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New World Review


 Review.  New World focuses on the struggle to select a successor in a gangster organization. Synopsis. What if the big boss of a gangster organization unexpectedly dies? Who will be the successor? What if the police has a deep mole in the gangster

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How to Use Guys with Secret Tips Review


Review. How to Use Guys with Secret Tips focuses on a downtrodden woman who decides to take a chance and follow video tips to manage men to her advantage. Synopsis. What if you are a long suffering female employee, who is always overlooked

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Architecture 101 Review


Review. Architecture 101 provides a past and present look at the relationship of two people that meet after a fifteen year gap. Synopsis. What if your first love from college reappeared in your life after a 15 year absence? Would you reconnect

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Secret Reunion Review


Review.  Secret Reunion is about two men, who in the past were on opposite sides (one a South Korean police officer and the other a North Korean spy), that cross paths later in life. Synopsis.  * What if 6 years ago

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The Thieves Review


Review. The Thieves is about a two teams of thieves work together to execute a huge heist. Synopsis. What if years ago you were betrayed during a heist? Would you work together again for a big money job? The three leads grapple with

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90 Minutes Review


90 Minutes Review Synopsis. A man that uses women for his own pleasure has a day of reckoning. This is a mature film. More Detail.  Tomorrow is the big day for director Sang Hee (Joo Sang Wook).  He will be named director of

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My Phone Sex Partner Review


My Phone Sex Partner Review.   Synopsis. A wrong number leads two people to start a relationship via phone. They transition to a real life relationship. Their road to love is challenging in this 2012 Korean movie. This is a mature film. More Detail.  Yoon

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