You’re All Surrounded Episode 6 Recap

EPISODE 6: “The ocean inside my worn-out drawer”

We begin episode 6 with Team Leader Seo Pan Seok (Cha Seung Won) in jail for disobeying Jerk Prosecutor’s orders to pick up a prisoner. Enter his partner Lee Eung Do (Sung Ji Ru)  and our 4 rookie detectives – Eun Dae Koo (Lee Seung Gi), Eo Soo Sun (Go Ara), Park Tae Il (Ahn Jae Hyeon), and Ji Kook (Park Jung Min) to release him from jail via orders from the police captain. Everyone (including me) is happy and satisfied when they arrest  arrogant jerk child killer.

Pan Seok is waiting outside Sa Kyung’s apartment building. They are both gratified that in this instance the hit-an-run-driver was caught. Pan Seok invites her to dinner and she counters with drinks. He asks her why did she come to work at the same police station he worked at? She answers that question with her own. Why do you think I came? He tells her he doesn’t know and would like to know her better. She says let’s just drink together today. He has a tough time hailing a taxi. When he steps towards her, she puts her head on his shoulder murmuring that she misses their son, Joon Woo, and begins to cry. Pan Seok awkwardly pats Sa Kyung and they both grieve their dead son. One healing step forward for that relationship.

Pan Seok and Dae Koo are both restless in their respective apartments. Pan Seok thinks of his son and Dae Koo dreams of Boots coming for him in past and present day. Nice parallel lives moment for these two characters.

All the satisfaction at arresting arrogant jerk child killer vanishes when Pan Seok finds out he has been released and in his place confessing to the crime is his chauffeur. Anyone else think some money changed hands so the chauffeur would confess to a crime he did not commit?

Pan Seok is livid with fury and marches into Jerk Prosecutor’s office. He jerks the arrogant man up by his tie. Heated words are exchanged. Then Jerk Prosecutor hits Pan Seok and he in turn punches Jerk Prosecutor who goes down hard striking a filing cabinet and thudding to the floor with blood dripping down his face. Not that I didn’t enjoy that, but uh-oh, Pan Seok is now in big trouble. In the hospital Jerk Prosecutor has his head wrapped after 17 stitches and practically foams at the mouth that he’ll have Pan Seok arrested for assault. Pan Seok now sees the gravity of the situation he has created.

Meanwhile Dae Koo remembers fleeing his home town and going to various orphanages until one would take him without going to the police. He visits the orphanage where the kindly director tells him someone was just here looking for him. Oh no, this is what he was trying to stop, Boots or Blackmailer finding out his identity. As he searches the grounds for the man that just left the director’s office, Boots watches satisfied he has Dae Koo in his sights. Dae Koo calls his mystery backer frustrated that Boots or Blackmailer knows about him but he is in the dark about them, a disadvantage he does not like. What’s more, the director told him the man did not have a scar, this was the one identifier Dae Koo had counted on.

Back at the police station the officers meet with the police captain giving Pan Seok a well deserved verbal smack-down. He actions may have potentially ruined the legislation she has been backing that would give police autonomy from prosecutors during investigations. Station chief adds his own pompous words and you wonder if he and Jerk Prosecutor are working together as they are both jerks in their own way. Pan Seok is lead away to jail in shame and humiliation. Eung Do tells Pan Seok he’ll beg Jerk Prosecutor for leniency. Pan Seok tells him not to bother, it would be a waste of his time. Pan Seok asks Eung Do to look out for the rookie detectives as this must be upsetting. Ah, he cares, he really cares. At that moment Pan Seok’s cell phone, which is in a basket on a desk in room, rings. Correspondingly Dae Koo’s duplicate cell phone rings and he sees it is Boots calling. But nothing can be done as Pan Seok can not answer the call. Frustrated Dae Koo sees the opportunity to learn more about Boots slip away.

Back at the police station the Station Chief gathers all the hit-and-run paperwork together. Soo San cutely holds tightly to the paperwork but the Station Chief wrests it from her hands. The 4 rookie detectives are reassigned to help out other teams.  Eung Do takes the sad group to lunch. Soo San complains that justice is not being served. Arrogant jerk child killer is released from jail and innocent Pan Seok is put in jail.  Dae Koo takes exception saying the Pan Seok did indeed assault Jerk Prosecutor.  Jae Il agrees that Pan Seok had a lapse in judgement and committed assault. Eung Do tells them to work well with the other teams but to continue their investigation into arrogant jerk child killer. Even Ji Wook doubts this will matter, even if they catch him, will it change the world? Soo San can not rebut that and they eat in misery. Soo San wonders to herself is this job worth it?

Sa Kyung visits Pan Seok in jail. He tells her this is all his fault he did assault Jerk Prosecutor. He jokes that she must love him NOT being around the police station. Furious she rips into him. If this was the way to quit your job you should have done it before we lost our son Joon Woo (remember Pan Seok was late picking him up from kindergarten because of work).  Sa Kyung can not believe that scum like Jerk Prosecutor will best Pan Seok. She tells him you may have have been a bad father but you were a good detective and the world needs good detectives. She tells him buck up, get out of this mess, and put arrogant jerk child killer back in jail. As she leaves arrogant jerk child killer’s chauffeur is put in the cell next to Pan Seok. This should be good.

Tae Il and Ji Wook investigate arrogant jerk child killer’s chauffeur’s background to see why he confessed to a hit-and-run he did not commit. Reason found, he has a sick younger sister that needs an expensive operation, one he can now afford.

Meanwhile Dae Koo looks for the ammunition to get Jerk Prosecutor to drop the charges against Pan Seok. He slips into Jerk Prosecutor’s empty hospital room, rifles through his wallet and finds something that puts a smile (kinda) on his face.

Tae Il visits arrogant jerk child killer’s chauffeur’s sister in the hospital. She happens to be a cutey that anyone would want to protect. Tae Il seems disturbed being in the hospital.

Dae Koo runs into Tae Il in the hospital. He hands over the paper he extracted from Jerk Prosecutor’s wallet and instructs Tae Il to give it to Pan Seok.

In the jail, Pan Seok tells arrogant jerk child killer’s chauffeur that he may think he is helping his sister get the needed surgery, he is actually hurting her because he won’t be there for her when the surgery is done. He tells him that when his son was alive all he did was work, telling himself he was making the world a better place for his son. Pan Seok simply states good parents are by their children’s side. He confesses that he thought his opportunities to be by his son’s side would be endless but they were finite. He tells arrogant jerk child killer’s chauffeur that he needs to be by his sister’s side NOW NOT LATER.  You can see arrogant jerk child killer’s chauffeur considering his words. Nice scene.

Tae Il calls Eung Do (who is with Ji Kook) letting him know that arrogant jerk child killer has gone to the airport with the intent to flee to America.

In a cute scene, Dae Koo is on traffic patrol. He issues a ticket to an irritated driver. He tells the driver she must sign her name on the ticket. She writes bastard. He prints the ticket then hands it to Ms. Bastard. Drama fever translated this as bastard and Viki translated this as son of a bitch. You get the idea right?

Soo Sun (also working traffic) gets the call from Eung Do that arrogant jerk child killer is at the airport ready to flee. Soo Sun and Dae Koo hop in their car and head for the airport.

Meanwhile Ji Kook tracks down the delivery man whose truck’s black box should have footage of the hit and run accident. As he views the video it cuts out at the critical moment NOT providing the evidence desperately needed.

Soo Sun and Dae Koo search the airport and finally spot arrogant jerk child killer in the VIP lounge.

Tae Il visits Pan Seok in jail handing him the paper from Jerk Prosecutor’s wallet. Pan Seok smiles and borrows Tae Il’s cellphone to call Jerk Prosecutor to blackmail him for his release from jail.

Outside the jail arrogant jerk child killer’s chauffeur is being led away. Tae Il has brought his sister. The little girl asks her big brother if he did something bad to get her the operation. Smart cookie that kid. With tears in her eyes she tells arrogant jerk child killer’s chauffeur that she’d rather die than have a big brother like that. Pan Seok, now released from jail, walks up during the interchange. As little sister leaves Pan Seok gives arrogant jerk child killer’s chauffeur a pointed look. Arrogant jerk child killer’s chauffeur caves and tells Pan Seok he needs to talk to him. He hands Pan Seok a flash drive and tells him it has what he needs to convict arrogant jerk child killer. Yes! Pan Seok says he’ll get him released by little sister’s surgery.

At the airport Dae Koo and Soo Sun wait outside the VIP lounge. Dae Koo gets the bad news the black box video does NOT provide the evidence they need to arrest arrogant jerk child killer. They are both upset that he may get away with murder. Soo Sun gets a text that they MUST STOP arrogant jerk child killer from boarding the plane. Thinking quickly as arrogant jerk child killer’s girlfriend approaches him, Soo Sun throws herself between the couple, saying that she can’t let him leave him, that she loves only him. Arrogant jerk child killer’s girlfriend stalks off.

Dae Koo runs up with a luggage cart pushing both Soo Sun and arrogant jerk child killer’s chauffeur onto the cart. Arrogant jerk child killer’s men give chase and soon Dae Koo, Soo Sun and arrogant jerk child killer are surrounded (a prime example of the title of this show). Arrogant jerk child killer’s tells Soo Sun and Dae Koo that can’t arrest him, they have no evidence, and he is getting on the plane to America.

Eung Do shows up and says they have the evidence to arrest him. He shows arrogant jerk child killer a video of him confessing to hitting and killing a child while driving drunk and convincing his chauffeur to confess to the crime for cash. Yes! Eung Do instructs Dae Koo and Soo Sun to arrest him for hit-and-run homicide and attempting to flee the country. With pleasure Soo Sun pulls out her handcuffs.

At the police station Pan Seok is thanking Ji Kook for his hard work on the case when Soo Sun and Dae Koo arrive. Soo Sun is thrilled to see and Pan Seok and after a moment’s hesitation hugs him with glee. Dae Koo is NOT HAPPY to see the hero worship on Soo Sun’s face and her arms around Pan Seok. Sa Kyung also has a reaction and leaves the room. Ah ha, she still has feelings for Pan Seok and is jealous! Pan Seok thanks all of them for their hard work. He asks how was it re-arresting arrogant jerk child killer. They all (except Dae Koo) give a thumbs up. Pan Seok declares this is the taste of accomplishment and everyone licks their thumb. Dae Koo heads to the locker room and Pan Seok follows him. Pan Seok thanks Dae Koo for the paper that allowed him to get Jerk Prosecutor to drop the charges. Dae Koo tells him he did it for the team not for Pan Seok. He tells Pan Seok that he was disappointed in his actions in the incident. Nothing like a student chastising their teacher. As he heads to the door, Pan Seok HAS to ask. Do they know each other? Is their past why Dae Koo is always mad at him? They stare at each other for a beat. Then Dae Koo glibly say who does not know Pan Seok by reputation?

Later that night, Pan Seok’s curiosity gets the best of him and he reads Dae Koo’s personnel file at work. He looks up the orphanage on-line and then tired, closes his laptop and heads home. The next morning Dae Koo arrives early and sees his personnel file on Pan Seok’s desk. That worries him. In the locker room he puts on glasses to read some tiny text. Soo Sun enters the locker room and flashes back to their shared childhood. Soo Sun ask Dae Koo if he is Kim Ji Yong. Dae Koo stares at her in shock. Soo Sun starts questioning him and Pan Seok comes up behind her. Dae Koo must make her stop talking, so he kisses her. Pan Seok pulls up short, Soo Sun’s eyes widen in shock, and the episode ends.

* My favorite episode of the series, besides the back story of episode 1. Everything comes together. Pan Seok and Sa Kyung inch closer together and you see they have unresolved feelings and the potential to reconnect. Dae Koo and Soo Sun inch closer together as he feels jealously at her hero worship of Pan Seok. To make her stop talking he kisses her at the end of the episode. This is a kdrama staple tactic. The impact next episode should be interesting,  though I imagine Dae Koo will do his best to minimize any meaning to the kiss.
* I loved how the noose was tightened around Pan Seok then lessened by Dae Koo. I loved how Pan Seok thanked Dae Koo who in turn chastised Pan Seok for his poor behavior. I loved how Pan Seok is now suspicious of Dae Koo and is investigating his background to find out why Dae Koo is perpetually angry with him.
* Each our of rookie detectives contributed this episode. It was a team effort getting Pan Seok out of jail and catching arrogant jerk child killer. That arrest was satisfying.
* I loved the production of the catch the killer scenes where all the components built to a satisfying arrest. Nice job by the folks behind the scenes and the editor for keeping the scenes flowing and tight.

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