Fated to Love You Episode 6 Recap

Episode 6: “Cun Xi’s Trap of Gentleness”…

Recap: Our married couple, pregnant Chen Xin Yi (played by Joe Chen) and baby-daddy Ji Cun Xi (played by Ethan Juan) have signed divorce papers.  Xin Yi will leave the baby in Cun Xi’s care and walk away from the marriage once she delivers. Cun Xi plans to raise the baby with his girlfriend Anna, a ballerina, who is out of town and unaware that Cun Xi is now married.

Cun Xi bundles Xin Yi in towels after the cold shower. Grandma Ji rushes in with hot tea. Wait a minute, how did she know there was no hot water? Cun Xi has Xin Yi sleep in the bed and he takes the couch. The next morning Xin Yi wakes to Cun Xi softly kissing her. Just a dream, it is the dog, Baby Ji, licking her. She’s disappointed. I understand why.

At breakfast, Cun Xi’s step-mother, Ji Liu Xiu Lin, continues to try and ingratiate herself with Grandma Ji who is not enamored of her efforts. Step-mother’s son, Ji Zheng Ren, Cun Xi’s 2nd assistant, joins them and introduces himself to Xin Yi. He pretends to be solicitous of Xin Yi’s pregnancy. He mentions the businessman (that wants to buy the factory on the island Xin Yi’s family lives on). Cun Xi pulls him aside and tells him the deal is on hold. Zheng Ren guesses that Cun Xi may have stopped the deal because of Xin Yi (and he’s right about that). Grandma Ji has enrolled Cun Xi and Xin Yi in a baby class. Cun Xi says he may not make it because of work commitments and leaves. Before he gets in the car, Xin Yi thanks him for unpacking her luggage and making room for her in his room. Cun Xi gets a goofy smile on his face. Is he making room for her in his heart too? Zheng Ren is NOT happy with their positive interactions.

Xin Yi’s pregnant older sister shows up unexpectedly saying she’s temporarily left her husband who isn’t treating her right during the pregnancy. Specifically he is refusing to videotape the baby’s birth because he faints at the sight of blood. Grandma Ji welcomes her and says she should join Xin Yi’s baby class that afternoon. Older sister would prefer to have wild time on the town.

Anson, Cun Xi’s trusted assistant, tells him they need held to reinvigorate sales of their “inheritance” soap, the founding product of the company. Anson suggests a product endorsement from Xin Yi’s famous baby doctor would be very helpful.  Cun Xi realizes the baby doctor is teaching the baby class that afternoon and resolves to attend.

Xin Yi and her sister are at the baby class when Cun Xi arrives late. This irritates the baby doctor. To soothe him, Cun Xi and Xin Yi demonstrate a leg massage technique for the class. Cun Xi is kind and good at the massage impressing Xin Yi and the baby doctor.

After class Cun Xi asks the doctor if he is available to talk. The doctor is. Cun Xi sends Xin Yi and her sister for an afternoon of shopping on him. As they wait for the elevator, Anson asks if Cun Xi arrived to the baby class in time. Xin Yi proudly lets him know Cun Xi attended the class. Anson is relieved stating that Cun Xi came so he could talk business to the doctor after the class. Xin Yi deflats realizing that Cun Xi didn’t come for her or the baby but for business.

Cun Xi asks the doctor to endorse the “inheritance” soap even offering him money which insults the baby doctor. The baby doctor tells Cun Xi that any trust he gained with him or Xin Yi has evaporated because business took priority over the baby. Cun Xi defends himself saying the “inheritance” soap is the family legacy. Baby doctor tells him once Cun Xi has an understanding of what “inheritance” really means to him and his wife, they can talk again. He suggests Cun Xi read all his books to understand.

Back at the office Anson produces a large stack of books written by baby doctor and Cun Xi starts reading. Buy-the-factory businessman Stephen Zhou shows up. Cun Xi tells him the deal to sell the island to him is off. Zheng Ren is NOT happy to hear this, he must have a side deal going with Stephen Zhou. Cun Xi calmly states until a contract is signed they do not have a formal deal and he can change his mind. Things get tense between the two men and threats are implied as Stephen Zhou leaves the office. Turns out that Stephen Zhou is a gangster / mafia boss and his threats could become real.

At a trendy nightclub, Xin Yi and her sister can’t drink because they are pregnant. When they take to the dance floor the other customers give them a wide berth because they are pregnant. The owner shepherds them to a private table in the back of the nightclub. They hear someone talking about selling the factory on their island. They spot Zheng Ren talking to someone they can not see.

They listen to Stephen Zhou tell Zheng Ren that he must bury the mercury on the island.  Zheng Ren lies and says Cun Xi has given him full authority to negotiate the deal. Xin Yi and her sister are floored that Cun Xi plans to let the island become a mercury dump! Cun Xi and her sister quickly leave the nightclub. They miss hearing Zheng Ren tell Stephen Zhou that the reason the deal fell apart was Cun Xi’s wife Xin Yi, whose family lives on the island. Zheng Ren suggests that Stephen Zhou should target Xin Yi instead. Zheng Ren informs Stephen Zhou that if Xin Yi should be injured and miscarry then he’d be in a better position to inherit the company.

Xin Yi and her sister go to the office to confront Cun Xi but are denied access. Anson tells Cun Xi that baby doctor will be at a conference tomorrow morning. Cun Xi decides he’ll discuss the endorsement with baby doctor in the morning. Anson tells Cun Xi that Xin Yi found out he only went to the baby class to discuss the endorsement with baby doctor and not to support Xin Yi. Anson says Xin Yi and her sister are outside waiting to talk to him.  Cun Xi tells Anson to have them leave he must read baby doctor’s books all night. Anson hands Cun Xi a sticky note from Xin Yi saying they’ve already left. The note reads “You can use me, but why did you lie to me?” Her sister added to the note “I will go clamp the baby (abort)”. After reading this part of the note, Cun Xi hurries to find the women.

Xin Yi is at home packing telling the unborn baby she can not stay with a man that lies to her. Cun Xi arrives and worriedly asks if the baby is ok. He admits he used her to get near baby doctor to garner an endorsement for his “inheritance” soap.  He asks if she really thought that he liked her, after all, they’ve signed divorce papers. Xin Yi tells him she does not think he likes her. However she expected him to keep his word NOT to sell the island factory. Then she finds out the buyer plans to dump mercury. Cun Xi is surprised she has found out about the mercury dumping. Xin Yi admonishes him that he’ll be hurting innocent people with this deal. Cun Xi tells her she’s right, he’s wrong. He grabs her luggage and tells her to stay. She refuses. He broke his word to her, she will not abide by her agreement and live with him. Cun Xi plays the semantics game saying he only refused not to FIRE the workers but selling the factory was never explicitly agreed upon. Xin Yi tells him she won’t play word games.

Frustrated Cun Xi tells her the only reason she is pregnant is because her sister’s husband and father drugged him on the cruise. Cun Xi says he’s the victim. Those “kind” islanders she is protecting knowingly drugged him to get scandalous photos to blackmail him! On top of that he is lying about the baby, the marriage, to Anna the woman he loves! Stunned Xin Yi tells him she did not know of the islanders plot. If she’d known, she would not have married him and changed his life. She apologizes for the trouble she’s caused, asks him to pretend they never married, and leaves the house.

As they leave step-mother calls Zheng Ren apprising him that Xin Yi has left Cun Xi.

Cun Xi sees the Xin Yi and her sister leave in a taxi. He yells “You are really leaving? You didn’t even leave me a sticky note!” He begins to worry, where did they go so late at night?

* I like that Cun Xi is not perfect and neither is Xin Yi. I like their misunderstandings are coming to light early in the series. She now knows he thought she was part of the islander’s plan to entrap him. He now knows she was not part of the scheme to entrap him. Can they move forward into a real relationship? This is a likeable couple. I am rooting for them.
* Cun Xi can be really sweet to Xin Yi like administering the leg massage at the baby class. Who can blame her for feeling more than friendship for him?
* Cun Xi was brave in reckless way telling off Stephen Zhou that the island deal was never signed so tough. Darling the way Cun Xi admitted to Anson that if Stephen Zhou tried to hurt him he would have to run away because he does not know how to fight.
* Xin Yi’s sister is played broadly (overacted) but even she cares about Xin Yi in her own way.

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