You’re All Surrounded Episode 8 Recap

EPISODE 8: “One hand’s length of growth”

…We begin episode 8 with Sa Kyung and Seo Pan Seok (Cha Seung Won) waiting for each other at the location of their first date…unfortunately they are waiting in different locations. Irritated that Pan Seok has stood her up, Sa Kyung starts to leave only to have Pan Seok dash to her side and explain the noodle shop was where they first met. Sheepishly Sa Kyung realizes he is right and asks him to take her there. Yep, they have some chemistry as a couple.

Meanwhile on the island at the bed and breakfast, our rookie detectives relax. Eo Soo Sun (Go Ara) chatters away then notices that rookie detective Eun Dae Koo (Lee Seung Gi) has fallen asleep. She peers at his peaceful face. He sleeps outside and she sleeps in the bedroom. In the morning Dae Koo wakes refreshed, it has been awhile since he slept that well. He sees Soo Sun sleeping the bedroom and peers at her peaceful face.

The Pan Seok’s duplicate phone rings and Dae Koo listens to Pan Seok and Boots arrange to meet. Dae Koo tells Soo Sun that he has to return to Seoul immediately. Leaving his partner in the lurch he speeds to the ferry. Coming off the ferry is the criminal they’ve been sent to catch. Dilemma for Dae Koo – catch Boots or catch the criminal? Anguished Dae Koo turns the car around and speeds after the criminal. Ending the chase Dae Koo angles and stops his car in front of the criminal’s car. They fight and the criminal has the advantage of having a knife. Dae Koo disarms, subdues and handcuffs the criminal.

Soo Sun is thrilled “they” caught the criminal. She tends the cut on his temple and Dae Koo watches her lips as she blows on his wound to cool it. This is a staple kdrama scene (one person tending another’s cuts and bruises), but it works.

Squad chief Lee Eung Do (Sung Ji Ru) and Pan Seok are pleased Soo Sun and Dae Koo are bringing the criminal to the station. Pan Seok asks Eung Do if he has found out about Dae Koo’s background. Eung Do does not have anything solid. Pan Seok thinks that someone Dae Koo knows was a victim of a retaliation crime.  Pan Seok suspects Dae Koo is the missing child in the murder case from long ago. Bingo, how long will it take him to get definitive proof?

Soo Sun and Dae Koo triumphantly bring in the criminal. Dae Koo calls his sponsor frustrated that he missed another opportunity to see Boots. His sponsor, a woman, is positive another opportunity will come. The camera pans to the police uniform of the sponsor – the police captain!

Pan Seok visits to the orphanage. The director misdirects him with a false picture of Dae Koo as a child and the statement that his parents were killed in a bus crash. After Pan Seok leaves, the director calls Dae Koo and tells him about Pan Seok’s visit. Dae Koo breathes a sigh of relief the director was able to fool Pan Seok. Pan Seok does not look 100% convinced, this is probably only have a delay before he continues to dig into Dae Koo’s past.

The next morning things are tense between Park Tae Il (Ahn Jae Hyeon) and Ji Kook (Park Jung Min). Whatever the secret is the Tae Il told Ji Kook he is mad and is giving Tae Il the silent treatment.

A cute moment between Soo Sun and Dae Koo at the office as she invades his personal space wanting to talk to him. He pushes her away then puts a ruler between them telling her she can not come any closer. Cute, cute, cute.

Police chief calls everyone together. Sa Kyung and Pan Seok make eyes at each other much to the chagrin of Tae Il. What is his past with Sa Kyung that she does not seem to remember? The police chief has a hissy fit that someone is messing with his car. He orders the culprit to come forward by the end of the day. He gets more snickers than concern from his audience of police officers.

Our next case involves a man found dead in the bathroom with a head wound, a cell phone clutched in his hand, and soap on his foot. The man’s sons accuse each other of killing their father. One son is a struggling insurance salesman that gave the father the cell phone in hopes his father would buy an insurance policy from him. The other son is an obsessive gamer that routinely ignored his living father for the on-line reality of gaming. After interviewing the two brothers, Pan Seok counsels our 4 rookie detectives they should do a thorough investigation of the apartment and the neighbors to glean information on the physical scene and the family. The rookies discuss the case but cannot come to any conclusions from their investigation.

Going in the extra mile, Soo Sun studies falling to determine if the man’s fall was accidental or the result of someone pushing him. She goes as far as reenacting slipping on the soap and video tapes herself falling. The next morning she shows the video to Pan Seok who can not help but be amused and impressed at her tenacity. You can see he finds her cute (much better than his initial annoyance and doubt of her value as a detective).

Things are still mighty frosty between Ji Kook and Tae Il, with Ji Kook keeping Tae Il at arms length.

ep8_15 ep8_14
Pan Seok and Boots meet in a coffee shop:

Pan Seok: It’s been awhile. Have you returned for good?

Boots: I’ve returned for good. There is a debt I have to collect.

Pan Seok: Tell me what you want.

Boots: You are very impatient. Did you find that kid from 11 years ago?

Pan Seok stares and Boots smirks. These two would be loads of fun at a party.

Dae Koo is studying the brother’s case when Soo Sun texts him it is raining. She’s in the tent (hint, hint). But Dae Koo does not get it and tells her unless she wants something specific he does not have time for idle chit-chat. Soo Sun fumes that Dae Koo is dense and frets the tent might cave in with the heavy rain. Who comes to rescue? Pan Seok takes her to his apartment and tells her she can sleep there, he’ll stay in another location. Her stomach reveals that she’s hungry. She makes ramen for the both of them. Pan Seok is sweetly awkward with Soo Sun who is clueless. Oh no, Sa Kyung stops by when they are eating. Pan Seok explains why Soo Sun is there but Sa Kyung’s face is unreadable. Meanwhile Dae Koo finally realizes the broad hints that Soo Sun was dropping and heads to her tent. He finds an empty tent. When he returns home you can tell he is preoccupied wondering where Soo Sun went. When he looks at his surveillance feed of Pan Seok’s apartment he is surprised to see Soo Sun!

Dae Koo get a call (from the private investigator he hired to find the blackmailer from his mother’s case) to identify the blackmailer’s body. Dae Koo heads to the morgue and confirms it is the blackmailer. At the same time, Pan Seok has gotten a similar call and he heads to identify the body. He is stunned when he sees Dae Koo exiting the morgue in the building. Suspicious, he stares at Dae Koo as he walks toward him. There is a glimmer of recognition in Pan Seok’s eyes. When Dae Koo spots Pan Seok he is startled and draws to a stop. Pan Seok says “You are alive. Kim Ji Yong.”  Is Dae Koo busted?

* I liked this episode. Our couples – Dae Koo & Soo Sun and Pan Seok & Sa Kyung – continue to gravitate  towards each other and each couple had cute moments that made you want to see them together more.
* Big reveal that the police captain is Dae Koo’s sponsor. I like the police captain. She’s a woman in a high position who seems fair and logical.
* Pan Seok and Boots conversation was interesting but nothing substantial happened again.
* Why is Ji Kook upset with Tae Il? What is the secret that irritates Ji Kook so much?

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