Fated to Love You Episode 17 Recap

Fated to Love You Episode 17: “Lost Control”

Chen Xin Yi (Joe Chen) and Ji Cun Xi (Ethan Juan) worked together as she designed a container for the launch of the signature soap “Inheritance” in the Chinese market. Xin Yi’s revised design was well received by the managers. Cun Xi declared their interactions at an end. Cun Xi was not feeling well at the end of the last episode and Xin Yi back tracked to the hotel to return Cun Xi’s jacket.

Xin Yi finds Cun Xi slowly making his way down the hotel hallway. She stops him to return his jacket. He is not happy to see her. They have a charged interchange.
Xin Yi: Are you not feeling well? Did you catch a cold when you fell into the water?
Cun Xi: You are thinking too much. This has nothing to do with you. Just Go.
Xin Yi: (she stops him and feels his forehead) You are burning up!
Cun Xi: Stop being nice to me!
Xin Yi: You are sick because of me. Let me take care of you. I will worry otherwise.
Cun Xi: We agreed to be strangers. I am ready to leave you.  We do not have anything to do with each other from now on. If you go into the room with me, I cannot guarantee what will happen! Just leave!
Xin Yi: I know you are trying to scare me into leaving. (she steps closer to him) You don’t scare me. 
Cun Xi: (he spins her into the wall and puts his arms on either side of her) I am not pretending. I could do anything in this situation. Will you leave?
Xin Yi: No. I am not leaving. I am not scared. I am worried about you. (tears fall from her eyes)
Cun Xi: (touched she cares, a tear falls from his eye.) Ok, you asked for it.

He kisses her, not gently but with the fervor of a man that has been without water for too long. She initially pushes back but she has wanted him for too long. She kisses him back matching his fervor. They kiss intently as they make their way into the hotel room. They break apart for a moment, and he pulls her back to him but his strength leaves him. She maneuvers him to the bed. She gets him water and dabs off perspiration with a towel. His strength rallies and he rolls on top of her. They stare into each others eyes and he gently kisses her. She, in return, kisses him.

Cun Xi: Was that kiss for real? You know I am real. (he rolls off her and onto his back)
Xin Yi: (she sits up) So you are for real? Ever since you came to Shanghai I have wanted to ask if you care about me. If you do then why did you…
Cun Xi: (cuts in on her) I regret it. I met someone who loves me. I love her very much. I regret not realizing it two years ago. My wish is YOU (recall the wishing box). I did not treasure you. From the moment I saw you in Shanghai I felt more happiness than shock. Now I know you were right to leave me. Look at you. You are confident, happy, and attractive. You do not need me in your life. I never tried to know you before, to understand who you were. 
Xin Yi: I have worked so hard to change in these past 2 years. But sometimes I am the old Xin Yi. Especially when I see you. 
Cun Xi: You only feel hatred and fear right?
Xin Yi: Why would I be afraid of you? I am not afraid of you. I do not hate you. Actually, I…

She turns to make her confession of love….and HE IS ASLEEP! Ah yes, the tried and true, fall asleep during the confession. Cun Xi will likely tell her later “I was so sick I do not remember our encounter”. She finishes her confession anyway.

Xin Yi: Actually, I still want to be your Xin Yi. 

Anson calls Cun Xi via the computer and lets him know that he sent Anna the wrong package and she is probably in Shanghai looking for him. He hopes nothing derails their wedding. Xin Yi’s eyes widen in surprise.

Xin Yi: So you are getting married. It is too late now. I will never be the person by your side. 

Xin Yi tends to Cun Xi and gets him settled into bed. At the same time, Anna is heading up the hotel elevator. Will she find Xin Yi in Cun Xi’s room? Will they meet? When Anna enters the room she finds it empty and Cun Xi asleep in the bed.

Xin Yi sits in the hallway crying. Dylan texts her asking where she is. She sobs that she is no longer Dylan’s girl or deserving of him. She has fallen for Cun Xi again.

Dylan calls Master Long who sees Xin Yi coming to the studio. Dylan is relieved she is fine and plans to speak with her tomorrow. Xin Yi pours her heart out to Master Long.
Xin Yi: Can you ask someone else to finish the Inheritance project?
Master Long: Is this because of your past with Cun Xi?
Xin Yi: At first I thought I could forget about him. But I realized today I cannot. The new Xin Yi cannot forget him. It only took one day for him to destroy two years of effort. I found out he is getting married. I considered getting back together with him. I do not want to become my old self.
Master Long: I missed out on the love of my life. You had one chance and now God has given you another. If I had a second chance, I would take it. 
He tells her about how his army commitment took him away from his love. When he returned she had moved and married. She became the chairman of a powerful company in Taiwan. He has lived with 50 years of regret at missing his chance with her.
Master Long: Whether you become the old Xin Yi or not, I hope you can be true to yourself, your friends and your life.
He tells her she needs a break. He recommends she return to Taiwan and spend time with her family.

The next morning at the hotel Cun Xi wakes and calls to Xin Yi. Wrong girl, it is Anna that exits the bathroom not Xin Yi. Cun Xi is surprised to see her. She tells him she missed him terribly and wants him to come home. She hugs him fiercely and desperately.

Dylan goes to Xin Yi’s apartment and finds two suitcases but no Xin Yi. The neighbor stops by and tells him Xin Yi left for Taiwan that morning and left a letter for him. The letter reads:
You said you believed in me. I’m sorry to disappoint you. I still cannot forget Cun Xi. Even though he did terrible things in the past, I still have feelings for him. I do not want to lie to you. I do not want to pretend to accept you in my heart. You are the person I do not want to hurt. I do not have the courage to face this so I am leaving once again. Thank you for bringing me to Shanghai. Thank you for hearing my hurt. Thank you for thinking of taking me to Paris. But I am sorry, I must disappoint you. I’m feeling like the old Xin Yi right now.
Dylan says he does not care if she is the old Xin Yi. When you care for someone what would that matter?

Xin Yi returns to the island and finds things very different. There are paved roads, a new bridge, and everything is named “Ji” + former name. I guess the Ji family is pouring some cash into the island, reinvigorating it. When she arrives at her house, her mother doesn’t recognize her but is thrilled to see her. Her two sisters don’t recognize her either. Everyone she meets asks if she had plastic surgery as her style is striking. Xin Yi admits she has left Dylan. Her mother quickly discerns she is still in love with Cun Xi. Determined to extract Xin Yi from Cun Xi’s influence, her mother and sisters sign her up for a dating website. They hope to get her married within two months. Xin Yi’s sister admits her husband is not coming home until late because he is spending time in nightclubs. Mother declares she will teach her son-in-law a lesson.

Cun Xi returns to work and Anson quizzes him about Xin Yi. Cun Xi says no matter what happened in Shanghai, the hopes he once had are now gone. Anson tells Cun Xi tomorrow is the opening of the new bridge on the island. Cun Xi says it has been awhile since he has been to the island so he agrees to attend. Cun Xi looks at the Ji Nain Pin rocking horse sculpture and asks Anson where the certificate is. Anson lets it slip that Anna was originally given the scultpure and she has the certificate. Cun Xi realizes the Anna knew about Xin Yi being in Shanghai and guesses that is why she went there. Why didn’t Anna tell him, Cun Xi wonders.

Anna calls him to remind him about her wedding gown fitting. Cun Xi says he’ll be there, he wants to ask her something. At the bridal shop, Anna looks lovely in the dress and Cun Xi looks uninterested. Anna quickly discerns something is amiss. She takes Cun Xi to the small chapel she wants to get married in. She tells him her mother was so uncaring to her as a child she would die without Cun Xi’s love, the man the showed her love was possible in life. Wow, she’s serving up a side of guilt today to keep Cun Xi by her side. Cun Xi tells Anna he saw Xin Yi in Shanghai by accident. Xin Yi is doing well and he’s happy for her. Anna tells Cun Xi she saw the art certificate with Xin Yi’s name and that is why she went to Shanghai. But now she only wants to know one thing. Will he be by her side forever? Cun Xi says nothing and hugs her. Anna takes that as a yes.

Cun Xi stops by Anson’s apartment to let him know he is getting married. Anson asks Cun Xi not to bother him when he is not in the office, that he cannot hold his hand when his love life does not work out. Cun Xi admits that Anna is desperate to be married and he wishes he could disappear. He knows it will never work out with Xin Yi. He feels trapped and miserable. Anson tells him he has the pre-marital jitters and he is upset that he will only be with one woman after he gets married. He suggests they go to a nightclub where Cun Xi can feel like a man.

Xin Yi is in her bedroom eyeing an mp3 player she has not seen before. Recall Cun Xi pressed the mp3 player on her sister begging her to give it to Xin Yi saying it contains all his thoughts about Xin Yi and she would understand how he really felt about her once she listened. Her mother enters and the mp3 player is forgotten. Her mother encourages her to forget about Cun Xi and find another man. Xin Yi says she does not want another man. She is happy being single. Her mother notes her own single status gives her the knowledge that it is difficult to be single in society. She encourages Xin Yi to meet new people. Xin Yi receives a text saying the soap container she designed is complete. She tells her mother she met Cun Xi in Shanghai by accident and ended up working with him per Master Long’s direction. Her mother asks her directly if she still has feelings for Cun Xi. Her silence says everything.

Anson brings Cun Xi to a nightclub with plenty of women to talk to. Cun Xi is not impressed. Anson tells him to give a new woman a try, it will invigorate him. The women cluster around Anson and Cun Xi. A woman that look EXACTLY like Xin Yi’s mother’s makes her entrance into the room. Cun Xi and Anson are stunned. Is it Xin Yi’s mother?

* This transition episode sets up the NEXT phase of their romance in Taipei. Cun Xi and Xin Yi are longing for each other as the Shanghai visit stirred both of them up. They both think there is no hope for them to work out, even though that is their wish.
* Cun Xi’s and Xin Yi’s passionate encounter was not tame. They both got to say important things to each other. When Cun Xi told her “my wish is YOU” I melted. Who could resist his honesty stated the way you would state it to him? Simply lovely. When she kissed him, that was big for her, she initiated those kisses. I also found it insightful when Cun Xi admitted he did not know her as a person. But they still left misunderstandings to resolve. Side note, it was nerve racking waiting to see if Anna would discover Xin Yi in Cun Xi’s room.
* Xin Yi’s conversation with Master Long was terrific. She was upfront and direct about her feelings. He was upfront that second chances do not always come. She in turn felt her second chance would never work out. Nice that he granted her a vacation to regroup before returning to Shanghai.
* When Master Long talked about his past, if we draw the conclusion that Grandma Ji is the “one that got away”, why not try and respark that relationship? Grandma Ji is available right now. I do not see any obstacles.
* Xin Yi’s letter to Dylan was upfront and direct as well (you can tell a highly value this). Dylan did not seem deterred though. Hello Dylan…she LOVES Cun Xi and she LIKES you. Big difference!
* Anna taking Cun Xi to the chapel she wanted to get married in smacked of manipulation. The “I was not loved as a child and YOU are the ONLY one that cares for me” smacks of manipulation. Anna likes to serve a side of guilt and obligation to Cun Xi every chance she gets. Glad to see Cun Xi admit he saw Xin Yi in Shanghai. Then (and only then) Anna admitted she knew Xin Yi was the sculpture of the rocking horse and went to Shanghai to make sure he was ok.
* I am pleased Cun Xi is sensitive enough to see that Anna is forcing her happiness at getting married. Anna is desparate to keep Cun Xi. She has been desparate ever since she correctly perceived Xin Ji to be a threat to her relationship.
* Xin Yi could not fool her mother about the effect of seeing Cun Xi in Shanghai. Her mother immediately knew Xin Yi was drawn to Cun Xi AGAIN. She is determined that she and Xin Yi’s sisters will find another man with the end goal of marriage.
* How many people asked Xin Yi if she had plastic surgery? Must be common.
* Anson taking Cun Xi to a nightclub and Xin Yi’s mother (or look alike) being there…that was a surprise

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