Trot Lovers Episode 12 Recap

Last episode Joon Hyun (Ji Hyun Woo) went to the jewelers and was given the necklace he had commissioned. The jeweler told him he had planned to propose on stage with the necklace. With the amnesia he does not remember any of this. Even more confusing is the necklace with the initials MJ, when Soo In’s initials are SI. Recall Joon Hyun had the necklace commissioned for Choon Hee (Jung Eun Ji).

Tae Song brings Joon Hyun’s personal belongings from his apartment. Inside the suitcase Joon Hyun finds the love contract signed by MJ and himself. Again, who is MJ? Joon Hyun wonders if he had another girl in his life besides Soo In (Lee Se Young). The love contract states each person must do something nice for the other and in return give a stroke of the head as thanks.

At Shine Star, to fulfill the love contract, Joon Hyun brings Soo In her favorite cake. When she does not stroke his head he prompts her, but she does not respond. When he strokes her head, she pulls away telling him she does not like her head touched. Joon Hyun is mystified that she does not understand. Later Soo In finds the love contract and realizes she almost blew it. She apologizes to Joon Hyun. Soo In’s mother ups the ante by declaring the couple planned to get married and they should continue with that plan. Neither Soo In nor Joon Hyun is excited about marriage.

Trapped and unhappy, Joon Hyun gets drunk. Instead of returning to his apartment, he has the taxi take him to Choon Hee’s apartment. Ah, his subconscious knows the truth. He starts to lay down on the table on the patio but then proceeds into the apartment. Joon Hyun heads to the guest bedroom and promptly falls asleep. When Choon Hee and Byul arrive home they are surprised to see Joon Hyun’s shoes at the door. When they find him sleeping in the guest bedroom the smell of alcohol is strong. Choon Hee wistfully strokes his hair before going to bed. The next morning Joon Hyun goes on autopilot and staggers into the kitchen for a glass of water in his favorite mug. When Choon Hee returns home from grocery shopping, Joon Hyun is stunned he is at her house. Choon Hee tells him HE came here when drunk. She starts to open the cabinet with the once-rickety door. Again on autopilot, he spins her around protecting her from the door he believes will fall. They stare into each other’s eyes before breaking away.

Our jerk blunt Hyo Yeol runs into Joon Hyun who is happy to see him. That makes one of them. Hyo Yeol  tells Joon Hyun that in the last 3 months he was Choon Hee’s manager and he should thank his lucky stars he has a hit song again. Joon Hyun asks President Jo how he became Choon Hee’s manager. President tells him about the deal to make Choon Hee #1 on the charts in exchange for a comeback album. When Joon Hyun asks why President Jo cares about Choon Hee, he says he is paying back an old debt to a friend.

The overnight Shine Star group outing is organized by Choon Hee and Tae Song. At the hotel, Geun Woo (Shin Sung Rok) and Joon Hyun share a room and Choon Hee and Soo In share a room. At the evening’s bonfire, Joon Hyun sings “Remember Me” to Soo In while Choon Hee looks on wistfully. Tae Song overhears mean girl being told she is not welcome by Director Kang. Feeling sorry for her, he invites her to drink with him in his room. Geun Woo and Choon Hee make up a fairy tale by the bonfire. Joon Hyun and Soo In join them. The story revolves around a mermaid princess and the prince that no longer knows her. Choon Hee’s ending is the mermaid princess becomes bubbles and disappears. Joon Hyun does not like that ending. Geun Woo suggests an alternative ending where a prince from another county falls in love with the princess and saves her.

The next morning Choon Hee and Geun Woo take a walk. Soo In and Joon Hyun are looking for them. When they return from the walk Joon Hyun is irritated with Choon Hee. She brushes past him. Angry he tosses the black hair clip into the woods (recall he gave her this hair clip).

The day’s activities include a boat ride. Before the boat leaves the dock Choon Hee she discovers the hair clip is missing. She asks Soo In about the hair clip. She tells Choon Hee that Joon Hyun threw the hair clip into the woods. Angry, Choon Hee tells Joon Hyun he had no right to toss something precious to her. She gets off the boat and Joon Hyun follows.

After searching together they find the hair clip in a tree. It takes teamwork but they successfully retrieve the hair clip.

She rubs his head to thank him for helping retrieve the hair clip. Ah, he flashes to his dream where Choon Hee was revealed as the mystery woman. Excellent.

They head to the dock to catch the next boat. Unfortunately, the next boat is 3 hours. To pass the time, they work together helping 2 children sell their food so they can get back to their sick grandmother. Choon Hee sings and Joon Hyun plays make ship drums to attract a crowd. When the food is sold, the children thank them and scamper home to their grandmother. Flushed with pleasure, Joon Hyun is drawn to Choon Hee and locks eyes with her. 

Geun Woo and Soo In get off the boat and find them on the pier. They are dismayed to find them close together. Then Joon Hyun says “I remember how the story ends. When the princess turns to bubbles, the prince gets his memory back.” Has Joon Hyun regained his memory?!

* Better episode! Joon Hyun is drawn subconsciously then consciously to Choon Hee. You cannot fight love. These two actors know how to work their moments together. They have chemistry. Longing is powerful for Choon Hee the entire episode and then Joon Hyun the latter half of the episode. Ji Hyun Woo did a fine job portraying the confusion about his attraction and magnetic pull to Choon Hee.
* Soo In complains to Geun Woo that she is stuck by her choices. He agrees and leaves her to stew in the mess she has made for herself. Geun Woo’s limited sympathy for Soo In’s predicament is spot on. You make your bed, so you must lie on it.
* Geun Woo has dignity as the “doomed to lose in love” second lead. He is not pushy with Choon Hee. He is supportive. His plan of patience may simply run out of time as Choon Hee and Joon Hyun are drawn to each other again.
* The interactions between Joon Hyun and Geun Woo as they spar and vie for Choon Hee have always been cute and this episode delivered on that again. Watching the two big men act like children while trying to one up each other is fun. Boys will be boys.

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