Trot Lovers Episode 10 Recap

In the last episode trot singer Choon Hee (Jung Eun Ji) realized that former manager Jang Joon Hyun (Ji Hyun Woo) likes her. Great, she likes him. Unfortunately he won’t admit it. He is concerned about the potential scandal if it was revealed they used to live together (platonically). He will not ruin her singing career. Choon Hee goes to find solace after multiple rejections from Joon Hyun. Concerned he goes looking for her. He finds her singing to herself with her eyes closed. He cannot resist…he bends down and softly kisses her.

Choon Hee opens her eyes and finds Joon Hyun kissing her. Ok, this is a great dream and an even better reality. He pulls back and tells her he’s sorry. They hug and kiss again. They walk hand and hand. They have the glow of love. That night he calls her and is thrilled to confirm he is her first kiss. Guys like that branding thing.

Shine Star record company interim President Jo Geun Woo (Shin Sung Rok) asks Choon Hee to lunch. She forthrightly tells him someone she likes is in her life. Bravo that she is direct with him.

At Shine Star the lovebirds stealthily hold hands and pass notes. Rival singer singer Park Soo In (Lee Se Young) is thrilled that her plan to get them together worked. Now Geun Woo should be available for her!

Geun Woo is drinking his sorrows away when Soo In joins him. She asks if he knows about the latest couple at Shine Star. He is not surprised to learn that Choon Hee and Joon Hyun are a couple. Soo In is forthright and tells Geun Woo she likes him. Unfortunately, he tells her they are NOT going to be  a couple. He likes Choon Hee. Soo In is dismayed that he will wait for Choon Hee.

Soo In proceeds to drink, drive, and get in a fender bender. The other driver complains about his neck being injured. Once he learns who she is, he talks about smelling alcohol on her breath. Director Kang and Soo In’s mother drive her home. Her mother is livid. This kind of incident can ruin a singer she bellows.  The next day Soo In is NOT the number one singer anymore as the rumor of drunk driving has spread knocking her down.  Unaware of the rumor, Choon Hee thanks Soo In for letting her know about the pictures and facilitating her reunion with Joon Hyun. Soo In does NOT want Choon Hee happy if she is miserable.

President Jo remarks to Joon Hyun it is too bad that Choon Hee’s music is only in third place this week. He needs her to be in first place for his comeback album to be released. Joon Hyun tells President Jo to uncouple Choon Hee and his comeback album. President Jo is impressed.

Debt collector boss makes some inroads with Coach much to Tae Song’s chagrin. Choon Hee asks Joon Hyun to sing at her concert. He declines saying he does not want to mix their careers.  Joon Hyun tells Tae Song he will make his comeback soon enough. Right now Choon Hee needs a scandal free world so she can pay off her debt and get her father back. Tae Song submits Joon Hyun’s song about Choon Hee anonymously.

Soo In is about to take some pills when her mother stops her. Soo In complains about Choon Hee. Her mother slaps her and tells her to step over people like Choon Hee.

Soo In’s mother lays a trap for Choon Hee by asking her to sing the election song for a Congressman she is friends with. Choon Hee has lunch with the Congressman. Soo In’s mother and Director Kang start the rumor mill that Choon Hee is involved with the Congressman. Hyo Yeol (our favorite jerk) tells Joon Hyun the rumors surrounding Choon Hee and the Congressman. Hyo Yeol remarks that Choon Hee has enemies at Shine Star.

As Choon Hee and Joon Hyun relax together she admits she is scared. Things are going so well. Her music is popular, Byul is happy, she is involved with a great guy, and when Dad comes home everything she could want will be in her grasp.  Joon Hyun reassures her that everything will be ok.

Joon Hyun gets a call that leads him to Choon Hee’s father. He asks her father to return home. Her father will not. He is still a burden. He asks Joon Hyun not to tell Choon Hee they met. Dad astutely asks if Joon Hyun likes Choon Hee. Joon Hyun confirms he likes Choon Hee. Her father asks him to protect her from the rough music business.


Joon Hyun sings Byul a song on the ukulele won in the family cooking contest.

Joon Hyun tells Tae Song about the scandal involving the Congressman and Choon Hee. Tae Song comments if Choon Hee had an official boyfriend the backlash could be minimized. Joon Hyun believes he cannot be her boyfriend. Oh no, is he going to ask Geun Woo? That would be kinda cruel to Geun Woo.

Soo In drinks alone in her room obsessing on Choon Hee’s success. She is NOT happy.

Choon Hee tells Geun Woo the trot singer (with the scar) they auditioned can sing for Shine Star. She has her father’s approval. Geun Woo gives Choon Hee a cash bonus for doing well. Choon Hee asks if she can trade half the bonus and reclaim Joon Hyun’s guitar. Geun Woo agrees but is not excited.  Choon Hee does the happy dance with the guitar (cute, cute, cute)!

Byul and President Jo play badminton and chat afterwords. President Jo asks Byul if Choon Hee is dating. Byul tells him she cannot decide which man is best for her sister. Practical President or Loyal Mister.

ep10_13 ep10_14
The day of Choon Hee’s concert has come. Joon Hyun plans to propose on stage. Are you kidding me? Tae Song and mean girl are asked to sing backup for Choon Hee. Backstage Joon Hyun sees Soo In with red paint on her shirt sleeve and hands. She disappears before he can ask what is going on. He enters Choon Hee’s dressing room and finds her costume ruined with red paint. Choon Hee calls him from the concert stage. He asks why she is there. She says he asked her come. Joon Hyun begins to suspect Soo In and rushes to the concert hall instructing Choon Hee NOT to move. He finds her humming to herself on the stage. He smiles relieved that the danger was all in his imagination. Until he sees Soo In. Her hands are on a rope ready to release the hanging prop and crush Choon Hee. Joon Hyun implores Soo In with his eyes NOT to pull the rope. Soo In pulls the rope. Joon Hyun leaps on stage and covers Choon Hee with his body. The prop comes down and hits Joon Hyun. Choon Hee is unhurt but Joon Hyun is knocked unconscious. Choon Hee drags him out from under the prop and finds a head injury and lots of blood. She freaks out. She cannot find her cell phone. She bandages his head. She leaves to call emergency.  Soo In comes out and tries to wake him. Choon Hee calls emergency. Soo In accompanies Joon Hyun in the ambulance. Choon Hee beats on the ambulance door begging to come too but they drive away leaving her running after them but to no avail.

* I’m going to say it…This show has moments but the writing is hit or miss with plot points that are: 1) Dropped: Soo In’s mother as hit-and-run driver; 2) Ignored: doesn’t Choon Hee have enough money to eradicate her father’s debt, why are they still apart? Or with the debt collectors managing Choon Hee they know the money is rolling in and will not harm her father. 3) Fabricated: fear of scandal driving Joon Hyun away, the whole Congressman scandal this episode was weird. You have lunch with a guy and that is a scandal? What day and age are these writers living in? So we are 60% of the way through and it is a B grade show. The actors are doing what they can but “If it’s not on the page, it’s not on the stage”.
* Geun Woo’s distress and heart ache seemed real. Soo In, to her credit, was direct with Geun Woo that she liked him, but he, to his credit, was equally direct that he did not like her. The downward spiral of Soo In began with the drunk driving. Hello, why wasn’t that a major scandal? Then drinking alone in her room while hating on Choon Hee who seems to get everything easily while she is bypassed. Then she devised the plot to hurt and injure Choon Hee.
* That brings me to the weakest moment of the show…the planned accident on stage. Soo In pulling the rope with Joon Hyun staring into her eyes seemed wrong. She was stealthy about ruining the costume but she would commit attempted murder with a witness? It does not compute. When Choon Hee could not find a cell phone to call emergency she took the time to wrap Joon Hyun’s head with her shirt she shredded. She had a cell on her because she was talking to Joon Hyun moments earlier but I will ignore that (plus he undoubtedly had a cell phone on him too). But then Soo In came to Joon Hyun, shook him and begged him to wake. Hello, YOU caused this mess. Soo In’s audacity to ride in the ambulance and ignore Choon Hee’s pleas to open the door so she could come to, was cruel. The production chose to have the classic ambulance chasing scene: Choon Hee ran behind the ambulance but could not catch up and sank to her knees. While I am at it, these scenes were not tight and taunt. Ah, I feel better.
* Byul and Joon Hyun singing together using the ukulele they won in the family cooking competition, sweet!
* Byul seems to have chemistry with every actor because her scene with President Jo (Geun Woo’s father) was cute too. When she told him she was torn between being practical and being loyal on which man her sister should date…adorable!
* Soo In’s mother created another scandal with Choon Hee and the Congressman. This scandal has not played out yet because we only heard about it from jerk singer extraordinaire Hyo Yeol.
Interesting that Joon Hyun’s hair color has switched from sandy blond to auburn. Not sure why. Not sure it is an improvement.
* Choon Hee and Joon Hyun had a good episode as they started to explore what being a couple meant while trying to keep their relationship under wraps. They delivered a slew of cute moments. They were the glue for this episode.
* Will Joon Hyun’s meeting Choon Hee’s father and NOT telling her about it come back to haunt him?
Jung Eun Ji has a nice voice. I have enjoyed each song she has sung on the show.

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