in coming up with that idea.
* I love the subtle playful interactions most of the characters have with each other. It seems to raise the value of all the secondary characters. For example, Detective Kim’s and Detective Cha’s interaction at the traffic light when he nags her to turn the cross walk so he can leave was cute.
* Soo Wan really does not like Dong Joo pulling away from her and that is exactly what he did this episode. She did not press him hard for an explanation giving him space even though she did not want to.
* Kdramas like their men to brood and Dong Joo got his chance this episode. This episode belonged to Dong Joo (played by Lee Sang Yoon).
* I hope Detective Kim was not killed. I really like the relationship and bantering with Detective Cha investigating the hit and run of Dong Joo’s mother.
* Anyone else got the song by Lasse Lindh “Run To You” stuck in their head?

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