Trot Lovers Episode 13 Recap

Last episode Joon Hyun (Ji Hyun Woo) was drawn to Choon Hee (Jung Eun Ji) even with amensia. Geun Woo (Shin Sung Rok) and Soo In (Lee Se Young) approached the pair on the pier and were dismayed to find them close together. Joon Hyun said “I remember how the story ends. When the princess turns to bubbles, the prince gets his memory back.” Did Joon Hyun regained his memory?!

No, no he has not. Ouch, that must hurt Choon Hee!

The four of them have dinner. Soo In announces her engagement to Joon Hyun. Ouch, that must hurt Choon Hee!

Joon Hyun returns to the concert hall but cannot remember the face of the girl he saved from the falling prop. He takes his old cell phone to the repair shop to retrieve the contents. Soo In freaks out. If he retrieves the contents of the cell phone, then he will know that he and Choon Hee were the couple. What else is Soo In to do but take her problems to her mother? Her mother calms her and tells her she will take care of it.

Soo In gets the engagement party invitations. With glee she gives one to Choon Hee. Choon Hee declines stating she has a previous engagement. Ouch, that must hurt Choon Hee!

Choon Hee shares an elevator with Joon Hyun. She asks if he is happy. He confirms he is. Choon Hee says under her breath, “then that is enough”.  Ouch, that must hurt Choon Hee!

Joon Hyun returns to his apartment and finds her mother! At the meeting of the two families, Joon Hyun’s mother verbally jabs Soo In’s mother. I like it! After that kind of evening, Joon Hyun pounds some alcohol.

It is the day of the engagement party. Joon Hyun stares at the necklace he planned to propose with. Choon Hee realizes it is time to return Joon Hyun’s guitar, her last link to him. He stares at the guitar note where Choon Hee pledges to get his guitar back.

At the engagement party President Jo tells Soo In’s mother she better stop messing with Choon Hee. Soo In’s mother calls Director Kang and tells him to be ready to take care of Choon Hee. Joon Hyun is around the corner and hears every word.

Let us pause a moment and enjoy the beauty of Hyun Woo in a tuxedo – nice!

A man approaches Joon Hyun with his guitar. Joon Hyun asks who returned the guitar. He says it was a woman and she just left. Joon Hyun runs into the street after the woman yelling Choon Hee. She ducks and hides. But when Choon Hee sees a motorcycle bearing down on Joon Hyun she barrels into him, knocking them both to the ground and out of the path of the motorcycle. The both are knocked unconsciousness when they rap their heads on the pavement.


In the hospital Joon Hyun wakes first. He looks at Choon Hee and touches her face. The memories come flooding back – yes! He gently puts the commissioned necklace on her and tells her it is her necklace. Sweet scene.

His mother, Soo In and her mother arrive. He makes the split second decision to fake amnesia to protect Choon Hee.  Later his mother makes a comment about Soo In’s mother causing an accident for Choon Hee’s mother. When he questions her, she tells Joon Hyun it is nothing .

Our resident cutie, Byul, has a darling scene with Geun Woo. He gives her candy but she hesitates saying the candy is a bribe and she must be neutral between him and Joon Hyun. Geun Woo points out she can accept anything Joon Hyun gives her if she accepts the candy. Sold!

In another cute scene, father and son commiserate. Geun Woo tells his Dad it is time for him to act like a father. President Jo invites Choon Hee to a fan club meeting (recall she thinks he is the resident Grandpa of the apartment complex). She is taken aback when he takes her to a nice restaurant. She is shocked when Geun Woo shows up and says the man next to him is his father! President Jo tells Choon Hee that he worked with her mother and he wanted to help Choon Hee establish herself as a singer.

Unable to stay away, Joon Hyun visits Choon Hee at her apartment. She serves him water in HIS mug which pleases him. He asks why she came to return his guitar and then ran away. They bicker a bit like the cute couple they are. So nice to see that interaction versus the coldness during the amnesia phase. Before leaving he thanks her for pushing him out of the motorcyle’s path. They have a moment of connection – nice!

Choon Hee is booked to sing for the homeless lunch area. The debt collectors will be the dancers – ha! Mean girl and Tae Song will be backup singers. There is a cute scene where mean girl gets Tae Song to sing from his diaphragm but he thinks she is coming on to him – ha! The crowd is not welcoming but Choon Hee talks them into one song. It is a nice song and many folks tear up at the lyrics. Unbeknownst to Choon Hee, her father is in the crowd. He receives a call from the hospital asking when he will reschedule his surgery. He tells them he cannot afford it and will NOT schedule the surgery. Are we talking the choice between surgery or death?

Tae Song finds Joon Hyun watching the video of he and Choon Hee. Tae Song is thrilled that Joon Hyun has his memory back. He is sworn to secrecy. Joon Hyun tells him Choon Hee could be in jeopardy if certain people know his memory has returned.

Joon Hyun asks Soo In why she was on stage at Choon Hee’s concert. Soo In lies she was there to cheer Soo In on. Joon Hyun asks if someone was targeting to injure Choon Hee. Soo In is flustered by the conversation. Joon Hyun visits Soo In’s mother and lets her know that because they are family he wants her to know he will investigate the accident further. He is concerned about Soo In. Cool as a cucumber Soo In’s mother feigns support for this idea. Mother and daughter meet and wonder if Joon Hyun’s memory has returned.

Our resident cutie, Byul, is exiting the school when Joon Hyun spots her and grins thrilled to see her. Byul is accosted by 2 older girls and school mate her age. Turns out this is the school mate that Byul hit for insulting Choon Hee. She has 2 older sisters and they have come to teach Byul a lesson. Joon Hyun appears and they girls melt like butter. They force their sister to apologize to Byul.  Afterwords, Byul agrees to keep their encounter a secret from Choon Hee. The whole scene is darling!

Joon Hyun finds Choon Hee’s father in pain and rushes him to the hospital. Turns out he has colon cancer and only 6 months to live. Joon Hyun shares with him how he regrets missing opportunities to spend time with his father before he died. He tells father that he will return to Choon Hee but cannot right now. He asks father take care of Choon Hee until he is able to return to her.

Joon Hyun stops by Choon Hee’s apartment when she and Byul are out and fix items around the house. When they return home they notice the fan now oscillates, the cabinet door is securely fastened and Byul’s ukelele is repaired.  Byul figures it out but Choon Hee is mystified.

Soo In and her mother realize the Joon Hyun might have his memory back. Soo In searches his apartment and finds the engagement necklace. When Joon Hyun returns home he finds Soo In sporting the necklace.  She expects him to explode but instead he tells her it is too bad she found it, the surprise is ruined.

The next morning Choon Hee thinks things over and believes Joon Hyun may have his memory back. To test this she puts the flower tea in his practice studio. He finds the tea and say aloud that he will drink it well. Unbeknownst to him, Choon Hee is behind the door listening. She gives him a back hug. He slowly turns around and tells her he is back. She stares at him and a tear rolls down her face. She KNOWS!!

* Better episode again! Joon Hyun and Choon Hee battled back to each other. She was ready to surrender her hopes by returning the guitar at the engagement party. THAT became the catalyst for the jar to his head that Joon Hyun needed. And who does not love a man that fixes things around the house WITHOUT being asked?
* Soo In and her mother always seem to have the upper hand. They strongly suspect Joon Hyun’s memory has returned. They will become desperate which means they will likely do what they deem necessary to save themselves.
Byul is the cutest kid and has fantastic chemistry with every adult character. Her scenes with Geun Woo and Joon Hyun were so charming.
* Our father and son duo, President Jo and Geun Woo also delivered cute scenes together.
* Choon Hee’s father having colon cancer, 6 months to live, and needs surgery that he cannot afford. Is there ANY cliche missed in that scenario?
* As I said last recap, the actors do what they can to deliver within the confines of the story line which is okay to good. This episode had some charming scenes. Most importantly the amnesia is over. How long Jwill oon Hyun continue to fake it? Bottom line, Choon Hee’s suffering will lessen now that Joon Hyun has confirmed his memory is back. Yea!

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