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The K2 Review

THE K2 REVIEW Nutshell Summary: The K2 is a 2016 kdrama about a former soldier who sees a Presidential candidate in a compromising position. This makes him a target. The Presidential candidate’s wife orders him eliminated. He turns the tables and gains

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K2 Review – Jane Tilly – Guest Review

The comment sections for the K2 recaps were full of insightful thoughts and opinions. From the start, Jane Tilly saw positives and negatives of this series. When I asked if she’d be interested in writing a guest review, she agreed, though

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Would I Date Him? The K2

This time on Would I Date Him? I reflect upon the leading man, Kim Je Ha (Ji Chang Wook), in the series The K2. I am a Ji Chang Wook fan. He was the reason I watched this series. Our candidate:

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Video: The K2 Series

At the end of a series I often create a video that encapsulates the series from start to finish. These videos utilize screen shots and songs from the Original Sound Track (OST). Today’s series video is The K2 with a primary cast that

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The K2 Episode 16 (Final) Recap

This is a satisfying final episode. The K2 Episode 16 (Final) Recap Kim Je Ha (Ji Chang Wook) learns from Assemblyman Park’s assistant that Anna is headed to Cloud Nine and the bomb that is ticking down to zero cannot

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The K2 Episode 15 Recap

Je Ha goes superhuman this episode. The K2 Episode 15 Recap Yoo Jin’s half-brother, Choi Sung Won, strolls through the JSS lobby in giddy glee at the fighting between his guys (the police) and the JSS agents. Guys in hazmat

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The K2 Episode 14 Recap

Je Ha drives this episode. The K2 Episode 14 Recap The President’s son, Kim Suk Han, has his men hold Kim Je Ha (Ji Chang Wook) as he goes and retrieves the memory card that everyone wants to possess. Je

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The K2 Episode 13 Recap

Our leading man shows that he has brains as well as brawn. The K2 Episode 13 Recap Choi Yoo Jin (Song Yoon A) takes her time telling reporters that Anna feels like her daughter but she’s actually the biological daughter

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The K2 Episode 12 Recap

Je Ha is given something that confirms Yoo Jin’s trust in him. The K2 Episode 12 Recap Assemblyman Park welcomes Assemblyman Jang Se Joon (Cho Song Ha) to the party. They smile broadly while quietly telling each other one of

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The K2 Episode 11 Recap

Je Ha can’t pull the trigger, thank goodness. The K2 Episode 11 Recap The JSS President calls the police chief and says he wants to take out an insurance policy. Mr. Song wants to join the assault team. They aren’t

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