Trot Lovers Episode 14 Recap

Last episode Joon Hyun (Ji Hyun Woo) faked amnesia to protect Choon Hee (Jung Eun Ji). She figured out that Joon Hyun may have his memory back. To test this she put tea in his practice studio and waited behind the door for his reaction to the offering. The tea made him happy and bingo, suspicions confirmed! She gave him a back hug and he told her he is back.

Joon Hyun confirms that his memory is back. He tells her it must remain a secret for now. He promises to return to her soon.

Skipping down the steps at Shine Star Choon Hee encounters Soo In (Lee Se Young). Soo In yells at her for calling Joon Hyun just before the engagement party which was cancelled. Before strolling away, Choon Hee asks why is Soo In is nervous about her relationship. Soo In is furious and loses her balance falling flat on her face. Ha!

Shine Star records president Geun Woo (Shin Sung Rok) is dismayed to learn that Choon Hee will be singing the guide song for the newest trot singer. Scandal has wrecked her career and this is the work she can get. Actually Choon Hee does not mind at all. She tells the newest trot singer she is happy to help her noting other people helped her when she was starting out. They sing together and sound quite good.

Joon Hyun is practicing when Tae Song tells him the CCTV footage from the prop falling accident is missing.  Joon Hyun is not happy but believes by sticking close to Soo In and her mother he will find evidence.

Choon Hee is cooking birthday dinner for Joon Hyun when Director Kang calls telling her she has a singing gig at the hotel. Joon Hyun is at the same hotel dropping off his mother. She tells him to come up and say hi to folks and it turns out it is a birthday party for Joon Hyun. Choon Hee and Joon Hyun reach other explaining something came up when surprise, surprise, they run into each other at the hotel.

Soo In has been complaining to Joon Hyun’s mother about Choon Hee throwing herself at Joon Hyun. Mother decides to take matters into her hands and throws a glass of red wine on Choon Hee. Not the initial meeting Choon Hee imagined! May I say that Choon Hee is looking fabulous in a short black dress with white wrap collar that is unfortunately now stained with red wine! Joon Hyun drags his mother away, furious at her actions. His mother scoffs saying she had to protect Soo In from this viper.

Adding insult to injury the singing gig is to sing the celebratory song to Joon Hyun. Geun Woo tries to talk her out of it but Choon Hee takes the stage and sings a lovely song staring at Joon Hyun while she sings the words of love. Soo In and her mother fume, their plan back firing. Joon Hyun’s mother comments that Choon Hee reminds her of Sung Joo which Soo In’s mother disagrees with.

After the song Choon Hee leaves the hotel via the pool. Soo In incensed at how she sang to Joon Hyun and pushes her into the pool. Choon Hee takes Soo In with her. Joon Hyun and Geun Woo both dive into the pool and head directly to Choon Hee. Hilarious that Soo In is left alone. Geun Woo realizes Soo In needs his help and guides her out of the pool. Soo In is furious that Joon Hyun humiliated her by saving Choon Hee over her. Joon Hyun admits he likes Choon Hee and his feelings for Soo In are wavering. Soo In figures wavering emotions are better than regained  memory, so she agrees to wait until he sorts out his feelings. Meanwhile Geun Woo is livid at Choon Hee is in this situation. If she’d only left like he wanted. He admits her actions hurt him. Bummer for Geun Woo.

Geun Woo commiserates with his father over NOT being the guy Choon Hee choose. They are stymied…Geun Woo is the complete package. The father and son interactions have improved each episode.

Choon Hee, Byul, and Joon Hyun have a lovely birthday dinner at the apartment. The happiness continues with cake and a song by Byul sporting Joon Hyun’s sunglasses – so cute!

As Choon Hee winds down in the bedroom after the wonderful evening. She gets a text from Joon Hyun to come to the living room. He has created a magical path with lights and hanging notes professing his love. These two are darling!
Geun Woo calls Joon Hyun into his office and lets him know that he used to be involved with Choon Hee. He apologizes for keeping quiet about this. Joon Hyun just smiles and is impressed the Geun Woo came clean. I must say, these two men, are darling in their own right!

Joon Hyun tells Choon Hee SHE was the target the night of the concert not HIM. He tells her she needs to trust him as he works to expose the guilty parties.

Reporters come to Shine Star and question Soo In about the accident. Predictably she runs to her mother who cannot understand why the reporters are raising questions now.  Soo In’s mother says she will handle the reporters.

Choon Hee notes that her mother’s death anniversary is soon and she hopes her father comes home. Joon Hyun talks her father into returning to Choon Hee and Byul. In return father makes Joon Hyun promise that he will not disclose that he has colon cancer. Joon Hyun asks father why he will not get surgery. Father says he does not want to spend his last days in the hospital. He tells Joon Hyun he would feel better knowing his girls were taken care of.

Father returns home. Byul and Choon Hee are thrilled. Tears of joy and hugs all around.

After Byul is asleep father apologize to Choon Hee for the burden of breadwinner for the family. He admits if it were not for some guy name Joon Hyun he may not have returned. He says Joon Hyun asked him to care for the girls until he could protect them again. Choon Hee is happy that once again, Joon Hyun has protected her behind the scenes.

The next day at Shine Star Choon Hee is thankful that Joon Hyun intervened with her father though she makes him work for the thank you. Have I mentioned these two are cute?

Choon Hee’s father visits Soo In’s mother saying he needs to find Hwa Soon the woman that ran over his wife. Ah, Hwa Soon is Joon Hyun’s mother. And is it Soo In’s mother that was the hit and run driver NOT Joon Hyun’s mother. I see confrontations ahead! It looks like father and Joon Hyun’s mother might meet but Soo In’s mother contrives to keep them out of each other’s sight. Father does see her but cannot catch her. It is ironic he confides his need to catch the woman to Joon Hyun.

In a gold sequined jacket with a rose in his mouth Tae Song seduces mean girl. You had to see it to believe it.

There is a report on the news about reinvestigating the accident and Soo In does not take it well. Predictably she head to her mother is on the phone with Choon Hee’s father who is telling her he saw Hwa Soon. Bad day for mother and daughter.

Soo In’s mother goes on the offensive telling Choon Hee’s father that Choon Hee caused the accident and she has the CCTV footage to prove. Father does not believe her.

ep14_20 ep14_19
Soo In rifles through her mother’s desk and finds Joon Hyun’s old cell phone. To test if he has his memory back and if Choon Hee knows, she sends Choon Hee a text. The reply chills her. Joon Hyun does have his memory back and Choon Hee knows. Someone texts Soo In to come to the concert hall where the accident took place. Soo In is shocked when Joon Hyun appears. He pulls the necklace off her (love it!) and tells her it does not belong to her. Soo In does her best deer in the headlights imitation.

* The highlight of this show are the cute relationships. Joon Hyun and Choon Hee, Joon Hyun and Byul, Choon Hee and Byul, Geun Woo and his father. They are what make this show work.
* Was the candle lit living room declaration of love cliche? Yep, this show thrives on cliche. But it was sweet. They are a darling couple. Hyun Woo has found his rhythm with the character of Joon Hyun. He is handsome with a smile that melts hearts. Eun Ji has had a lock on the character of Choon Hee from episode one.  She radiates positive energy and her singing voice is lovely.
* Amnesia is wrapping up. Joon Hyun’s memory loss is being revealed to more and more people.
* Choon Hee’s father finally returned home thanks to Joon Hyun. I do not really buy why he will not have the surgery that could SAVE HIS LIFE.
* The adult story line gained traction this episode as Soo In’s mother maneuvered to keep Joon Hyun’s mother and Choon Hee’s mother away from each other. That house of cards regarding the hit and run accident Soo In’s mother built over all these years will finally be knocked down.
* Two episodes to go and still some major plot points to wrap up. Will Joon Hyun demand Soo In turn herself in or will he turn her in? Will Choon Hee’s father finally catch up with Hwa Soon (Joon Hyun’s mother)? Then the big reveal that Joon Hyun’s mother is believed to be the hit and run driver for Choon Hee’s mother. How will Soo In’s mother be exposed as the real hit and run driver?

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