Angel Eyes Episode 7 Recap

We begin Episode 7 in the airport. Dong Joo and Soo Wan are sitting side by side. Dong Joo thanks Soo Wan for showing her face to him. Now he can leave her AND say goodbye. He gets up and walks away. Stunned she calls after him “Don’t Go”. He stops, waits a moment then walks away past the security checkpoint. WHAT? He LEAVES? Dong Joo remembers Son Wan’s father begging him to go so Soo Wan can have a normal life. He decided to honor the request. Who is more surprised…Soo Wan or me?
ep71_jpg ep72_jpg
Fast forward several weeks, Soo Wan stares blankly at the sky. Team Lead Woon Chan chides her for overworking and wearing herself out. Soo Wan wants to work to keep herself occupied, she is numb and robotic, existing not living.

Dr. Choi leaves Soo Wan’s father office smiling to himself. Ji Woon’s mother walks by and recognizes him.  She asks Soo Wan’s father why Dr. Choi is back in the hospital after all she fired him years ago. Soo Wan’s father denies that Dr. Choi visited him saying she is mistaken.

Soo Wan brings in a patient to the emergency room and finds Ji Woon is now the director.

Detective Kim reviews the hit and run paperwork remembering years ago that the skid marks were his focus until an internal investigation team came and took him away. He takes the information to Detective Cha who says she can find more with skid marks than he could years ago. Detective Kim asks her to proceed saying Dong Joo is admirable and he wants to do all he can until the statue of limitations runs out. Besides that he wants to pay Dong Joo back for the potato stew.ep73_jpg
Soo Wan returns home and finds Ji Woon, his mother, and her father waiting for her. Ji Woon’s mother announces she wants to throw an engagement party next month. Soo Wan feels the noose of this now unwanted relationship tighten around her neck. Soo Wan is not enthusiastic.

ep74_jpgJi Woon and Soo Wan meet at the bench where they first met. Soo Wan remembers that Ji Woon was the first person she saw when she could see. Ji Woon jokes that if he had been the second person she saw, he would not have had a chance with her. Soo Wan tells Ji Woon she wanted to see someone else (Dong Joo). He says he knows she wanted to see another. Ji Woon says that is all in the past. Soo Wan tells him it is NOT in the past for her. Soo Wan explains those memories and the past are blocking her from living today. Ji Woon says he’ll help her break free of the memories. Soo Wan tells him she does not want to break free, that she can’t come to him. He pleads with her but she calmly returns the box with the star necklace and walks away. As she leaves Ji Woon asks if the owner of the whistle necklace is back. She says no but now she knows her heart. Ji Woon can not believe Soo Wan just broke up with him.

Teddy interacts with Team Lead Woon Chan and his son. Teddy sends a birthday card and gift from America so the little boy can think his mother remembered his birthday. Team Lead Woon Chan is grateful and invites Teddy to live with them. Unfortunately for Teddy he turns into their maid, cleaning, doing the laundry, etc. Kinda cute Teddy turning into Mr. Mom.

ep76_jpgSoo Wan tells Min Soo that she broke up with Ji Woon.  Min Soo says Soo Wan must be crazy. Soo Wan says she can only think about Dong Joo. Min Soo says Soo Wans loves Ji Woon in a different way but it is love. Soo Wan says she used to think that way too. But now her heart will only accept Dong Joo.

ep77_jpgSoo Wan heads to the planetarium remembering the night she and Dong Joo drank and talked. She puts her head on the table crying that she misses him. When she feels the brush of a hand, she lifts her head and sees Dong Joo. Is he real or her imagination? He’s real. Dong Joo says he is back and this time it is for real, he is not leaving again. He tells her she has to take responsibility for him (just like he told her 12 years prior). She calls him a jerk, rotten, etc. He hugs her and she struggles against him crying, telling him to leave, that she doesn’t need him, and why did he come back?
Dong Joo says he felt like dying without her. If he did not see her, he thought he’d die. THAT gets her attention.

Dong Joo walks Soo Wan home and tells her he’ll see her tomorrow. She grabs him and stops him…she doesn’t quite believe him…she asks if he’ll disappear again. Dong Joo gently touches her face and reassures her that he’ll be here tomorrow. Soo Wan releases him and slowly walks into her house, looking back at him a couple of times…yep he is still there. One last time he tells her he’ll be there tomorrow and smiles. Soo Wan smiles back. If you are interested, I’m smiling too. Their chemistry is excellent in this scene.
ep82_jpg ep83_jpg
Dong Joo flashes back to meeting with Soo Wan’s father before finding her at the planetarium. Soo Wan’s father asks when will he return to Boston. Dong Joo states he will not be going back. ep79_jpgDong Joo kneels and says he cannot leave Soo Wan’s side, that he HAD to return to her. Soo Wan’s father tells him he must leave again and he knows why (because Soo Wan would be crushed to know that Dong Joo’s mother donated her eyes to Soo Wan). Dong Joo simply states the Soo Wan cannot be happy without him because he is in her heart. Soo Wan’s father tells him she is engaged to be married to Ji Woon who can make Soo Wan happy. Dong Joo tells him they never had a chance to explore their hearts…he cannot give up…he cannot leave. Terrific dialog…Dong Joo is respectful but firm that he will not go.
Ji Woon and his mother meet. Instead of telling his mother that Soo Wan broke up with him, he says they want to slow the engagement down. His mother asks why. Ji Woon says they are young and like their relationship as is. Ji Woon also says Soo Wan does not want to give up her job. His mother say Soo Wan can work but not THAT job. Ji Woon asks his mother to back off. She reluctantly agrees. How do you spell denial? Ji Woon.

ep85_jpgThe next day at the fire station, Soo Wan is told she has a visitor. Certain it is Dong Joo she goes to meet her guest but it is Ji Woon who asks for some of her time. He drives her to a beautiful house and tells her this is the home he had built for them and their future family. He is earnest and desperate hoping he can sway her. Soo Wan tells him no, this is not their home. Ji Woon will not take no for an answer. He tells her because of her he has become a better man. Soo Wan tells him he must find a woman that loves him fully. He tells her SHE is the woman for him. Soo Wan tells him no, that her heart has not been given to him but is waiting for the right man. Soo Wan urges him to get angry and forget about her, that he deserves better treatment. With that, she leaves. Ji Woon’s dream is smashed to bits.

Soo Wan returns home and recalls first meeting Ji Woon when he stopped drunk patient from hitting her. They subsequently were questioned by the police for assaulting the patient. Nothing starts a relationship off right like a trip to the police station. She treated him to dinner where he asked her to take responsibility for his life. The guys in her life seem to ask that of her. Soo Wan and Ji Woon have chemistry too.

The next day Soo Wan calls for medical assistance and receives some good advice from the doctor. Heading back to the fire station she mulls over the voice of the doctor. Dong Joo, looking fine in a suit, visits Soo Wan at the fire station.
She said she was worried about him but so sorry she’s working and does not have time for him right now. The boss calls a staff meeting and she tells Dong Joo she will see him later. The boss says they are lucky to have a doctor that wants to work with them. Who is the doctor? Dong Joo!

ep90_jpg ep91_jpg
Soo Wan is shocked and NOT pleased. Soo Wan complains to her superiors who counter that she has wanted a doctor on staff and now they have one. They further tell her that Dong Joo is now her direct supervisor. Dong Joo joins them and asks her to show him around the station. She reluctantly gives him a tour. She is not excited that Dong Joo has invaded her work environment. Meanwhile Ji Woon decides to come visit Soo Wan.

ep92_jpgBack at the fire station, Dong Joo calls Soo Wan asking for a verbal report on the days patients. She tries to brush him off but he insists she meet with him. They meet on the roof of the building. She mechanically relies the details of the case. Dong Joo excitedly tells her he is finally an emergency worker. Soo Wan drones on with the case details. She finishes and starts to walk away. Dong Joo tells her that he will be like gum, stick to her and never fall off. He told her this years ago when she was blind.  Soo Wan tells him he is as arrogant as ever. He asks her if she’s going to keep liking him. After a pause she nods her head yes. Dong Joo gives her a back hug and tells her he will not lose her. Soo Wan smiles contentedly. I’m going to savor this moment…Dong Joo and Soo Wan are finally honest with each other and are ready to explore their relationship as adults. They are in each other’s arms and happy. They make me smile.

Ji Woon drives up to the fire station and looks to the roof…does he see them?

Comments: Good episode. I was surprised when Dong Joo got on the plane to Boston and happy to see him return during this episode. It was great to see Dong Joo stand up to her father and say he is staying no matter what. Ji Woon is NOT listening to Soo Wan and in total denial that she has broken up with him. This is normal behavior for second leads. Dong Joo and Soo Wan finally had a chance to show they have chemistry and cuteness as adults.

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