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Money Flower Review

Money Flower Review This 24-episode kdrama centers around Pil Joo (Jang Hyuk), the Jang family “fixer”, a lawyer that is smart and strategic. What the Jang family doesn’t know is that Pil Joo has been positioning himself for 20 years

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Suspicious Partner Review

Suspicious Partner Review Suspicious Partner is a 2017 20-episode kdrama about lawyers who strive to right their present wrongs by resolving their past. A murderer in their midst adds a dash of danger. The leading man and woman pursuit of

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My Sassy Girl Review

My Sassy Girl Review My Sassy Girl is a 16 episode pre-produced historical kdrama (2017) set in the Joseon Dynasty period about a boisterous, rule breaking, sassy Princess who gets under the skin of a Minister’s son who becomes a

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Lookout Review

Lookout Review Lookout is a 16 episode revenge kdrama (2017) about a group of “under the radar” individuals who work together to garner justice for their murdered loved ones. They are led by a mystery boss who directs their activities.

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The K2 Review

THE K2 REVIEW Nutshell Summary: The K2 is a 2016 kdrama about a former soldier who sees a Presidential candidate in a compromising position. This makes him a target. The Presidential candidate’s wife orders him eliminated. He turns the tables and gains

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Radiant Office Review

RADIANT OFFICE REVIEW Synopsis: Radiant Office is a 2017 kdrama whose 16 episodes tells the story of 3 contract workers who are desperate to become permanent hires and the office environment they work in. The added twist is one of

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K2 Review – Jane Tilly – Guest Review

The comment sections for the K2 recaps were full of insightful thoughts and opinions. From the start, Jane Tilly saw positives and negatives of this series. When I asked if she’d be interested in writing a guest review, she agreed, though

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