Writer Review – Jung Hyun Jung – Love her or Leave her?

As I watch more and more dramas I’m seeing I have two primary drivers for selecting to watch a drama or not – the acting leads or the writer. I’m becoming more and more aware of the writer, and their

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Six Flying Dragons Episode 1 – My Thoughts

Six Flying Dragons Episode 1 – My Thoughts * Having started and stopped this series years ago, I was inspired to begin this series again after watching My Country: The New Age. In My Country the linchpin character, Bang Won,

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What’s on my “to watch” list?

What’s on dramas are on my “to watch” list? Historical * Six Flying Dragons * Tree with Deep Roots * Queen Seondeok Contemporary * Chief Kim * Bad Guys * Graceful Family * Temperature of Love * Thirty, but Seventeen

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The Merchant Gaekju Review

The Merchant Gaekju Episode Review Synopsis: Merchant Gaekju is a 41 episode Korean drama becoming a great merchant. Our lead rejects following his father’s path of becoming a great merchant as a boy. As an adult he realizes being an

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Ghost Doctor Review

Synopsis. A brilliant surgeon with limited people skills, ends up in a coma. The hospital relies on his mastery and can’t function as well without him. An first year resident who has the ability to see ghosts can see the

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Ghost Doctor Episode 5

Flashback…A young Seung Tak sees a ghost person outside the hospital crying of the shoe of a loved one. He picks up the shoe and hands it to her. She can’t believe he can see her. Present day…Go Seung Tak

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Snowdrop Episode 9

1987…Spring… Doctor Kang Chung Ya (Yoo In Na) (Tae Il’s mistress and secret North spy) learns there is a secret passage to the basement from Comrade Joo. She tells him to follow her. Lim Soo Ho (Jung Hae In) says

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Snowdrop Episode 8

1987…Spring… Enroute to a briefing, an agent receives a call about Director Eun Chang Soo’s son and Young Ro’s brother, Eun Yeong U. The agent yells that a clerk shouldn’t have been in that kind of situation. The car changes

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Ghost Doctor Episode 4

After being bumped by a woman Young Min is expelled. As Seung Tak stares at the woman, Young Min starts to disappear. Go Seung Tak (Kim Beom) asks the entity near him to help save the woman. Seung Tak reaches

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Ghost Doctor Episode 3

After going up the stairs to reach the ICU, Go Seung Tak (Kim Beom) stops to catch his breath. Ghost doctor Cha Young Min (Rain) jumps out of his body, urges Seung Tak to keep going and jumps back in.

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