Angel Eyes Episode 13 Recap

Dong Joo is in Soo Wan’s father’s office and tells him he has a question to ask. He hesitates and Soo Wan’s father puts his arm on Dong Joo’s arm. Dong Joo thinks about Soo Wan’s father removing the oxygen mask from his mother and removes his arm from his. Soo Wan’s father says he is looking haggard. Dong Joo says he is fine. Soo Wan’s father asks what did you want to ask? Dong Joo thinks tell me you didn’t kill my mother, that it is a lie. Instead he says that he wants to go to Boston with Soo Wan, isn’t that what he wants for his daughter? Soo Wan’s father says yes, he wants them to move to Boston. Dong Joo agrees saying he’ll marry Soo Wan then leave for Boston. Dong Joo says he still needs to convince Soo Wan but wanted to let him know first. He leaves the office.

Detective Cha puts up a sign looking for a witness to the hit and run accident. She gets a call from the hospital saying Detective Kim is there. She rushes to the hospital to find Ji Woon the attending doctor. Ji Woon says there is no permanent damage and he should wake up soon. Ji Woon’s mother calls the police captain. Why is Detective Kim in her hospital and why does it look like someone tried to murder him? The police captain says this is the only way to stop Detective Kim. Ji Woon’s mother is not comfortable with murder. The police captain tells her this is something her husband would understand the need for. The police captain tells her he will finish Detective Kim.

Dong Joo returns home to find Soo Wan cooking dinner. Dong Joo gives her a back hug and does not answer her questions: are you ok, where were you when you disappeared, what is wrong. Dong Joo merely says no matter how hard things become, they must never separate again. To break the tension she jokes that he is acting weird.

ep13_3Dong Joo drives Soo Wan home. While sitting in the car Soo Wan asks where did you go when you disappeared? Dong Joo sidesteps and says he had things to think about but won’t elaborate. Soo Wan asks what things exclude her? Dong Joo sidesteps again stating they should get married and move to America. Soo Wan is stunned and not happy that he has decided this without discussing it with her. Soo Wan says she will not leave her father behind. Dong Joo counters that this is what her father wants. Soo Wan states her father says that but does not mean it. Dong Joo says this is what her father wants. Soo Wan points out it won’t be easy for her to uproot and go to America. Dong Joo tells her to start thinking about it. Soo Wan asks what if she won’t go? What is bothering him so that he started thinking this way? Why isn’t he talking to her about these decisions? Dong Joo tells her this is what is best for both of them. Dong Joo tells her to talk to her father and seriously think about moving to America. She tells him he needs to rethink this decision and gets out of the car. Inside the house, she hesitates wondering if she should talk to her father but decides against it.

Hye Joo goes hiking solo and when stretching up a steep incline to pick a pretty flower, falls and injures herself. The fire station team arrives and finds her with a hurt lower leg but nothing is broken. Hye Joo points to a purple buttercup flower saying it was her mother’s favorite flower but she slipped picking it. Once again Teddy doesn’t have the strength needed to do the job and Team Leader piggy backs Hye Joo. Sweetly Team Leader presents Hye Joo the purple buttercup flower. Team Leader is turning out to be a sweet honorary father to Hye Joo.

Ji Woon broods in his office. Turns out he saw AND heard the confrontation between Dr Choi and Dong Joo. He meets Dr Choi and questions him why he got into a heated discussion with Dong Joo. Dr Choi says they were discussing his mother’s case from 12 years ago and it upset Dong Joo. Dr Chio slithers into Ji Woon’s mother’s office and lets her know about the conversation. Ji Woon finds the case file only has cursory information no details. He goes to his mother who tells him to leave this alone. He says he can’t because it affects Soo Wan. His mother says that girl has nothing to do with you. Ji Woon tells his mother Soo Wan is a compass for his life and he wants her back. Ji Woon’s mother calls Soo Wan a broken compass and he’s better off without her. Ji Woon buys a clue and guesses that his mother knew about the incident from 12 years ago. She admits that recently she found out that Soo Wan’s father killed Dong Joo’s mother. Ji Woon is stunned and can not believe it. His mother says humans make mistakes and must protect those they love.

Min Soo lets Soo Wan know that she and Detective Cha are investigating Dong Joo’s mother’s hit and run accident and dredging up old memories may be upsetting Dong Joo. Soo Wan wonders if that is what Dong Joo is brooding about. Min Soo gets a call that Detective Kim has woken up. At the hospital Detective Kim says they must be on the right track (looking for the car in a junk yard) because someone tried to kill him. He asks Detective Cha to continue looking for the car.

An ambulance with an organ for transplant gets into an accident. Dong Joo and Soo Wan drive the precious cargo to the hospital and dash to the operating area to deliver it. The child’s parents are grateful they delivered the heart. They vow live with gratitude everyday for the generous donation. Heading back to the fire station Soo Wan asks Dong Joo if the person that donated the eyes she received would be happy with how she’s lived her life. Dong Joo confirms the donor would be happy with Soo Wan’s life. She says she is forever grateful for the gift. Dong Joo remembers his mother saying she wanted to donate her eyes to Soo Wan but NOT to let Soo Wan know because she didn’t want to burden her.

Next up, the”I can protect her better than you can” showdown between Ji Woon and Dong Joo. Ji Woon questions if Soo Wan wants to move to America and leave her father. Dong Joo says it is her father’s wish. Ji Woon counters, isn’t what you want to not live near THE MAN THAT KILLED YOUR MOTHER? Dong Joo is stunned Ji Woon knows. Ji Woon tells Dong Joo he should return to America alone. Ji Woon says Dong Joo’s feelings for Soo Wan must now be altered. Dong Joo denies this. Ji Woon argues he can keep the truth from Soo Wan. He recommends again that Dong Joo become a noble idiot and walk away from Soo Wan. Dong Joo argues he loves her and will keep the truth her.

Hye Joo meets with Soo Wan and they discuss how odd Dong Joo is behaving. Hye Joo is worried Soo Wan will ditch Dong Joo and asks her to stick with Dong Joo during this trying time. Soo Wan comes up with a plan that is guaranteed to perk Dong Jo up. She drives Dong Joo to the countryside and they walk hand in hand. Soo Wan admits when Dong Joo first returned to Korea all she could think about was when Dong Joo left her and how it scared her, worried her, and angered her. When he returned she wondered if he was the same man. She knew when he put his mother’s ring on her finger and promised to never leave her again without her permission, that her Dong Joo was back. She said whatever caused him to withdraw from her she’ll forgive because she knows he’ll never leave her.

That evening in the country cottage she rented they relax and Dong Joo reads to her just like he used to when she was blind. The book makes them think of their young and current love for each other.

Soo Wan sits up and looks into Dong Joo’s eyes telling him with her eyes the time has come.

They kiss again and again and the passion rises.

The next morning Soo Wan exits the bedroom wearing Dong Joo’s shirt to find him cooking breakfast. She hugs him and they are all smiles.

Ji Woon and his mother talk about the situation. Ji Woon asks that she make sure Dr Choi keeps his mouth shut. She does not like that he cares so much for Soo Wan. Ji Woon tells his mother even if they are never a couple again, he will not see her hurt. Ji Woon directs her to keep Dr Choi in check. His mother is nonplussed that he is telling her what to do. I like seeing some backbone from Ji Woon.

Dong Joo drives Soo Wan home from their overnight in the country side. Dong Joo tells Soo Wan that he’ll see her tomorrow. That’s all she wants to her, that her man will not leave her, and she goes happily into the house. Ji Woon watches from across the street.

Dong Joo visits Detective Kim in the hospital. He tells Detective Kim and Detective Cha the investigation must be stopped. He won’t have any one else getting hurt. That does not make our Detectives happy who tell him that this case is bigger than they suspect. Dong Joo says the past should stay in the past. The Detectives note he felt fine troubling them earlier, why the change? Dong Joo says he and Soo Wan will be going to America soon. He does not want his future messed with by the past. Give up he tells them. Thanks for all you did. Dong Joo leaves. Detective Kim and Detective Cha agree that they will NOT stop. They will find out the truth.

Min Soo brings Soo Wan the box with all the investigation materials. She tells Soo Wan that Dong Joo wants the investigation stopped and he should have the materials on the case. She tells Soo Wan they will continue the investigation without Dong Joo’s permission. She mentions that Detective Kim was injured in the process. Irregardless Min Soo says the box is Dong Joo’s to keep or destroy. Soo Wan tells Min Soo she’ll talk to Dong Joo. She wants the hit and run driver caught too. Soo Wan takes the box to Dong Joo’s office. She pauses and opens the box and starts looking through the paperwork…is it Pandora’s box for her?

Dong Joo and Soo Wan’s father talk in his office. Dong Joo asks father to convince Soo Wan to go to America. Dong Joo confirms his suspicion that Soo Wan does not want to leave him. He agrees to talk to Soo Wan. Dong Joo says once Soo Wan wants to go, they’ll leave for America. Father asks why are you rushing? Dong Joo thinks because I need to protect her but says because Boston wants him back now.  As Dong Joo leaves he tells father to decrease his drinking and he won’t be able to be his personal physician from America. Father wonders, does Dong Joo know? The actor Jae Beom Yoon did an excellent job acting with his eyes in this moment. You can see him think about the weird vibe from Dong Joo and widen his eyes with shock that Dong Joo may know the truth.

Dong Joo wonders will the pain ever lessen? Will he ever be able to call him Father again?

Dong Joo returns to his office and finds the box. He opens the box finding materials from the investigation. Oh no, he thinks, what if Soo Wan saw the contents of the box? What if she found something that I did not want her to find? He quickly calls Soo Wan.

Last scene…Soo Wan sits on the floor of her bedroom not answering her cellphone. On the table, the donation form from Dong Joo’s mother stating she is to receive the eyes. SHE KNOWS!

* Finally the secret is out… Soo Wan knows that Dong Joo’s mother donated her eyes specifically to her. Next episode we’ll see how she reacts. Will she be grateful to Dong Joo’s mother? Will she be mad at her father and Dong Joo for keeping it from her?
* This was a low-key episode where things happened but it felt almost like slow motion in parts.
* Soo Wan is really tried to understand Dong Joo’s change in personality. I must say a depressed Dong Joo is a bummer.
* Their first time making love was sweet and soft.
* Ji Woon has entered the picture again trying to convince Dong Joo that he can protect Soo Wan better than Dong Joo. “I can protect her best” is a classic kdrama staple between males. He was also strong with his mother that he wants Soo Wan back and that Dr. Choi must stay silent regarding the secret. Not sure there is more for this character to do.
* Glad Detective Kim was not killed. I like that he and Detective Cha agreed to go forward with the investigation even though Dong Joo told them to stop.

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