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Flower of Evil Review

Synopsis. Flower of Evil is a 16-episode 2020 kdrama about couple whose marriage is built on a lie; the husband is pretending to be someone he isn’t.  As things unfold that wife’s loyalty to her husband is tested as she’s

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Sweet Munchies Review

Synopsis. Sweet Munchies is a 12-episode 2020 kdrama about a chef that operates a small eatery with a partner. He loves his father and brother. But when the double shot of trouble hits – his father gets into an accident AND

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Eccentric! Chef Moon Review

Synopsis. Eccentric! Chef Moon is a 16-episode 2020 kdrama about a chef, a designer and a child that learn what is important in life, together. The designer suffers from amnesia and the child latches onto her coaxing the chef to take her

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World of Marriage Review

World of Marriage Review Synopsis. The World of the Married is a 16-episode 2020 kdrama about infidelity and its repercussions on families, friends, work, and community. The husband and wife extracted revenge on each other with dramatic flair. They struggled

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Thirty But Seventeen Review

Thirty But Seventeen (aka Still 17) Review Synopsis. Thirty But Seventeen is a 16-episode (32 split) 2018 kdrama about a girl in a coma due to an accident when she was 17. She wakes 13 years later, 30 years old

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Crash Landing on You Review

Crash Landing on You Review Synopsis. Crash Landing on You is a 16-episode 2019 kdrama about a rich CEO (Yoon Se Ri) who gets caught in a freak storm while paragliding and crash lands in North Korea. The solider that finds her

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Memories of the Alhambra Review

Memories of the Alhambra Review Synopsis. Memories of the Alhambra is a 16-episode 2018 kdrama about a man that gets caught in a Virtual Reality (VR) game’s world. He’s the CEO of a gaming company and eager to meet the VR game’s

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The Game Towards Zero Review

The Game Towards Zero Review Synopsis. The Game Towards Zero is a 16-episode 2020 kdrama about a man that can see someone’s death when he looks into their eyes. He’s recruited by a police detective to help her team find a girl

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1% of Something Review

1% of Something Review Synopsis. 1% of Something is a 16-episode 2016 kdrama about a rich CEO (Jae In) who enters into a 6-month dating contract with an elementary school teacher (Kim Da). He’s a workaholic and demanding. She’s kind and a

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Parasite Review

Parasite Review Synopsis. Parasite is a 2019 Korean film about a poor family that ingratiates themselves in a rich family. What happens next will surprise you. What I liked. Superior Story. Director/Writer Bong Joon Ho and Writer Han Jin Won crafted an intricate

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