Secret Love Affair Episode 12 Recap

While Hye Won is getting ready for work with her husband telling her that he will never agree to a divorce.  At the jail, the chairman’s wife, chairman’s daughter, chairman’s son-in-law and Hye Won visit the chairman. Everyone seems to be watching Hye Won. They are a cat and she is the mouse. While chairman’s wife acts concerned and kind, she only wants Hye Won’s trust so she can get information/money then plans to discard her. The chairman warns Hye Won to watch her back.

Hye Won tries to get her friend to convince Sun Jae to go overseas to Germany to study. That takes Sun Jae out of the equation and lets him concentrate on being a great pianist. Her friend talks to Sun Jae about studying in Germany. Unfortunately Hye Won’s husband spies them having a conversation and begins to worry that Sun Jae may be taken away. He does not want his prized possession (Sun Jae) out of his grasp. Sun Jae gets DVDs of his concert and the original recording. He asks to take English and German classes.
Hye Won misses Seon Jae so much she goes to the local eatery where he always dines. Sun Jae shows up and is happy to see her. They enjoy sharing a meal.

They take a bus to a hotel in the country. Sun Jae carefully makes her bed and is not happy when she directs him to make his bed farther away from her bed than he likes. She chides him that they are about to be “dragged and stoned” for their affair. He thoughtfully packed her a change of clothes and hides her shoes. Hye Won texts her husband that she is with a friend and will be late.
Sun Jae installs a music app on both their phones so they can share music. Unbeknowest to them a man is outside their room listening and he finds Hye Won’s shoes and takes a picture of them. Hye Won shares some of her experiences studying in America and they listen to Billy Joel’s “Piano Man” together. He tries to convince to stop living like she is and come away with him. They end up kissing and we fade to black…
The next morning they have breakfast in town and the man that spied on them last night goes into their room and runs a tape roller on their mattress (gathering evidence of the affair). Sun Jae pays for their meal and the proprietress asks if he is with his aunt or mother. Sun Jae says they are a couple. Back at the hotel they cook lunch together. Seon Jae shares that he’s sent his DVDs to potential places to study and told them he has an excellent teacher he wants to bring too. In spite of herself, Hye Won is impressed he has a plan and is trying to make them a reality. They enjoy the rest of the afternoon relaxing. This couple’s appeal is the strongest in these quiet moments.

Hye Won returns home having her friend drop her off. Her husband is irritated and grumbling. Is he mad that his wife was off with another man? No, he is angry that she is plotting to send his prize student abroad. He yells at her it will NEVER happen. As Sun Jae’s adviser his approval is needed and he will NEVER approve. She tries to soothe him but he is mad just like a little boy whose toy has been taken away.

Sun Jae onlines chats with his buddy (he doesn’t know he’s chatting to Hye Won) worried that his girl is making love with her husband. His buddy (Hye Won) says don’t worry, couples that have been married a long time don’t make love anymore. He says his girl is probably missing him right now. Sun Jae says he hopes that it true and signs off the chat.

The next day the chairman’s wife asks if Hye Won had a good weekend. Hye Won says it was nice thanks to the chairman’s wife allowing her have some time away. The chairman’s wife tries to get Hye Won to transfer money to her account but Hye Won does not take the bait.  She returns to her office stunned to find Seon Jae’s girlfriend waiting to talk to her about him. Is this meeting something the chairman’s wife has orchestrated? The episode ends as the two women get ready to talk.

Comments: This episode’s pace was better than the previous which seemed to drag. The “people playing with people” scenes do not interest me. When Sun Jae and Hye Won are together and simply enjoying each other’s company, they achieve a sweet harmony that is lovely to watch. Some of their scenes were during daylight hours so you could see their faces clearly which was a welcomed change.

Secret Love Affair
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