Angel Eyes Episode 9 Recap

Watching this episode was a nice start to my day. Good things happen for our couple and FINALLY direct conversations occur. This is my favorite episode of the series so far.

At the end of the last episode, Ji Woon saw Dong Joo and Soo Wan hugging in the rain. You wondered if Ji Woon understood what that hug meant? Yes, yes, he does. He walks forlornly in the rain bummed out that Dong Joo is whistle man and Soo Wan’s first love. Kdrama men love to sulk in the shower and Kim Ji Seok has nice ab definition.

Dong Joo and Soo Wan talk about her evening. She’s sorry that it was an important night for Ji Woon and she didn’t even remember the significance of the date until later. She’s sorry she’s hurting him. But what was more important for her was the Dong Joo was waiting for her, is here for her now. Dong Joo is sorry for hurting Ji Woon too. Dong Joo says before he came back to Korea he’d ask himself how is he better than Ji Woon? He recognized that he wasn’t (better than Ji Woon). He does not want Soo Wan to hurt or cry. But in spite of this, Dong Joo declares he is going to be greedy for Soo Wan and NOT LET HER GO. Dong Joo tells Soo Wan to feel free to hurt about Ji Woon around him. They can feel sorry for the hurt Ji Woon is feeling. Dong Joo says “Let’s not be sorry about each other”. Excellent scene, compassionate about each other’s pain and sadness and moving forward together as a couple.

Soo Wan’s father and Ji Woon’s mother return to his house confirming their friendship for each other. Anything more there? After Soo Wan’s father leaves the car, Ji Woon’s mother calls a private investigator to have Dong Joo investigated.

Dong Joo and Teddy bring a patient to the Emergency Room and Dong Joo advises further treatment. Ji Woon flatly states HE IS the doctor that will prescribe further treatment. Dong Joo agrees that he overstepped. Ji Woon asks Dong Joo for a drink after work. Teddy and Dong Joo split. Ji Woon asks the emergency team to notify him of all patients brought in by the fire department especially ones from Dong Joo. The emergency team cutely wonder what is going on? Why is there an awkward atmosphere between the two doctors? The nurse guesses it is because Dong Joo isn’t working in the ER any more and Ji Woon is angry. Her co worker congratulates her for being so sharp and her eagles eyes. Really cute interchange, these actors made the most of that scene.

At the bar, Ji Woon talks about first loves as childish fantasies. Dong Joo counters that first loves aren’t childish at all. When separated they constantly think of each other. Ji Woon now reveals he knows about Dong Joo and Soo Wan when he asks “What would you do if the woman you intend to marry has her first love show up and she wavers?” Dong Joo then says “I’ve got something to tell you though it seems like you already know”. Ji Woon states he need to confirm it and asks Dong Joo if he gave Soo Wan the precious whistle. Dong Joo confirms this. Ji Woon wants to know WHY did Dong Joo pretend not to know Soo Wan? Dong Joo tells him because he didn’t want to make things difficult for her. Then WHY reverse this?  Dong Joo tells him he learned that to deny her, hurt Soo Wan more.  Ji Woon tries to minimize first love but Dong Joo corrects him and says their first love is something that can not be forgotten for the rest of their lives. Ji Woon firmly tells Dong Joo to return to America. Dong Joo firmly says no, he can not leave. Dong Joo starts to leave and Ji Woon stops him, reminding him that he’ll protect Soo Wan to the end and then BAM! punches him. Excellent scene, I love testosterone interactions between men.

Ji Woon heads to Soo Wan’s house and sits outside under the influence and seriously bummed out. Soo Wan comes out to speak with him. Ji Woon sees the whistle necklace and reaches to touch it. Soo Wan pulls away. Ji Woon declares he’ll be the man to win her heart and he’s willing to wait for her. I like how they consistently use the whistle in the episodes as the symbol of Dong Joo and Soo Wan’s love.

At least everyone know where everyone stands. In love or In denial seem to be the two choices.

Min Soo meets Dong Joo who is drinking soju. She declares that she cannot be on his side in this, that she is neutral between the two men. Min Soo acknowledges that first love is the fate that Dong Joo and Soo Wan believe it. Min Soo say relationships after first loves can be fate too. Min Soo does confirm that Soo Wan’s heart is with Dong Joo. Good interaction between them.

Next morning we get Dong Joo contemplating life in the steamy bathroom. In the kitchen Hye Joo says she’s going to start looking for a part-time job citing that their mother said you need to be working to earn your keep in life. Turns out the Team Leader’s nanny is quitting and is in need of a baby sitter. Dong Joo mentions that Hye Joo babysat in America. Teddy is THRILLED, “this is a fate made in the heavens” (love how he quotes his grandmother).

Soo Wan observes the lip cut on Dong Joo and places a call to him describing a patient she knows that has a lip cut. Dong Joo smiles and says he’d recommend some ointment and a bandage. Soo Wan knocks on his office door with a first aid kit. She applies the ointment but Dong Joo refuses the bandage, not manly it seems to sport a bandage. Soo Wan correctly guesses Dong Joo met with Ji Woon the previous evening. Dong Joo wonders why do violent people surround Soo Wan? He admits that Min Soo had also hit him in the past. Soo Wan laughs saying that Min Soo’s fists pack a punch. Cute, cute, cute.

Soo Wan and Team Leader are on an emergency call with a guy that threatens to jump off a roof. The wind blows knocking the guy over and Soo Wan grabs his foot and Team Leader grabs her foot….then all three of them fall off the roof onto the air mattress below. I was surprised they went over. Cue two terrified men (Dong Joo and Ji Woon) racing through the hospital to see Soo Wan. They both pause at the door to the emergency room. Oh snap, the boys are glaring at each other. Ji Woon “I’ll take care of my woman, go back”. Dong Joo “I was here first (in Soo Wan’s life) and I’m not going to hesitate any longer”.  Did I mention that l love testosterone interactions between men? Soo Wan enters the conversation fine except for a single bandage on her forehead. She asks to speak with Ji Woon.

Soo Wan tells Ji Woon that she is going to talk to her father and he should talk to his mother and say that she can not marry him. Ji Woon asks what reason would he give his mother. Soo Wan says that she’s not good enough. Ji Woon rejects that as untrue. Soo Wan says then tell her I love another man. Boom, that was crystal clear.  Ji Woon says you can’t tell the parents anything definitive, our story isn’t done. Ji Woon says don’t be hasty. Loving these direct conversations this episode!

Dong Joo waits for Soo Wan to return from the conversation with Ji Woon. She’s looking a bit worn and he sweetly takes her hand and leads her to a bench. Dong Joo admits he was terrified when he got the call about Soo Wan, that it took him back to a similar call about his mother that didn’t end well. Soo Wan reassures him she’s ok and they have a sweet cuddle on the bench. Cute, cute, cute.

Our detectives meet for lunch to discuss all the foreign cars they’ve been investigating. Turns out one of the cars on the list belonged to Ji Woon’s father. Wow, that’s a big reveal, Ji Woon’s father could be hit and run driver of Dong Joo’s mother. Even the detectives’ interactions are cute. Every actor is bringing it this episode.

Soo Wan and her father have a conversation. She asks if he knew Dong Joo’s mother was in the hospital when she was injured. Her father denies knowing that Dong Joo’s mother was in the hospital injured (lier, lier, pants on fire). Soo Wan says if he had been the surgeon perhaps he could have saved Dong Joo’s mother’s life. Her father asks why she is talking about Dong Joo. Soo Wan states she does not love Ji Woon and can not marry him. Dong Joo is who she loves. I love her frankness! Her father is nonplussed. Soo Wan says it won’t change even if you avoid it or get angry Dad. I love that statement too! Now her father is angry declaring that she is heartless to hurt Ji Woon who loves her so. Soo Wan counters should she repay Ji Woon’s love with a lie? Her father says Dong Joo is his son and he will never permit them to marry. Soo Wan tells him Dong Joo was close to her long before he was (recall her father avoided her when she was blind) and Ji Woon came into her life. He scoffs if Dong Joo and Soo Wan’s love for each is so important, then neither of them are his children any more. He storms out of the room. Loving these direct conversations this episode!

Good interactions between all the workers at the fire station as Soo Wan visits on her off day declaring she thought there would be chaos without her being there. Team Leader denies it but everyone points out that he said it felt wrong not having Soo Wan around, busted! Soo Wan overlooks the parking lot and sees Dong Joo biking into work. After he parks she calls him and reports she knows a patient that has a heart issue and breathes heavily every time she sees a certain someone. Dong Joo states he better examine this patient in person. After Dong Joo checks her pulse he says there are two causes for the elevated heart rate – anger or love. Soo Wan tells Dong Joo that she talked to her father yesterday. Soo Wan asks Dong Joo if he wants the good news or the bad news? Dong Joo asks for the bad news first. She tells Dong Joo that her Dad is angry and against them as a couple. Dong Joo asks what’s the good news? Soo Wan says that her father cherishes Dong Joo and he’ll come around. She muses that this is what it must be like to be light hearted (together with Dong Joo) but in pain at the same time (pain for the hurt she’s caused Ji Woon and her father).

Soo Wan and Ji Woon meet for coffee. Soo Wan apologizes for not realizing how important the other night’s date was. Ji Woon appreciates that she remembers.  She tells him she’s sorry for not telling him about Dong Joo sooner. Ji Woon admits when she broke up with him after Dong Joo left, it had no impact. He notes a man can not give up on love unless he sees who the other person is. Ji Woon says that it is Don Joo her first love makes it worse. Because it is her first love, he still has a chance.  Ji Woon tells her he realizes that she can not let go of Dong Joo because she wants to relive the memories, those precious memories. Soo Wan quickly says “don’t tell me that my feels are a misperception based on memories”. Ji Woon did not persuade her with that line of thinking.

Soo Wan heads over to the apartment and has pumpkin pie with Hye Joo. Hye Joo says Dong Joo leaving without a goodbye to Soo Wan is all her fault. They left quickly for America because she needed surgery.  She apologizes for not ever calling. She says she knew something was wrong when Dong Joo left America to find her but then returned home quickly saying he had not found Soo Wan. Hye Joo says he was so hurt and miserable that she couldn’t bear to see him in that state. She says Dong Joo is both father and mother to her. She says if anything everyone happens to Dong Joo, Soo Wan interrupts her. Hye Joo sweetly asks Soo Wan to make her brother happy. She asks Soo Wan to promise that she’ll do this. Soo Wans brings her close and smiles. Another well written and acted scene.

Dong Joo tells Team Leader than Hye Joo has agreed to babysit his son. Teddy is thrilled he’ll get to see Hye Joo every day. Dong Joo picks up on his interest. Teddy bemoans the possibility that Hye Joo may have a boyfriend. His lovelorn despair is cute.

Soo Wan places another emergency call to Dong Joo, this time it is to investigate an unconscious patient. Dong Joo finds Soo Wan at the grocery store staring at the available seafood. Dong Joo quips even he can’t revive dead seafood. She makes her protein choice and they enjoy shopping together.
ep10_27 ep10_28
They head back to Dong Joo’s apartment calling for Hye Joo who has left a note sagely stating she won’t be in the way tonight. Dong Joo goes to change his clothes thrilled to get some alone time with Soo Wan. Soo Wan makes herself at home and listens to one of the cooking recordings Dong Joo’s mother gave her for her birthday 11 years ago. Dong Joo enters the kitchen transfixed to hear his mother’s voice. Immediately he is transported to 11 years ago when he came into the kitchen when his mother was making the recording while cooking. The mother / son interactions are so sweet and full of affection, a joy to watch. Kudos to the production team for again seamlessly weaving past memories of a young Dong Joo into current day. Dong Joo is touched to hear his mother’s voice. He tells Soo Wan he’s never heard this recording. Soo Wan says his mother gave it to her as a birthday gift and she’s listened to it countless times. Dong Joo asks to hear more. Soo Wan sees how moved Dong Joo is and hands him the cassette player. He listens to more of the tape remembering his interactions with his mother that day. How he claimed he’d make this for Soo Wan for the remainder of his days. How his mother pretended to be angry. How they play fought. Dong Joo begins to cry. Soo Wan draws him to her and gives him comfort. Soo Wan gently kisses his eyes. They stare transfixed with each other. Then just like 11 years ago she bends down and kisses him first.
ep10_29 ep10_30

* What a terrific episode. The final scene with the memories of his mother, that was magic. Fitting that I watched this episode on Mother’s Day. Dong Joo had a fine mother (my mother is pretty awesome too). Their first adult kiss was natural and perfect. My favorite scene of an episode filled with many great scenes and conversations.
* I love that Soo Wan was direct with her father and Ji Woon clearly saying that she loves Dong Joo.
* All the actors hit the mark this episode, it feels like a strong ensemble making this drama go. Good writing and directing too. Terrific episode.
* I love how they weave the touchstone of their past relationship, the whistle, into present day. I love the flashbacks woven into present day. Seeing present day Dong Joo watching the young himself interact with his mother in the kitchen making the tape for Soo Wan, that was fabulous and well done.
* I love the cuteness that Dong Joo and Soo Wan have as adults. I thought the young actors did a fine job and was worried the adult actors wouldn’t have the same spark. The adults have loads of chemistry. I am enjoying watching their romance. It feels realistic for such an unrealistic set of circumstances. I’m going to savor the moment. They are in each other’s arms and happy. They make me smile.

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4 comments on “Angel Eyes Episode 9 Recap
  1. gracie says:

    THis was also one of my favorite episodes. I’m actually rewatching everything again because I can’t get enough of Angel Eyes. I share your sentiments of the OTP’s nobel idiocy moments but their love and off the charts chemistry make up for all that unnecessary drama. I can replay the episodes on and on and bask in the cute and sweet moments the drama has given us. Even the emotional ones where the secrets are revealed are extra powerful and the acting was at par. Thank you for recapping. I only found this now but i enjoy reading them and revisiting the episode with your review in mind. 🙂


    • kjtamuser says:

      I concur that the show worked in spite of the noble idiocy. It was Soo Wan’s rejection of Dong Joo after he found her on the island that was hard to swallow. I too have watched some of the episodes again enjoying our couple’s cuteness. Thank you for kinds words. I truly enjoyed recapping this show. It is my favorite 2014 show so far.


  2. Kwame Tawiah says:

    I just watch the drama this year and I should say it’s the best Korean drama that I have ever watched…


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