When I cut the cord to cable TV, I began exploring streaming internet content and found Asian (Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese) dramas.

Now I watch a mix of Asian and American dramas.

When it comes to opinions and insights on drama there is wonderful content out there.

I’m adding my thoughts to mix.

Layout of amusings:

* Episode Musings menu has series episode by episode recaps. The pulldown menu lists the shows I am recapping or have recapped.

* Reviews menu has my reviews of a show. The pulldown menu it organized by show category e.g. kdrama (Korean Drama), jmovie (Japanese movie), kmovie (Korean movie), etc.

* Index menu has a complete list of drama reviews and recaps.

* OST_Index menu has playlists and Original Sound Tracks (OST) details. I love OSTs as they evoke memories of shows.

* Articles menu is where I stash other writings not specific to a single show.

 YouTube-iconYoutube. I have a youtube channel that has my playlists and videos I’ve made. There are some great fan made videos out there. Mine are comprised of snapshot images. One day I’ll do the video editing.

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  1. Only says:

    You’ve been nominated for a Sunshine Award!



  2. Only says:

    Guess what? We nominated you for another award: the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award! http://wp.me/p59Ljt-3yu


    • kjtamuser says:

      Thank you! I’m still doing my blog walk, checking out other blogs. There are excellent ones out there. I love the passion of Asian drama fans! Thanks again!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Take your time, walks are supposed to be fun and i’m glad you’re enjoying it! Indeed, the love for Asian dramas is powerful in blog-sphere and there are excellent blogs indeed! You’re very welcome!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. zhaoul says:

    Hey Kjtamuser, you’ve been nominated for the three day quote challenge. Love to hear your favourite quotes if you are able to http://kdramadreamer.com/2015/12/23/three-day-quotes-challenge-day-1-a-problem-within-my-heart/


  4. Mark Freburg says:

    It seems others have made general comments here. Is this a good place to make general comments on your site, or would you prefer A) another place, or B) no general comments? Although I know there are a million shows out there to watch, I wanted to suggest some to you, but not without your permission. Thank-you. –Mark


  5. Mark Freburg says:

    Here’s my first recommendation for a series I’d love to see you review. GOOD DOCTOR is a 2013 Korean TV series. It centers around a formerly autistic man who has savant-like abilities. He goes to work in a big city hospital as a resident doctor, having been an intern elsewhere, but because of his “disability,” has to prove himself before the National Medical Board will actually certify him–even though he passed the medical exam with flying colors. With some flashbacks to his childhood we follow his life at and outside the hospital. There are a good number of supporting characters and a number of well done subplots that weave through the series. Joo Won plays the leading role savant doctor, Moon Chae-won plays another surgeon, his senior and eventual love interest, Joo Sang-wook plays the head of the pediatric surgical dept where they all work, and Kim Min-seo plays a business manager at the hospital and Joo Sang-wook’s back and forth love interest. There are actually four different romances in this story, medical and other suspense, and well-developed characters. The writing is great, the story line never lags, and the production values are superb. In short, this is probably my favorite K-drama at the present time. Hope you can review it! –Mark


  6. mfreburg says:

    Yes, 🙂 While I am purposely not saying anything about the story, this drama is different from most K-dramas I’ve seen in that it doesn’t automatically use so many of the near-clichés we’re so used to seeing. Didn’t I say “well written?” 🙂 🙂


    • kjtamuser says:

      Yes it is well written. Every episode has a touching moment, and interesting reveal, and a good cliff hanger. I appreciate your discretion regarding the story as I make my way through this series.


  7. mfreburg says:

    Because you do such a good job of it, I am eagerly awaiting your ultimate review of this series, whatever your final verdict. –Mark


    • kjtamuser says:

      I’m at episode 10 where abusive dad has returned and our leading man has collapsed on the floor. Ep 10 was a hard one for our leading man! I’m hoping abusive dad is dealt with and dispatched from this series in short order. We shall see.


      • mfreburg says:

        Seems to be a log of spousal and even child abuse in K-dramas. I really hate this. Especially as a former policeman who has seen too much of this real life, it is hard to take when watching for relaxation. I suspect this is actually not uncommon in Korea, and perhaps drama writers are trying to bring it to the public’s attention as a problem that needs to be solved? I also think K-dramas feature too much yanking people (manly women) by the arm and dragging them around, as well as knocking people down for no reason. It does raise questions about that society that I’m not qualified to answer. I’ll qualify my somewhat negative feelings about that behavior by saying that I really enjoy the more innocent romance seen in most K-dramas, as well as the family love that is often portrayed.


  8. mfreburg says:

    meant “lot” not “log” above.


  9. raistlin0903 says:

    Hi 😀 I have just nominated you for the unique blogger award: you can find it here : https://raistlin0903.wordpress.com/2016/12/15/the-unique-blogger-award/


  10. Madu says:

    Hello, I finished Revolutionary Love, but I was unsure about episode 7. Where does the manager talk about a wildcard, what was that wildcar exactly? I couldn’t associate it with anything since the Hyuk just didn’t pass. Anyway, sorry to bother you and I hope you answer ❤


  11. Lori Baltazar says:

    Good kdrama recaps are hard to find, and I am beyond thankful to have found your site. I agree with a lot of your thoughts (those in italics).

    Keep being inspired.


  12. KGraves says:

    It’s been a bit since I’ve last sat down and watched a drama, but I still enjoy coming back here to see if any dramas peak my interest. I’ve always found your recaps and reviews reliable. Have you heard anything good about the Taxi Driver drama?


    • I looked up the kdrama Taxi driver on mydramalist. The concept isn’t unique but who doesn’t enjoy justice outside the criminal system channels? Good villains are key.


      • KGraves says:

        Thank you for getting back to me, I 100% agree. In this type of genre a poorly written villain can really take away from a show. I’m happy to say that that’s definitely not the case with this kdrama, I’ve never felt so satisfied for revenge. What’s interesting is that I read that the stories they cover are based on real life cases. It’s definitely one that I think I’ll watch to the very end.

        Liked by 1 person

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