Angel Eyes Episode 14 Recap

Soo Wan needs to confirm what she’s read. Did Dong Joo’s mother really donate her eyes specifically to her? She heads to the organ donation office but no information is forthcoming due to confidentiality rules. She then asks her doctor. He provides her with the documents. It is confirmed, Dong’s Joo’s mother died of a sudden cardiac arrest and specified her eyes to be donated to Soo Wan. Dong Joo gets ready to leave work frustrated that Soo Wan has not been answering her cell phone. He exits the fire station and Soo Wan is waiting. She want them to visit Dong Joo’s mother’s grave. As she places flowers, Soo Wan says to Dong Joo the donor of my eyes, it is your mother, right? Dong Joo is stunned. Soo Wan remembers 12 years ago crying and Dong Joo’s mother soothing her saying if she could, she would give Soo Wan her eyes. Soo Wan starts repeating “It was Jung Hwa, It was Jung Hwa…” becoming more and more upset. She falls to her knees saying she never knew, she never knew. Dong Joo gets on his knees and tells her this was his mother’s wish, she wanted Soo Wan to have her eyes. Soo Wan demands “Why didn’t you tell me? Why? Why?” Dong Joo says his mother didn’t want her to know, didn’t want Soo Wan to feel this burden of guilt, and his mother told him NOT to tell her.  Soo Wan cries trying to come to terms with this.

Outside Soo Wan’s house she asks Dong Joo how could he bear to look at her? He said the first time she looked at him it was amazing, that she could SEE him. Dong Joo says it was a dream come true. Those eyes looking at him. Then he understood why his mother donated her eyes and he was happy, so happy. Dong Joo tells Soo Wan not to be sad or sorry. His mother wanted her to see the flowers, trees, and those she loves.  Soo Wan goes into the house.

In her bedroom she is flooded with memories of Dong Joo’s mother and cries. In his bedroom Dong Joo asks his mother to help Soo Wan accept this so he can protect her. Soo Wan’s father comes home and finds her in her bedroom. Soo Wan tells him that Dong Joo’s mother donated her eyes. He is stunned asking how she found out. She said she knows the donor was Dong Joo’s mother. Her father asks if she is okay. Soo Wan says she is not okay, how could she be? She feels sad, sorry, guilty. But she continues, Dong Joo is happy. Happy that she can see him. Dong Joo told her his mother would be angry if she is sad and sorry.  Her father says he’s so thankful and grateful. He puts his arm around his daughter and comforts her. Very nice scene, both actors were understated but powerful.

Next day at work, Dong Joo asks Soo Wan if she cried all night. Soo Wan simply says she can not help it. Dong Joo threatens to tell his mother. Soo Wan asks if Hye Joo knows. Dong Joo tells her no, that she was too young when it all happened. He says once Hye Joo finds out she’ll understand her mother’s desire to help Soo Wan. Dong Joo tells her his mother didn’t give her the eyes to cry all the time. That earns him a smile from Soo Wan.

Soo Wan’s father calls Dong Joo to meet. Father tells Dong Joo that Soo Wan found out about his mother’s eye donation and while upset seems to be taking it better than he expected. He says it is due to Dong Joo’s support and love for Soo Wan. He thanks him. Dong Joo’s jaw clinches and he asks him to convince Soo Wan to move to America. Dong Joo says Soo Wan keeps finding out about things she should not be burdened with and there are certain things he never wants her to know. Dong Joo leaves. Father wonders what he meant. This time he realizes that Dong Joo knows. He goes to Dr. Choi’s office and asks he if he told Dong Joo. Dr. Choi confirms he did indeed tell Dong Joo his side of the story. He continues that Soo Wan should be told too. That pushes Soo Wan’s father’s anger button and he grabs Dr. Choi telling him he better not tell Soo Wan. Dr. Choi tells him that Dong Joo already made that request so don’t make him angry and leaves. Soo Wan’s father tries to come to grips with Dong Joo knowing his shame and the terror that Soo Wan will find out too.

Ji Woon finds out that Dong Joo’s mother donated her eyes to Soo Wan.

Dong Joo walks Soo Wan home. He inquires if she’s feeling better.  He asks her to pinky swear that she will not cry anymore. She turns to go in the house but returns to his arms for a hug. Soo Wan’s father watches from the window. He clutches his heart and falls to the floor.  Soo Wan finds him and calls Dong Joo. He comes to the house with his medical bag. Soo Wan immediately notices both men are distant from each other. Dong Joo tells Father he needs to go to the hospital. Father declines and tells him to go home. Dong Joo turns to leave surprising Soo Wan. Dong Joo tell her unless her father goes to the hospital all she can do is monitor his condition. He leaves, leaving Soo Wan shocked and wondering what is going on between her father and Dong Joo.

The next day at the fire station, Soo Wan tells Dong Joo her father is stable. She says she can not believe SHE did not know anything was wrong. She tells him she’d worry about her father if she was not around. She tells Dong Joo she wants to put a hold on moving to American for the time being.

When Team Leader and Teddy return home from work Hye Joo is especially attentive to Team Leader. Hye Joo is not thinking of Team Leader as a father, but a man. Teddy is not happy with what he is seeing.

Min Soo and Ji Woon meet. Ji Woon tells her he knows that Dong Joo’s mother was important but wonders why. Min Soo tells Ji Woon that Dong Joo’s mother was a critical person in Soo Wan’s life. Soo Wan was drowning in despair but meeting Dong Joo and being enfolded in their family brought her happiness.  Min Soo says she wants to find the hit-and-run driver badly. Ji Woon wishes her luck in finding the person. Min Soo is blunt that Ji Woon should stop tormenting himself hoping for something that won’t come to pass. She recommends he let go of Soo Wan. Ji Woon says he can’t do that right now and leaves.

Ji Woon goes to see Dong Joo. Ready for round 2 of “I can protect her better than you can”? Ji Woon tells Dong Joo that Min Soo shared what a positive person his mother was in Soo Wan’s life. Ji Woon is thankful that she donated her eyes to Soo Wan. Dong Joo is shocked he’s found out. Ji Woon tells Dong Joo he can understand Soo Wan’s father doing whatever he had to do to get the eyes to Soo Wan. Dong Joo asks how much Ji Woon knows. Ji Woon says he knows everything that concerns Soo Wan. Ji Woon tells Dong Joo that he knows Dong Joo knew the truth too and wonders how he can be with Soo Wan with that much resentment for her father. He tells Dong Joo moving to America won’t change the fact that he is the one person that SHOULD NOT be with Soo Wan. Dong Joo does not like that statement and grabs Ji Woon. Ji Woon continues the best thing that Dong Joo can do is go back to America alone because all he can give Soo Wan is unhappiness.

Teddy asks Hye Joo to eat with him. Hye Joo spends the entire meal asking him questions about Team leader. Teddy is bummed that she likes Team Leader and not him.

Detective Cha meets with the eye witness to the hit-and-run. He tells her 12 years ago the police paid him a lot of money and he never had to testify. Detective Cha recognizes something is not right with how the police handled the case. Detective Kim is horrified with the news that the hit-and-run eye witness was paid by the police and never testified. Flashbacks show it was the present day police captain that paid the witness and never had him testify.

Soo Wan’s father meets Ji Woon’s mother for drinks. He tells her Dr Choi has told Dong Joo about him killing his mother. Ji Woon’s mother acts surprised. Soo Wan’s father tells her Dong Joo plans to take Soo Wan to America. He confesses that he feels guilt every day for what he did. He should have admitted it right away and taken his punishment. But no, he ran away from the truth and now he must pay for his cowardliness. Ji Woon’s mother squirms in her seat. She could be saying the same words for injecting Dong Joo’s mother with the drugs that caused the cardiac arrest. He continues that the moment Soo Wan and Dong Joo asked for his blessing his chance to confess vanished. Ji Woon’s mother says to him (and herself), you did it for your child. If you reveal it to your child, won’t it cause pain?

Soo Wan scolds her father for drinking with his illness. Father tells Soo Wan that he wants her to move to America and he has decided he’ll come to America too. Soo Wan is surprised and happy her father will join Dong Joo and her in America. She agrees to go to America knowing that he will join them once his affairs are in order. Alone in his study he confesses to his wife’s picture that he’s ready to join her. He tells her once Soo Wan is in America, he’ll make sure he joins her.

The next day at the fire station Dong Joo tells the chief that he’ll be moving to Boston in the near future. Soo Wan enters the office and tells him he needs to come with him after work. She won’t tell him where but says he’ll be happy when he gets there. It’s the jewelry store and they pick out their wedding rings. Soo Wan tells him she is willing to move to America because her father will join them there. Then their family will be together. She says her father wants them to marry quickly.

Ji Woon talks to Soo Wan and lets her know he wants her to be happy. But he does not think Dong Joo is the right guy for her. Soo Wan snaps back “don’t be like this, you are disappointing me”. Soo Wan firmly tells him she is marrying Dong Joo and she’s moving to America. She leaves.

Soo Wan goes to pick up the wedding rings at the jewelers. The rings are beautiful and Soo Wan is very happy. She can’t wait until Dong Joo sees them.

Dong Joo heads to his apartment and finds Soo Wan’s father outside waiting for him. Father tells Dong Joo that he knows that Dr. Choi told him everything. Dong Joo confirms he knows. Father asks if Dong Joo has any questions. Dong Joo says he has no questions. Dong Joo asks him to leave and walks around him. Father puts his hand on Dong Joo’s shoulder, then he kneels next to Dong Joo.

What do you want me to ask? Did you kill her by removing her oxygen mask? Ask why you took me under your wing – was it guilt for murdering my mother? Did you do it to give your own daughter my mother’s eyes? Father says it is all my fault. That’s not the answer I want! Dong Joo yells. Dong Joo finally realizes. That’s why you came to America to find me. That’s why you separated me from Soo Wan. That’s why you said I could not be with Soo Wan. Father utters his name. Dong Joo cuts him off, don’t speak to me again. Father calls him name pleadingly. Dong Joo angrily tells him not to call him Dong Joo. He flatly states I have no Father. But I will take Soo Wan. I will marry Soo Wan. I will take Soo Wan to America. Soo Wan MUST NEVER know. The only thing I have left is Soo Wan. To protect her, I can do anything.

Father is openly crying now, Dong Joo has tears down his face as he turns and leaves Father weeping on the sidewalk.

Unbeknownst to both men, Soo Wan is just around the corner. She sees her father sobbing and Dong Joo walk away in anger. Did she hear? Does she KNOW?

* The confrontation between Dong Joo and Soo Wan’s father was worth the wait. Both actors hit it strong. Powerful scene. Dong Joo eviscerated him with coldness and completely rejected him. Soo Wan’s father was a puddle of agony and tears at the end of that conversation. Did Soo Wan overhear their conversation or just observe their actions without hearing the content?
* This episode belonged to Lee Sang-Yoon (Dong Joo),  Ku Hye Sun (Soo Wan) and Jung Jin Young (Soo Wan’s father). These actors delivered powerful, intense, and subtle (not over the top) scenes.
*Dr. Choi seems to wear a perpetual smirk.

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