Trot Lovers Episode 9 Recap

In the last episode trot singer Choon Hee (Jung Eun Ji) was upset when manager Jang Joon Hyun (Ji Hyun Woo) moved out and on. She does NOT know he left to save her from scandal (that he lived in her apartment). Both Choon Hee and Joon Hyun are missing each other. At Shine Star record company rival singer Park Soo In (Lee Se Young) and her executive mother discuss Joon Hyun leaving Choon Hee because interim President Jo Geun Woo (Shin Sung Rok) likes Choon Hee. Her mother advises Soo In to give up her pursuit of Geun Woo. Soo In decides she’ll take matters into her own hands. First she tells Joon Hyun that unless he produces her album she will tell the press he was living with Choon Hee. Trapped, he agrees to produce her album. The next day at Shine Star, Soo In takes great pleasure in the shocked look on Choon Hee’s face when she and Joon Hyun are together. She relishes telling Choon Hee that Joon Hyun is now HER producer and she will be sensitive to the discomfort they must feel around each other. Choon Hee denies the discomfort but her face tells another story.

Choon Hee decides to take matters into her own hands and visits Joon Hyun at Tae Song’s apartment. Joon Hyun is rude and tells her to get lost. What can Choon Hee do but leave?

Director Kang complains to Geun Woo about all the people uploading their trot videos and songs to the Shine Star website. Inspired, Geun Woo hugs the surprised man and asks him to help find the next trot singer for Shine Star. Geun Woo decides Choon Hee must help them in their search. Choon Hee hesitates but agrees to help audition potential trot singers. Geun Woo and Choon Hee visit a high schooler that sings trot. The girl has a pronounced scar on the side of her face. She sings beautifully. They go to ask her father’s permission to pursue developing his daughter as a singer but he refuses. Choon Hee valiantly attempts to persuade him but he is adamant. Disappointed, they are late to the train station and miss their scheduled train. They must wait for the evening train.

While waiting for the train, some ladies recognize Choon Hee and ask for her autograph. They ask if Geun Woo is her boyfriend (she says no but he does not deny it) and promise to keep it a secret. Choon Hee teaches Geun Woo how to drink yogurt and he shares a story about his life in New York. Choon Hee hears then sees a little boy crying. He has been separated from his mother. They take the little boy to the police station. They prepare to leave so they can make their train, but the little boy pleads with Choon Hee to stay until his mother comes. Unable to say no, they stay. They miss the last train.

The next morning Joon Hyun waits for Geun Woo and Choon Hee to arrive at her place. He has waited all night for her. After Choon Hee enters her apartment, Joon Hyun blocks Geun Woo’s car from leaving. Joon Hyun tells Geun Woo his behavior with Choon Hee could cause a scandal. Geun Woo calmly states he has the resources to block a scandal unlike Joon Hyun. Ouch!

As Choon Hee sinks into her bed exhausted from being up all night, Byul tries to tell Choon Hee about a family cooking competition that evening. Choon Hee does not really hear her. Byul heads to Coach’s restaurant to ask her to join her at the family cooking competition but Coach is obviously busy with many customers. Byul stands dejectedly in front of the restaurant when Joon Hyun appears. He gets Byul to tell him what is upsetting her. That evening poor Byul looks like she’ll have to cook with the teacher until Joon Hyun shows up in his silly brown wig and shades. They have the best time cooking together. They wear the cutest aprons while they cook. They end up winning the cooking contest! Byul goes up to get the prize until mini mean girl says that Joon Hyun is not a blood relative and therefore NOT family. Our mothers voice their concurrence at this point of view. The teacher declares the outcome of the contest is on hold until she speaks with the home room mothers.

Mean girl believes Tae Song likes her because Coach tell her this. However Coach is unaware that Tae Song likes HER not mean girl. Tae Song shops with mean girl for a present for the “girl he likes”. Mean girl thinks she is shopping for herself. When Tae Song goes to give Coach his gift he is surprised when one of the debt collectors is wooing Coach for himself. Funny moment when the other debt collector catches up to his partner interrupting the attempt at romancing Coach. I must say Coach is oblivious to both men vying for her attention. Dejected that his simple gift cannot outshine the debt collector’s gift he hands it to mean girl as he exits the restaurant. Mean girl believes this confirms that Tae Song likes her.

Soo In decides she must push Choon Hee TOWARDS Joon Hyun and AWAY from Geun Woo. To that end she tells Choon Hee that Joon Hyun quit being her manager to save her from scandal when a reporter threatened to publish family sleeping photos. She shows the photos (Soo In found the photos at Geun Woo’s desk). Choon Hee is touched that Joon Hyun did that for her. Earlier in the episode she found that it was Joon Hyun NOT Geun Woo that got the broadcast ban lifted. Later that day Byul’s teacher calls and says it is confirmed that Byul won the cooking contest. Choon Hee is stymied how Byul won a family cooking contest. Byul tells Choon Hee the secret that Joon Hyun helped her. Choon Hee is amazed all at that Joon Hyun has done for her without her knowledge.

Choon Hee decides she must confront Joon Hyun about why he left her and his feelings. At Shine Star she finds sheet music titled with initials he has written but the girl’s initials do not match any one she knows. When she calls Joon Hyun to locate him, she sees his phone in the room and on the display are the girl’s initials from the music. SHE is his muse! Joon Hyun finds her looking at his music and is not nice about it. She tries to talk to him but he is rude believing it best that Choon Hee NOT get involved with him. He effectively pushes her away. Despondent she heads to the spot Joon Hyun took her when they had their fun outing. The debt collectors call Joon Hyun asking where Choon Hee is, she is due for performance soon, and they can not find her. Joon Hyun searches for Choon Hee. Finally he thinks to return to their spot. He finds her looking at the beautiful countryside and singing to herself with her eyes closed. As he stands there looking at her, this sweet girl, this girl that has feelings for him, that he has feelings for, he cannot resist…he bends down and softly kisses her.

* Pretty good episode. Not quite as zippy as last one, but Choon Hee and Joon Hyun made progress and managed to admit to themselves that they care for each other. Joon Hyun was mean to Choon Hee. I dislike the “be cruel to be kind” methodology. This is a kdrama staple. At the end of the episode Joon Hyun finally admits to Choon Hee that he likes her through the sweet kiss.
* Byul and Joon Hyun were darling together once again. When he attended the cooking competition with her and she asked why he came. He told the truth from his point of view “because we are family”. So sweet.
* Soo In manipulated quite a bit this episode. She manipulated Joon Hyun to produce her album. She manipulated Choon Hee to see that Joon Hyun cared for her with end goal of extracting Choon Hee out of Geun Woo’s grasp. She relished Choon Hee’s discomfort. I do get that she is jealous as Choon Hee’s star is rocketing past her and Geun Woo likes Choon Hee. Simply put, Soo In feels that Choon Hee is stealing her thunder and man. Still I never like to see people take pleasure from an another’s pain. What does that say about you as a person if you enjoy another person’s unhappiness?
ep9_19 ep9_18
* President Jo had two cute scenes. The first with his son, as Geun Woo admitted he liked Choon Hee. He counseled patience much to Geun Woo’s frustration and his enjoyment. The second with Joon Hyun who bitterly complained that Geun Woo was acting inappropriately keeping Choon Hee out of all night. President Jo basically shrugged his shoulders and said “what can I do” much to the displeasure of Joon Hyun. Enjoyed Joon Hyun’s facial expression in reaction.
* What is next? Will our couple admit they like each other? Will they go public with their relationship? Will they keep it secret for fear of scandal? Will Coach realize she has 2 men vying for her affections? Will Soo In lure Geun Woo back to her side? What will Geun Woo do if Choon Hee and Joon Hyun become a couple?

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