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7 First Kisses OST

I enjoyed the light & fun 7 First Kisses web series. It has a three song OST. 1. Kissing You by Ji Chang Wook. Yes, the star of epsiode 4, K2, Healer, etc, sang the theme song.  Why not, his

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She was Pretty Review

Synopsis: She was Pretty is a 2015 sixteen episode Korean drama about two childhood friends (he was chubby, she was pretty) that lose touch. When he returns to Korea and wants to reconnect (he is handsome, she isn’t as pretty), she

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Cheer Up Review

Synposis: Cheer Up is a 2015 12 episode Korean drama about two groups of high school students forced to work together on the new cheer leading squad. Nutshell Summary: Cheer Up was a pleasant series. The leads were likable. The couple was had a

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Yong Pal Review

Synposis: Yong Pal is a 2015 18 episode Korean drama about a doctor for hire that revives a rich woman trapped an intentional coma from her enemies. They fall in love. Her need for revenge thwarts their relationship. Nutshell Summary: Yong Pal

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Video: “Best Home” Track 5, Angry Mom OST

Folks, here’s my first video using video (versus images)! A lovely instrumental from the Angry Mom OST is track 5 “Best Home” by Lee Joo Han. The video showcases the complex mother, daughter, father relationship in the series. Key moments from the relationship between our Angry Mom,

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Video: High Society Series

Sometimes at the end of a series I create a video that encapsulates the series start to finish in a single video. These videos utilize screen shots and a song from the Original Sound Tracks (OSTs) which evoke the show. Today’s

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Video: My Love Eun Dong Instrumental Tracks

Video: My Love Eun Dong Instrumental Tracks Several of the My Love Eun Dong instrumental tracks inspired me. Yes, I’m still trying to get over our leading man’s compelling intensity – Joo Jin Mo was memorable! 1. “Beloved Eun Dong”, Track 1,

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My Love Eun Dong Review

Synopsis: My Love Eun Dong is a 2015 16 episode Korean drama a couple who have loved and lost each other twice in their past. Will the third time be the charm? Nutshell Summary: Our couple’s romance spans twenty years. It starts when

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Video: Episode 16 The Time We Were Not in Love Instrumental Tracks Part 2

Video: Episode 16 The Time We Were Not in Love  I’ve got it in my head to make videos for episodes of the Time We Were Not in Love. Today is the series final, episode 16. I had a ton of

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Video: The Time We Were Not in Love Instrumental Tracks Part 1

Video: The Time We Were Not in Love Instrumental Tracks Part 1 I’ve decided to do a series of instrumental track video each focusing on an specific episode of the series. Episode 1-3 are featured in these videos: 1. “Always” Track

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