Angel Eyes Episode 5 Recap

The noose tightens around Dong Joo as Soo Wan begins to suspect who he is.

Soo Wan wakes at the planetarium, her head aching from the alcohol. She finds that Dong Joo has put his coat over her shoulders. The next day she goes the hospital to return his coat to him. She finds him comforting an infant they rescued from the accident with gentle words. Who doesn’t love a man that is kind to babies? Gentlemen, women love to see your soft side! Dong Joo says the baby will soon be transferred to the orphanage. Soo Wan returns his coat offering to buy him a meal. He rudely rejects her offer telling her to go eat a meal with her boyfriend. Jerk mode has the desired effect and she leaves the hospital fuming.

Dr. Kang surprises Soo Wan and her coworkers with dinner at the fire station…and they LOVE it! Ji Woon asks Soo Wan why she didn’t see him when she stopped by the hospital. She says she came to see the baby from the accident. Ji Woon asks Soo Wan why doesn’t she get along with Dylan (aka Dong Joo)? He notes that he like both of them, why can’t they get along?

She goes to visit the baby at the orphange and the nun tells her the doctor is there. She finds Dong Joo treating a little girl who is rejecting his attempts to clean a wound. Soo Wan interjects and gets the little girl settled and the wound cleaned and bandaged. When Dong Joo gets ready to leave the orphanage Soo Wan asks why someone with such a bad personality helps at an orphanage on his day off. They snipe at each other until she receives a call from Ji Woon asking her to dinner with Dylan (aka Dong Joo).  Dong Joo and Soo Wan stare at each other.

Soo Wan’s Father and Ji Woon’s Mother talk and she admits she looks forward to Dylan (aka Dong Joo) leaving the hospital in 6 to 12 months so Ji Woon can return to being the best doctor in the hospital.

Dinner at Ji Woon’s is a bit awkward for Soo Wan and Dong Joo. Ji Woon asks Dong Joo what did he originally want to be when he grew up? Dong Joo admits as a child he wanted to be firefighter. THAT gets Soo Wan’s attention. Ji Woon comments the Soo Wan’s first love also wanted to be a firefighter. Ji Woon asks about Dong Joo’s first love. Dong Joo says he met her when he was 18. THAT gets Soo Wan’s attention. Dong Joo states he doesn’t know if the relationship is over or not not. Ji Woon and Soo Wan wash the dishes together and Ji Woon exits the room to take a phone call. Dong Joo sees Soo Wan struggling to reach a shelf to put a clean dish away. Dong Joo helps and startles Soo Wan and she breaks a wine glass. She cuts her finger trying to pick up the pieces. Ji Woon flips her over his shoulder and carries her to the couch and tends to her wound. Gotta admit that Soo Wan and Ji Woon have good chemistry. The fact the Ji Woon is such a nice guy only makes Dong Joo more determined to push Soo Wan away (aka noble idiot syndrome).

The next day Dong Joo has low energy in the emergency room. His co-workers tell him they see that he is depressed and tired and urge him to leave work early. Meanwhile Soo Wan and Ji Woon have made plans to see a movie together. She’s waiting at the theater when he texts her he has an emergency surgery so he can’t join her. She sees Dong Joo trying to get tickets but the show is sold out. She happens to have the extra ticket meant for Ji Woon…they watch the movie together, a movie they had watched together years earlier when she was blind. She watches part of the movie with her eyes closed and Dong Joo watches her fascinated.

After the movie they get on the elevator and the volume of people crush them together. Dong Joo shields Soo Wan but she is pressed into him. She listens to his heart and recalls listening to Dong Joo’s heart years ago. After the elevator empties out Soo Wan instinctively reaches up to feel his face like she did years ago. Dong Joo grabs her wrist to stop her. The show does a weird juxtaposition of Ji Woon’s surgery and the Soo Wan’s and Dong Joo’s movie & elevator scenes. I never like the editing choice of slicing something nice and something yucky together. Give me one segment and then the next segment.

Soo Wan drinks some soju and best buddy Min Soo joins her. Soo Wan wonders can two people look so similar that even their voices and mannerisms are the same? Min Soo correctly guesses the Soo Wan is thinking about Dong Joo. Later Soo Wan recalls Dylan (aka Dong Joo) asking for directions to planetarium and then flashes back to their star gazing. She recalls Dylan (aka Dong Joo) saying that he originally wanted to be a firefighter and flashes back to Dong Joo telling her he’d be a firefighter. She recalls the familiar sound of Dylan’s heart.

Driven to distraction and needing answers she heads to the hospital to confront Dylan. She finds him leaving the hospital. She admits she must sound crazy but she needs to know…have they met in the past? She stares at him willing him to answer. Dong Joo starts to walk away but she stops him entreating him to say her name (like he used to). She closes her eyes to listen to his voice. He stares at her unnerved at her intensity.

To break the spell and return to jerk status he grabs her wrist and drags her to a private spot asking if she’s interested in him, enough that her fiance Dr. Kang doesn’t matter? He continues if she’s interested in him, he may be willing to consider it himself. Repulsed by the insinuation (as Dong Joo hoped), she breaks away stating a similar voice doesn’t matter…HER Dong Joo wouldn’t be like this. Hurt, he watches her leave.

She returns to her old house remembering when years ago she’d go back asking if she’d received any mail (hoping for mail from Dong Joo) but the answer was always no. She remembers telling herself to forget about him.

The next day Soo Wan and Teddy bring the old High School Principal to the emergency room. Soo Wan is obviously not feeling well and Dong Joo is distracted in his concern for her versus the patient. The High School Principal recognizes him, calling him Dong Joo. Dong Joo and Soo Wan stare at each other as the episode ends.

You knew sooner or later that someone that knew Dong Joo when he was younger would recognize him. NOW will Dong Joo admit his identity?

Classic kdrama moments: he comes close to her to help put something on a shelf just out of her reach, she breaks a glass and cuts herself, a crush of people forces them close together, the wrist grab/drag combo, plenty of staring at each other and the noble idiot syndrome continues another episode.

Why does Soo Wan wear her face mask on her chin?

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