Angel Eyes Episode 8 Recap

As the episode begins the back hug Dong Joo is giving Soo Wan is interrupted when Ji Woon calls Soo Wan from the fire station parking lot.  They go for coffee and Ji Woon tells Soo Wan that he’ll wait for her. He understands what she said to him (that she wants to break up with him) BUT she is in his heart and he cannot make that stop. Ji Woon tells her do what she wants…he’ll be here waiting…so come back to him. You’d think he would seem pathetic with this stance. But the writer throws him a couple of lines to save face “This is not something I need to get your permission for. I am unilaterally notifying you. End of announcement.” Then Ji Woon leaves. Dong Joo finds Soo Wan on “their steps” thinking about Ji Woon. She asks him what should she do. He puts his arm around her and pulls her to him in response.

Ji Woon’s mom passes by his office. She alertly notices that he seems to be despondent. He denies Soo Wan has anything to do with his mood. She tells Ji Woon that he has to be the best at everything. He deflects her by saying lots of people are better than him and the best thing for him is being her son. She replies that the best thing in the world is being Mom to Ji Woon.

ep_91 ep_90
Cute scene with Dong Joo stealing food off Soo Wan’s plate and she steals food back. Teddy declares they must have been spouses in a former life.

They take an emergency call and it is a good thing that Dong Joo is there. He treats the patient on the spot, saving his life. The ER team is stunned when Dong Joo enters with the patient (they thought he was in America). Ji Woon chides Dong Joo for not coming back to the hospital. Dong Joo reminds him that being a fire fighter was his childhood dream but his second father inspired him to be a doctor. Now he has the best of both worlds.  Dong Joo tells Ji Woon that his real name is Park Dong Joo. That name does not ring any bells for Ji Woon. Dong Joo says he wants to tell Ji Woon something and just as Ji Woon is ready to listen an emergency phone call requires Ji Woon to leave.

Min Soo and Soo Wan discuss Dong Joo being back in town. Min Soo is supportive because Soo Wan is obviously happy. Min Soo recommends Soo Wan tell Ji Woon quickly.

Dong Joo brings dinner to Detective Kim who tells him that his father would be pleased that he is following in his footsteps by working at the fire station. Detective Kim tells Dong Joo that he and Detective Cha are looking into the hit and run case of his mother. Dong Joo is thankful. Detective Kim tells him they have not done anything yet so wait on the thanks.

A petite girl gets off the bus in front of the fire station and calls to Dylan who smiles and yells “Ellie!”. They hug, thrilled to see each other. Everyone thinks she is Dong Joo’s girlfriend including Soo Wan who leaves in a huff. Dong Joo calls Soo Wan so he can introduce her but she hangs up on him. Soo Wan and Min Soo text about the situation and Min Soo thinks the girl is Dong Joo’s girlfriend.  Dong Joo finds Soo Wan and asks if perhaps she is jealous of his visitor. Soo Wan haughtily tells him this is a work place and personal business should not be conducted here. Dong Joo smiles and states Soo Wan is indeed jealous and he is LOVING it. Ellie overhears and tells Soo Wan she left many men behind her in America. Soo Wan excuses herself and starts to leave but Ellie blocks her way. With tears in her eyes Ellie asks if Soo Wan can see her. Soo Wan is mystified. Ellie tells Soo Wan that she is pretty and too good for her shabby brother. Soo Wan remembers Dong Joo’s little sister Hye Joo said that years ago. Both women get teary and hug it out.

Ji Woon tells Soo Wan’s father that Dong Joo is working side by side with Soo Wan in the fire station. Soo Wan’s father is surprised and NOT happy at this news. Soo Wan’s father asks Ji Woon if there is a problem with his relationship with Soo Wan. Ji Woon does not deny there is an issue but is confident they can work through it. Soo Wan’s father tells Ji Woon not to give up.

After Dong Joo walks Soo Wan home, Son Wan’s father spies on them from the 2nd floor, calls Dong Joo and asks him to come over the following evening.

Ellie shops and Teddy day dreams of Ellie.

Detective Cha meets Detective Kim meet. She has  narrowed down the possible cars to six models which yields 836 potential cars.

Dong Joo heads to Soo Wan’s house. He is nervous hoping that tonight her father will recognize him as a potential son-in-law. Dong Joo and Soo Wan’s father greet each other and Soo Wan comes in the room surprised to see Dong Joo. But the surprises does not end there. Father has invited Ji Woon over too. The awkward foursome sit together and Father drops the bomb that Dong Joo is his son, though not related by blood. Father asks that Soo Wan and Ji Woon (he addresses them as a couple) consider Dong Joo part of the family. Ji Woon is thrilled that Dong Joo will be his brother one day. Father tells both men they will be brother-in-laws. Soo Wan starts to protest but is cut off when Ji Woon asks WHY did Father not acknowledge Dong Joo when he worked at the hospital. Craftily Father says it was Dong Joo’s idea that he did not want an advantage at work because of their relationship and he just went along with the lie. Both men leave the house and Ji Woon tells Dong Joo he really is pleased that they’ll be brother-in-laws. He considers Dong Joo a friend and confidant. Ji Woon says Soo Wan must be like a sister to Dong Joo. He asks Dong Joo to take care of her for him.

Soo Wan tries to talk to her father about pulling away from Ji Woon and moving towards Dong Joo but he claims he is tired and avoids the conversation. Soo Wan has an issue with some of the men in her life (her father and Ji Woon) not wanting to hear what she has to say. They believe they can avoid hearing her and can convince her to acquiesce to what they want. That would drive me crazy (it is driving me crazy watching it).

Dong Joo and Soo Wan meet at the steps struggling to believe the evening events. Dong Joo recommends they tell Ji Woon the truth with sincerity. Soo Wan is afraid of the pain the truth will cause. Dong Joo says he’ll tell Ji Woon. He’ll take whatever Ji Woon wants to give him in return. Soo Wan comments she will be good to her father since he helped Dong Joo and Hye Joo after their mother’s death. She worries again how hurt Ji Woon will be once Dong Joo tells him that he is romantically interested in Soo Wan. They vow to get through it together.

Ji Woon gets a text for a dinner reservation that he had made in the past. He had planned to propose to Soo Wan at this dinner. He decides to call Soo Wan and invites her to dinner. At first Soo Wan says she has to work late. Reminding her she has to eat, she agrees saying there is something she needs to tell him.  Dong Joo then calls Ji Woon because there is something he needs to tell him. Ji Woon says he has an appointment (his dinner with Soo Wan) and maybe next time they can meet. Then Evil Dad (yes Soo Wan’s father is an Evil Dad in my mind) calls Dong Joo to meet him.

Ji Woon and Soo Wan meet for dinner. She wants to tell Ji Woon about Dong Joo but like a little kid putting fingers in his ears so he can not hear the bad news, Ji Woon asks that they just have a casual dinner together.  Didn’t I mention certain men in her life do not want to hear what she thinks? That is driving me crazy. The rest of the dinner is awkward as Soo Wan is silent and Ji Woon pretends nothing is wrong.
Evil Dad and Dong Joo meet. Evil Dad says now he understands why Soo Wan chose to be a paramedic. He continues that he will acknowledge that Dong Joo feels affection for Soo Wan. Hope springs eternal in Dong Joo who thinks maybe he will receive approval to date Soo Wan. But no, Evil Dad states emphatically no romance. He tells Dong Joo to yield to his wishes. Dong Joo respectfully states he can not deny his feelings for Soo Wan, she is the love of his life. He ought not; he does not. Evil Dad tries to convince Dong Joo NOT to tell Ji Woon. Dong Joo says he must tell Ji Woon. Evil Dad seethes with anger and strikes Dong Joo telling him to get out. Dong Joo asks WHY can’t it be him? WHY can’t he accepted as Soo Wan’s love? WHY when Father likes him so much? Just like he did with Soo Wan, Evil Dad avoids the conversation by leaving. Argh!

Evil Dad goes to a bar and starts drinking. He looks at his hand, the hand that took off Dong Joo’s mother’s oxygen mask. In desperation he calls Ji Woon’s mother and confesses all about Dong Joo’s mother’s death and his part in it. She is surprisingly accepting of his behavior saying parents will ANYTHING to protect their children. Evil Dad is freaking out calling himself a sinner. She calmly says these things can happen…they can happen. What is she talking about? Is she the hit and run driver? Is Ji Woon the hit and run driver? Evil Dad continues…as a murderer I couldn’t turn my back on Dong Joo even though it was risky…this is God’s punishment for murdering Dong Joo’s mother.

The awkward dinner is done and Soo Wan declines Ji Woon’s offer to drive her home preferring to walk. Ji Woon says he’ll wait for her just like he said he’d do on their first date. Turns out he was late on their first date and Soo Wan got angry about that, stalking off. Ji Woon stopped her telling her he would wait as long as necessary for her to come to him. It starts raining while Soo Wans walks and thinks about this. Ji Woon walks and thinks about the same thing. Dong Joo walks and thinks about how Soo Wan’s father will not accept him. They are all slowly walking distracted in the rain. Dong Joo and Soo Wan are surpised to meet. She looks forlorn and he hugs her asking if she saw Ji Woon.  Soo Wan marvels that Ji Woon kept smiling and talking like nothing was wrong. Not sure denial is something to admire. Dong Joo and Soo Wan continuing hugging. Across the street Ji Woon watches them stunned to see them hugging. Does he finally understand they like each other and Dong Joo is his romantic rival?

* Why do guys always look so much better dripping wet than girls?
* This episode felt slow even though there were major plot points: Dong Joo’s sister returns to Korea, Soo Wan’s father reveals Dylan to be Dong Joo to Ji Woon and admits that he is Dong Joo’s benefactor, Soo Wan’s father confesses murdering Dong Joo’s mother to Ji Woon’s mother, Ji Woon’s mother makes a cryptic comment that parents will do whatever it takes to protect their children and finally Ji Woon sees Dong Joo and Soo Wan hugging.
* Soo Wan’s smiles are getting more frequent as she banters with Dong Joo and her joy at his sister returning. Our OTP are cute relishing the simple joy of being together.

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