Angel Eyes Episode 4 Recap

Dong Joo wrist grabs Soo Wan and they stare into each others eyes. Nope, she doesn’t recognize him. He drags her to the emergency room and tends to her neck cut berating her for putting herself in harms way. So Dong Joo is now going to be a jerk to her to cover his feelings? They stare at each other some more.

Dong Joo recalls Soo Wan’s father telling him (when he visited Boston) about his daughter’s neurosurgeon boyfriend. He remembers her father declaring that Dong Joo was like a son to him.

Soo Wan’s coworkers dare her to go up in a crane to talk down a man threatening to jump from his high rise apartment. She does and with sass gets the man to agree to come down. Soo Wan is interesting when she has a little spirit and spunk. She spots an elderly woman in distress.

Dong Joo and Soo Wan get into an argument in the emergency room because she called Dr. Kang directly superseding Dong Joo’s authority. They talk outside and she apologizes for going over his head. She then asks if they’ve met before…here is his chance…admit it. But Dong Joo, in full noble idiot mode, makes a joke and implies they’ve never met. She walks away and he immediately regrets his denial.

Dong Joo remembers when he graduated college and how proud Soo Wan’s Dad was of him. Present day they go fishing together and Soo Wan’s Dad asks Dong Joo when he’ll be leaving this country hospital and returning to Boston? Dong Joo evades a direct answer.

Dong Joo sulks playing basketball where Ji Woon finds him. They play some one-on-one and Ji Woon asks him to be his friend. Who doesn’t want to befriend the fiancee of the woman they love? In a moment of cute, Ji Woon remarks he likes Dong Joo. Dong Joo asks why. Ji Woon quips because of Dong Joo’s hidden 6 pack abs. Dong Joo counters he doesn’t like being seduced by a man. Ji Woon jokes back it’s his first time too. They head to Ji Woon’s apartment to drink some beer but Soo Wan is there when Dong Joo enters the apartment. Dong Joo beats a hasty retreat.

The next day our two best buddy doctors head to a conference and encounter an accident. Among the emergency support they find Soo Wan trying to get a woman out of a car. They find the woman is shielding a baby.The rescue scenario and supposed tension did not really work. In the end, the woman dies but her baby is saved. Ji Woon comforts a crying Soo Wan.

Dong Joo heads to the planetarium that night for some solitude. Soo Wan goes there too. She spots a note from some named Dong Joo and suddenly thinks Dong Joo is in the building and searches for him. She finds Dong Joo feigning sleep in the theater (needless to say she doesn’t recognize him as Dong Joo). They snipe at each other and she asks him if he’d like to share a drink with her. They talk stars and drink Soju. She explain that she had two mothers, one that gave her birth and one (Dong Joo’s Mother) that taught her about the world. She admits she misses her first love but doesn’t know where he is or why he left…then she passes out. He tearfully reaches his hand towards her saying that her first love is right here.

Why, why, why doesn’t Son Wan’s Dad want a terrific guy like Dong Joo for his daughter?

Why does Soo Wan wear her face mask on her chin?

Why is Dong Joo a noble idiot?

The lighting of the show is nice. Lots of golden light which makes our actors luminous.

Angel Eyes
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