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Lawless Lawyer Review

Synopsis.  Lawless Lawyer is a 16-episode kdrama about a lawyer that seeks revenge and justice for wrongs done to his family when he was a child. His team aka the “Lawless Lawyers” work to bring the powerful down to earth to

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Sketch Review

  Synopsis. Sketch is a 16 episode drama about a special police team with an edge. They have a member, Sargent Yoo Shi Hyun (Lee Sun Bin), who has visions of the future and sketches snapshot moments while in a

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Wok of Love Review

Wok of Love Review Synopsis. Wok of Love is a 2018 kdrama with 17 episodes (34 split episodes) about a trio of people – a chef, a newly married rich woman, and a gangster/loan shark – who find themselves at a

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Criminal Minds Review

Criminal Minds Review Criminal Minds is a 20-episode kdrama that aired from July 26 – September 28, 2017. It focuses on a team of profilers that solve crimes. Throughout the series members of the team become more than bystanders as

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Mystery Queen 2 Review

Mystery Queen 2 Review Mystery Queen 2 is a 16 episode kdrama that aired February 28 – April 19, 2018. Mystery Queen 2 is second season of this series and its predecessor Mystery Queen was a 16 episode series that

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Hwayugi Review

Hwayugi Review Hwayugi (aka A Korean Odyssey) is a 20-episode kdrama about the fantasy world of demons and deities and their interactions with humans. The primary character is Oh Gong, a deity that begins the series under house arrest until

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Money Flower Review

Money Flower Review This 24-episode kdrama centers around Pil Joo (Jang Hyuk), the Jang family “fixer”, a lawyer that is smart and strategic. What the Jang family doesn’t know is that Pil Joo has been positioning himself for 20 years

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