Fated to Love You Episode 16 Recap

Fated to Love You Episode 16: “Courage”

Main Story (Xin Yi and Cun Xi): Chen Xin Yi (Joe Chen) and  Ji Cun Xi (Ethan Juan) have agreed to work together (stricly business) as she designs a container for the launch of the signature soap “Inheritance” in the Chinese market. Xin Yi has 3 days to come up with a design.

Cun Xi sets up a command post in his hotel room running his business via phone, fax, and skype.

Xin Yi is in her studio struggling to come up with a design. Memories of the past, their lost baby, plague her. She’s unable to unlock her creativity with the distress of past memories and present-day Cun Xi. Not surprisingly it is Dylan that gives Xin Yi a terrific pep talk pointing out that she can do this, she needs to embrace courage to design. Dylan notes the buyer of her art gave her the courage flower (they do not know Cun Xi is the buyer). It takes some doing but Xin Yi is able to come up with a design. I’ll be frank that I found the initial design underwhelming.

She sends her assistants to deliver the design but Cun Xi sends them away (Move #1). They deliver the message that Cun Xi will only work directly with her (Move #2). Angry, she stalks to his hotel room ready to give him a piece of her mind (Counter-move #1). When she arrives his assistant says he is on a conference call and she needs to wait (Move #3). And wait she does…for 2 hours (Move #4). Finally Cun Xi is done. He claims he is famished and asks if she’d like to have lunch (Move #5). She declines stating she is here for business NOT dining (Counter-move #2). He offers either she joins him for lunch or she’ll have to wait in the room until he returns for feedback on her design (Move #6). She agrees go to the restaurant with him but won’t eat (Counter-move #3). I’ll stop with the move/counter-move, but you get the idea.

At the restaurant, she wants to talk business and he wants to talk food. He is impressed at her restaurant suggestion. He finally looks at the design.  While he likes it, the ceramic box will be too heavy and his shipping costs will be astronomical. Her gut instinct is to leave the discussion. Cun Xi asks, will she flee so easily? Is this all the moxy new Xin Yi has got? She modifies the design on the spot. When they exit the restaurant the wind whips the design out of her hand. Cin Xi runs into the street after it. Xin Yi sees a car bearing down on him and pulls him back (and into her). Their gazes lock. He notes that she still cares.

The wind whisks the design into the air again. They hold hands as they run after the design, both of them enjoying the chase. Finally the design lands on a sculpture in the middle of a pond. Cun Xi retrieves the design but slips and falls into the water while managing to keep the design aloft and unharmed. They get him a new suit which she picks out. He looks good in the soft neutral suit. He then surprises her by buying her a new outfit. She looks great in the pantsuit he picks. He then drops the bomb that she is presenting her design concept soon to key managers. She is floored and sputters she could not possibly present the design on such short notice. He tells her she can and off to the meeting they go.

The managers are NOT happy that Xin Yi is NOT Master Long. Cun Xi lets them know that Xin Yi is his protege and has a fabulous design. Xin Yi presents the design with confidence and insight into the Inheritance product. This design I like. The container is either a Z (for the mystery buyer) or an N (for natural which the soap is) or a cradle for the soap (like a mother cradles a baby recall the soap is approved for use with infants). The buyers are impressed with her presentation. Cun Xi is impressed with her presentation. I’m impressed with her presentation.

Cun Xi shares with the managers that once he had the opportunity to be a father but fate took it away from him because he did not cherish it. He says it is the biggest regret of his life. Xin Yi stares at him. Is this true? Does he really miss their baby? Does he regret his actions?

ep16_11 ep16_10
After the meeting Xin Yi wonders if Cun Xi meant what he said or only said it to draw the managers to him. She overhears Cun Xi’s business partner saying Cun Xi was wise to call this impromptu meeting to get the manager’s buy-in on the design and secure orders for the product. He says that Xin Yi was a delight and the perfect secret weapon. He notes Cun Xi was right with his earlier praise of her. Cun Xi signs the other managers orders. The business partner notices his blue pen and asks if he has signed many contracts with that pen. Cun Xi says it was a birthday present from a dear friend 2 years ago. Cun Xi notes he won’t go anywhere without the pen. The men shakes hands and Xin Yi enters. The meeting is over.

As they leave she asks him if everything he did today was so she’d succeed in this presentation. She asks if having her be the designer was also his doing. Cun Xi takes her down a notch or two telling her this is business. He wants the Inheritance soap launch into China to go well and he knows she can facilitate. She presses him…is it really only business? He maintains that Inheritance is the most important product and yes it is stricly business. He goes on to say she exceeded his expectations and did a wonderful job revamping the design and presenting the concept. He hold out his hand to shake it. She shakes his hand and this time HE is the one that breaks the contact first. He surprises her saying her assistants can interact with him from now on. Her work is done. She doesn’t move. He asks why is she standing there? She tells him she’ll see him back to the hotel, if that’s okay with him.

They walk companionably to the hotel. Cun Xi coughs a bit and it looks like he is getting sick or is quite tired. A drunk man stumbles into her and Cun Xi reflectively and protectively pulls her away from the man and into the safety of his arms (LOVE IT!). They stare into each other eyes then he pulls away apologizing. She tells him it’s ok, no problem. Cun Xi jokes he should have hired more drunk guys if she was going to be this agreeable to him hugging her. She chides him for still being childish.

ep16_15 ep16_16
He says she’s really changed. She says that it all due to him. He takes that as a criticism. She tells him no, she means his support was sincere and she apologize for not trusting him. He asks her to call him “Cun Xi” once more or hug him. She laughs and calls him Cun Xi. So sweet, their unspoken yearning for each other. She tells him she’ll call him about the design production. He tells her he may too busy to interact with her directly. Why, why, why are you pushing her away? She offers another concession, saying should they meet again one day (and she’s going to tell him they CAN acknowledge each other) but Cun Xi cuts her off and says he’ll pretend they do not know each other. She tries to tell him again that he can say Hi but he misunderstands or pretends to and tells her he won’t say Hi to her in the future.

ep16_18 ep16_17
He says good night (he seems very tired) and she starts to walk away. He calls her name and she turn looking at him with expectation. He gently asks if she thought of him any time over these last 2 years? She begins to answer but he cuts her off telling her not to tell him, to forget it. Resignedly she walks away and does not look back.

He guesses she won’t look back and he is proud of her when she does not. He tells her retreating form that he’ll give up completely now. He tells her to press on. That gets me. What a bummer, he missed so many opportunities to patch their relationship after the meeting and he blew each one! Walking away Xin Yi says yes I’ve thought about you in the past 2 years. She wonders why he wanted her to sign the abortion agreement and why does he show such regret over the loss of their baby NOW? She thinks the answer will break her heart so she shrugs off thinking about it. She notices she is wearing his jacket and turns around to return it to him. She runs after him to catch up. Is she running towards her future?

Side Story (Anna and Dylan): Cun Xi sends the two art pieces he purchased back to Taipei, the pink glass sculpture for Anna, and for himself the ceramic rocking horse titled Ji Nain Pin (Xin Yi’s and Cun Xi’s baby’s name in vitro). Anson mixes up the delivery Anna’s piece sending her the ceramic rocking horse. Anna reads Cun Xin’s note apologizing for business in Shanghai keeping him from her dance studio opening. He offers the art as a token of his affection. When Anna sees the rocking horse, she doesn’t get the piece and is puzzeled why Cun Xi would think she’d like this particular piece. She opens the certificate and is stunned to see the artist is Chen Xin Yi. Concerned she gets on a plane to investigate what is going on.

She goes straight to the art gallery where she encounters Dylan. They are both surprised to see each and the pieces start to fit. Dylan confirms the artist is indeed Xin Yi much to Anna’s chagrin. Anna confirms the purchaser of Xin Yi’s art is Cun Xi much to Dylan’s chagrin. Dylan admits that he is surprised that Cun Xi bought the piece because it represents longing and regret over the loss of Ji Nain Pin. Why did he emotionally abandon Xin Yi and Ji Nain Pin if he cared so much? It does not compute to Dylan. And he’s right it does not compute. I want to yell “Anna engineered the confusion with her lie about the abortion agreement from Cun Xi!” Dylan asks Anna could there be a misunderstanding between Xin Yi and Cun Xi regarding Ji Nain Pin? Anna nips that train of thought by saying he’s only regretting it now. Dylan bluntly states Cun Xi never knew how to cherish Xin Yi anyhow. Anna defends Cun Xi. Dylan tells Anna surely if she had lost a baby like Xin Yi did, she would understand the pain and suffering. That’s too close to home and the guilt over her actions flare. She gets up to leave telling Dylan “What caused Xin Yi to lose the baby was not Cun Xi and was not me. It was the car accident.” Dylan notes “I never said the loss of the baby involved you. I thought you were an innocent bystander.” Anna tells him is attitude is hateful and flounces off. Besides the concern about their respective partners getting involved with each other again, Anna orders strawberry cake MINUS the strawberry on top. Dylan recalls his long lost sister did that too. Is Anna Dylan’s sister? I’m glad this thread is picking up again. At least Anna and Dylan will have each other at the end of this series.

* I adored this episode. I am a huge fan of couples that challenge each other. In this episode Cun Xi challenged Xin Yi. She met and exceeded his expectations.
Xin Yi showed courage this episode (aka “courage” the title of this episode). She had the “fight or flight” dilemma with the challenge of designing the container for the soap. She REALLY wanted to bail and Dylan’s pep talk was insightful and just right. Unknowingly they both cited the mystery buyer of her art someone that believed in her and showed her courage through the flower he gave her. If they had known the mystery buyer was Cun Xi, I doubt they would have leaned on that particular source of support.
* It was a joy to watch them run through the street hand-in-hand chasing after their design. They both had smiles and a single purpose. Just wonderful!
* Cun Xi did a fabulous of testing, pushing, and supporting Xin Yi in this episode. He was a jerk making her wait 2 hours before he’d talk to her, he pushed her when he bluntly told her the first design would not work and why, he supported her when he retrieved her design from the water, bought her clothes, and arranged the special meeting with the dealers. Then he pretends it was all business to Xin Yi. Good grief man, you had a chance to pull her back in and you blew it!
Dylan and Anna’s meeting was interesting. She revealed the Cun Xi was the buyer of Xin Yi’s art which stunned Dylan but he covered nicely. She revealed she had a part in Xin Yi’s miscarriage but Dylan did not grasp the significance of her slip of the tongue. She revealed that she could possibly be the long-lost sister. That storyline has been on the back burner for too long and I’m glad can begin again. If Anna is his sister, then at least he’ll gain a sister while losing his love (Xin Yi).
* Xin Yi played by actress Joe Chen showed bits of the “old” Xin Yi, the “new” Xin Yi, and married them beautifully. Cun Xi (Ethan Juan) interactions with Xin Yi were superb. Initially he pulled her to him and she pushed him away. But at the end of the episode she pulled him to her and he pushed her way. This couple, this story, totally works for me, I’m all in!

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2 comments on “Fated to Love You Episode 16 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    The scene where Xin Yi and Cun Xi chased after her design was sweet. I dont think the old Cun Xi would have waded in the algae infested waters, it was great to see him save the drawing over his designer suit.

    Despite how well they gelled this episode, it seems their timing continues to be off either each other.

    Was I not being very charitable when I was pleased Anson accidentally sent the Ceramic horse to Anna❓⁉️


    • Despite how well they gelled this episode, it seems their timing continues to be off either each other.
      what’s that phrase – leave them wanting more?

      Was I not being very charitable when I was pleased Anson accidentally sent the Ceramic horse to Anna❓⁉️
      Nope, she deserved that…and more.

      Liked by 1 person

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