Trot Lovers Episode 6 Recap

Rival singer Park Soo In (Lee Se Young) drives manager Jang Joon Hyun (Ji Hyun Woo) to the hospital ( him). He bursts into the hospital room to find trot singer Choon Hee (Jung Eun Ji) on the bed and attended to by Byul and Shine Star record company interim President Jo Geun Woo (Shin Sung Rok). According to the doctor, Choon Hee will be fine, it is exhaustion. Geun Woo drives Choon Hee and Byul back to the apartment. Joon Hyun arrives at the apartment first and wisely Choon Hee goes into the apartment to tidy and hide Joon Hyun before Geun Woo brings in a sleeping Byul. Geun Woo stays for a cup of water which irritates Joon Hyun as HIS cup is being used. Joon Hyun texts Choon Hee threatening to exit his room. Byul stops him from exiting as she tugs on Joon Hyun’s arm and says “You are our family now. Help us out a bit”, beseeching him NOT to reveal himself. Joon Hyun waits until Geun Woo leaves and then complains to Choon Hee. She ignores him and heads to bed.

The good news is that Choon Hee’s father does see her performance on TV and hears her plea to him to contact her.
Soo In hears that not everyone agrees with the show’s results. Some insinuate the results were rigged. Her mother confirms this when she says that Director Kang “helped” her win. That’s gotta sting! Upset, she leaves her Mother, Director Kang, and Guen Woo as they have dinner with the show’s producers. She flees to a local amusement park where fans recognize her unnerving her. She texts Guen Woo for help. Always ready to help a damsel in distress, he finds her and extracts her from the crowd. They end up having a wonderful time at the amusement park complete bunny ears headbands and selfies. As he drives her home she boldly asks him if he finds her acceptable as a woman. He sidesteps the romantic inference and tells her she dresses well. They stop at the same diner that Choon Hee and Joon Hyun are eating at and join them much to the dismay of Joon Hyun and Soo In. Choon Hee switches to delicate bites of food instead of the inhaling she was doing before Geun Woo showed up. Both men offer her a napkin when she spills something and she takes Geun Woo’s offered napkin. Soo In watches all of this NOT HAPPY to see both men vying for Choon Hee’s attention. The final straw is when Guen Woo offers his bunny ears headband to Choon Hee for Byul. This is a slap to Soo In as it is obvious it is not a symbol of a lovely day that meant something. She grips her matching bunny ears headband in her lap.

At home Joon Hyun asks Choon Hee if she likes Geun Woo. She deflects him saying he is crazy thinking something like that. He presses the point and says the Geun Woo stares at her “like a psychopath”. Our favorite debt collectors stop by with the good news that they’ve organized her first fan club meeting tomorrow at Coach’s restaurant.

At Shine Star Joon Hyun and Choon Hee discuss the fan club meeting that afternoon. Geun Woo overhears and invites himself irritating Joon Hyun. Soo In isn’t happy either as she overhears the exchange.

At home Soo In reads the increasing number of on-line comments that are not favorable to her winning the TV show. She decides this the perfect reason to fake an intruder and calls Geun Woo that someone is in the house. He mounts his white horse and comes to her rescue. Soo In has made the house look like an intruder has been there and convinces Geun Woo to stay with her until her Mother comes home.

The fan club meeting is a success. Tae Song attends after he finishes his shift as a waiter. He tries to apologize to Joon Hyun for his role in his downfall but Joon Hyun does not want to hear it. The debt collectors hold Joon Hyun back from getting physical with Tae Song. Geun Woo arrives after the fan club meeting is over. Joon Hyun needles him for being late. Geun Woo asks Joon Hyun if he likes Choon Hee. Joon Hyun denies caring for her which pleases Geun Woo.

Geun Woo and his father meet. His father tells him it is time to produce the album for Choon Hee. The next day at Shine Star when Geun Woo tells them it is time to produce her first album they are surprised. Joon Hyun motions to his guitar and Geun Woo tells him once the album is a hit. Joon Hyun leaves hte office. Choon Hee asks why Joon Hyun’s guitar is in Geun Woo’s office. He explains that Joon Hyun used the expensive guitar as collateral for her record contract. Choon Hee is touched that Joon Hyun did something positive and unselfish to make her life better.

He contacts a famous songwriter for them to meet. The songwriter tells Choon Hee that he has a wife with dementia. If she can make his wife smile in 24 hours he’ll write her songs for the album. Choon Hee sings and dances but the wife just looks at her blankly. After an unsuccessful day, Joon Hyun and Choon Hee ride the bus home. Choon Hee hears a radio dedication and realizes the words must be from her father. Her father says he is fine and not to worry. Choon Hee is relieved and Joon Hyun is touched. That night Joon Hyun calls his mother who is in California and she tells him she’s pregnant with her American husband’s baby. He sits and watches Choon Hee sing and help Byul drift to sleep with a wistful look in his eyes. The next day Choon Hee talks and sings for the wife but nothing happens again. She apologizes to the songwriter for failing but says she knows why she sings – to make herself happy. Unbeknownst to her the wife is singing the song she sang when her husband finds her.

The song writer agrees to write for the album. The quickest album in the history of kdramas is created.

Soo In’s mother has been tracking her father which leads her to Choon Hee’s house. Director Kang stops her from approaching the house with the surprise that Choon Hee is the daughter. Soo In’s mother is stunned. Did Soo In’s mother sabotage Choon Hee’s mother’s career AND kill her through a hit and run accident? At this point this all feel ancillary and disjointed from the main story line.

Choon Hee gets a live performance to promote her album courtesy of Soo In’s mother. Hyo Yeol is backstage and humiliates Joon Hyun but he takes it recognizing he does not have the latitude to react and blow Choon Hee’s chance. Joon Hyun gives her words of encouragement while she waits to go on. Just before she is about to go on stage she receives a text saying if she wants to see her father alive she better come to this address immediately. The attached picture could be her father though it is not a frontal picture. What will Choon Hee do?

* This episode was another incremental improvement. I like that both men are circling Choon Hee and she is unaware; focusing on her career, her sister, and hoping her father returns. Not that she isn’t flattered with the attention, e.g. she did primp a bit before she brought Geun Woon is coffee at coach’s restaurant when arrived after the fan meeting, but it hasn’t really hit her that these two guys like her.
* Ex-manager Tae Song is winning me over when he tried to apologize to Joon Hyul. I like his chemistry / friendship with coach.
* I actually felt sorry for Soo In. She had a wonderful day with Geun Woo and he kills the significance of it when he casually hands over the bunny ears headband to Choon Hee for Byul. She likes him but she cannot have him. She hasn’t gotten mean…yet.
* Byul and Joon Hyul continue to delight me. She melted his heart when she told him that “You are our family now”. Awww so sweet!
* Why is it characters take large bites of food when eating? This seems to cross most dramas.
* That was the fastest album production ever! I was surprised the show took so little time with this major milestone in her career.
* Soo In’s mother searching for Choon Hee’s father is mystifying me. Then to find out she knew Choon Hee’s mother too. Makes me wonder if she messed with Choon Hee’s mother’s career AND was the hit-and-run driver. My question is why would you investigate this? Let sleeping dogs lie.
* Shout out to the most supportive debt collectors of all time. This episode they organized Choon Hee’s fan club and handed out CDs. These two have fun with every scene and add something to the show every time.
Hyo Yeol is a real jerk but has been a catalyst for the story. This time when he humiliates Joon Hyul, Choon Hee clearly sees what he is willing to take FOR HER.
* I liked the “when you wish upon a star” Disney theme that plays when Geun Woo helped Choon Hee with the cabinet door. This show started with quite a bit of camp but has really toned it down.
* I’m hoping we get a bit more romance in the next episodes, I’m ready!

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