Fated to Love You Episode 4 Recap

Episode 4: God! I Hope that I’m Not the Groom…

Our couple, Chen Xin Yi (played by Joe Chen) and Ji Cun Xi (played by Ethan Juan) decide to keep the baby much to the joy of Cun Xi’s Grandma Ji and Xin Yi’s mother and sisters. Now mother and sister face off with Grandma Ji and Cun Xi with Xin Yi off to the side. Cun Xi proposes that after the baby is born he’ll give Xin Yi plenty of cash. Mother won’t hear of it, her daughter won’t be sold. Grandma Ji wants both the baby and Xin Yi and suggests marriage. The islanders beg Xin Yi to secure the promise that none of them will be fired. Not everyone agrees with this tactic. Xin Yi’s brother-in-law’s father tell Xin Yi to do what is best for her. He got the factory into this mess, she is not responsible to get them out. Mother states unless Cun Xi agrees, then it does not matter. Grandma Ji pressures Cun Xi to marry. She tells him everyone will eventually know about the affair and Anna will dump him anyhow.

Xin Yi and Cun Xi discuss marriage. Xin Yi tells him she doesn’t want to make trouble for him. Cun Xi declares they SHOULD get married. He argues that her judgement is so bad he can not trust her to raise the baby without him.  Unimpressed with the proposal, she asks that he make the promise that he will not fire any of the factory workers.  Cun Xi agrees while thinking to himself he does NOT mean it and he’ll find away out of this mess.

The noose tightens around Cun Xi’s neck when mother suggests they get married THAT AFTERNOON. Off to the temple for a marriage ceremony they go. Xin Yi says her vows with sincerity and tears. Cun Xi clips out his agreement to marry. With Xin Yi’s prompting, he also agrees not to fire the factory workers. The marriage documents are signed and they are legally man and wife. Mother declares that if either one of them breaks their vows, they will be punished by the goddess of the temple.

Mother gives Xin Yi her father’s wedding ring and she puts it on Cun Xi’s finger. Reluctantly Cun Xi puts the ring he intended for Anna on Xin Yi’s finger. Xin Yi daydreams that Cun Xi is Prince Charming and she is Cinderella.

Cun Xi and Grandma Ji and Anson head to the dock to take the ferry back to the mainland. Xin Yi will come over the next day.

Brother-in-law and Father take Cun Xi aside and give him a bottle of their reproduction exilar. They tell Cun Xi they drugged him on the cruise and that’s why he was so eager to sleep with Xin Yi.

On the ferry, Cun Xi fumes that he was drugged and tricked into sleeping with Xin Yi. He begins yelling but they have a hard time hearing his words on the dock. Xin Yi calls she’ll work to fall in love with him first. Cun Xi misunderstands and believes she is admitting to being part of the scheme to trick him. This is a flaw in the story line. Why would Cun Xi believe this of Xin Yi so quickly when she has been nothing but kind and sincere to him? It feels contrived.

Mother has a sweet talk with Xin Yi telling her that if she ever needs to, she can always come home. So glad they did not have her be an evil mother.

Cun Xi gets drunk at Mansion Ji fuming that he was tricked by the entire island and focuses his anger on Xin Yi. He frets that Anna will never forgive him for marrying Xin Yi. Anna calls but she rings off before he can tell her his news. Anson then adds fuel to the fire by comparing Xin Yi to a snail that will suck Cun Xi’s life. Cun Xi declares that he will apply salt to the snail and rid himself of her. He calls his lawyer and tells him he has married Xin Yi. He advises the lawyer than Xin Yi will resign tomorrow and he wants the lawyer to prepare something for her.

The next day at the office, Xin Yi’s coworkers try to talk her out of leaving so their workloads stay light but she refuses to stay. She says goodbye to Cun Xi’s lawyer who gives her some important papers to keep. The lawyer tells her should she run into marital issues, she can get a 20% discount as she’s a former employee. Xin Yi thanks him but tells him she will not be needing his services. Cun Xi fails to pick her up as promised. Instead, he’s scheming to sell the island’s factory. Then the new owner will dismantle the factory. That way he will keep his promise NOT to fire the islanders but extract his revenge by having the new owner shut down the factory.
Xin Yi starts walking to the Ji Mansion. While crossing the street she drops the envelope and falls down retrieving it. A car stops just before the cross walk. It is Dylan.  He helps her pick up her items and sees the envelope. He picks it up and glances at the inside document. It is divorce papers!

* The acting in this drama is slapstick. Accept it, go with it, and enjoy the show.
* First chink the armor in this episode. Cun Xi’s anger at being tricked and drugged by the islanders then assuming Xin Yi was part of the scheme did not ring true to me. Why didn’t he confront her about it? Sloppy story telling.
* I was happy that Xin Yi’s mother and sisters weren’t really like Cinderella’s step mother and sisters. They seemed to care about her even though that haven’t always treated her well. I have a feeling she’ll turn to them in the future for support when Cun Xi disappoints him.

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