Trot Lovers Episode 5 Recap

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Having successfully completed the challenge to collect 1000 positive votes, trot singer Choon Hee (Jung Eun Ji) and her manager Jang Joon Hyun (Ji Hyun Woo) walk to her apartment thrilled at their success. Unfortunately for Joon Hyun that does NOT turn into an offer to sleep inside. He is relegated to the table on the patio once again. Choon Hee gets a call from sleazy record president to return her sparkly silver dress. When she heads out Joon Hyun is not outside. When she arrives at the club she sees Joon Hyun getting yelled at by sleazy record president for upsetting a client (super jerk Hyo Yeol) on his last night to pay off Choon Hee’s debt. She is stunned. Joon Hyun is working to pay off HER debt?

Choon Hee tells Hyo Yeol off for his rudeness to Joon Hyun (he poured beer on his head after insulting him for being a party room singer). Hyo Yeol insults her by giving her money. She throws the money in his face. Unbeknownst to her, she is photographed as Hyo Yeol presses the money into her hand.

The next morning Joon Hyun is invited inside the apartment to breakfast by Byul. Then Choon Hee offers him the spare bedroom. Joon Hyun is thrilled and proceeds to make himself at home which means he acts like a slob. Choon Hee sets him straight. If he is going to live there he must follow the rules which she has enumerated for him on a handy list.

Park Soo In (Lee Se Young), Shine Star record company interim President Jo Geun Woo (Shin Sung Rok), and Director Kang meet with producers of a survival type reality show for singers. Soo In is slated to appear in the next episode. Unfortunately one of the singers is no longer available. Geun Woo suggests Choon Hee. Once the producers see the number of hits her audition video has garnered, they agree. Director Kang and Soo In are NOT happy.

Director Kang buys the pictures of Choon Hee “accepting money” from Hyo Yeol. He gets mean girl to post the pictures. The next day at work everyone is buzzing about Choon Hee’s side job and taking money for singing while being a Shine Star trainee. Geun Woo asks Choon Hee to explain. She refuses because it would reveal Joon Hyun’s secret job. Joon Hyun doesn’t understand the pictures either and Choon Hee refuses to explain to him too. Choon Hee must tell the backstory or be fired. Joon Hyun finds out from Hyo Yeol that Choon Hee was standing up for HIM and is now protecting his secret. He is stunned.

Just as Choon Hee is about to be fired, Joon Hyun bursts into the office and admits HE was the one singing for money and Choon Hee was only there to return a costume. Soo In’s mother and Director Kang snicker that Joon Hyun has sunk low to be singing in a club like that. Joon Hyun bears their derision and Choon Hee’s career at Shine Star is saved.

Mean girl is fired from Shine Star for posting the pictures. This does not bother me. In hopes of making it big she finds her way to sleazy record company president who promises her the moon. First he tries to get her into his car to take her someplace private. Ex-manager Tae Song sees this and though he does not want to intrude he CANNNOT let her get swindled. While trying to snatch her from sleazy record company president they end up smacking into each other, including their lips. Mean girl is floored and Tae Song leaves her once he has extracted her.

At the reality show the luck of the draw pits Soo In and Choon Hee against each other. They both have issues. Soo In’s throat is sore from over singing and Choon Hee can’t read sheet music. Joon Hyun sings the selected song for her so she can prepare. Overhearing the Choon Hee cannot read music gives Director Kang an idea. On the day of the live taping Choon Hee’s song is switched for a new song. She panics and Joon Hyul cannot get the song reversed. Under a short time constraint, he sings the song for her and they work together to lock the song into her brain. Soo In’s performance goes well. Choon Hee’s performance is even better. This time she imagines Joon Hyun singing with her (not her family like the previous live performance, interesting switch wouldn’t you say?). Choon Hee wins the audience vote but loses the internet vote and Soo In is declared the winner. Joon Hyun is livid. He KNOWS Choon Hee won and accuses the producers of doctoring the score. At least Choon Hee had the opportunity on live TV to make a plea to her father to contact her when he was able and tell him that she and Byul are doing well. That was a nice moment.

Soo In talks Joon Hyun into a fruit drink and a chat where she asks that he write her next song. Joon Hyun politely refuses.

Byul finds Choon Hee burning with fever and calls Joon Hyun but he does not pick up. Desperate Byul calls Geun Woo who immediately drives to the apartment and takes Choon Hee and Byul to the hospital.

Joon Hyun finally learns the Choon Hee is ill. Soo In offers to drive him to the hospital. When they arrive they find Geun Woo attending to Choon Hee. Both Soo In and Joon Hyun are taken aback.

* This was an improved episode. Choon Hee is attracting both Joon Hyun (though he does not quite realize it yet) and Geun Woo (who looks like he realizes it but is keeping it to himself at this point) to chagrin of Soo In who is beginning to realize that both men like Choon Hee and she’s out in the cold. What will she do?
* I like the increasing teamwork between Choon Hee and Joon Hyun. They worked well together before the song contest. I loved the finger guns and encouragement he gave her before she stepped on stage. The fact that she imagined singing to HIM versus her family is telling how important he is becoming to her. They seem to have A LOT of miscommunications but the trust is building with each shared experience.
* Ex-manager Tae Song is winning me over helping mean girl NOT get swindled by the sleazy record company president. While I still do not like mean girl, Tae Song continues to grow on me though he is a side character.
* Shout out to the most supportive debt collectors of all time. These two have fun with every scene and add something to the show every time.
* Hyo Yeol is a real jerk but has been a catalyst for the story.
* This episode was an incremental improvement. Let’s keep the trend going with the next episode!
* I loved Choon Hee’s eye makeup when she sang on TV.

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