Trot Lovers Episode 15 Recap

Last episode Joon Hyun (Ji Hyun Woo) sent an anonymous text to Soo In (Lee Se Young) to come to the concert hall where the accident took place. Soo In was shocked when Joon Hyun appeared. He took back the custom necklace (loved it!) and told her it did not belong to her.

Joon Hyun asks why Soo In tried to hurt Choon Hee (Jung Eun Ji). Soo In admits she hates Choon Hee. This upstart singer took everything she once had. Joon Hyun tells Soo In he had respected her work ethic but does not know her any more. He tells her to turn herself in. Soo In tells him she can NEVER give up the stage. Soo In pleads for time to wrap things up before she turns herself into the police. He pulls out a recording device and tells her she has 3 days (love it!).

Soo In apologizes to Choon Hee who does not believe her. Choon Hee notes that she will never forgive her for almost killing Joon Hyun. She appeals to Choon Hee’s conscience and says her mother will be destroyed if she goes to the police without preparing her. She begs for time.

Soo In’s mother tries to bribe Choon Hee’s father with money but he refuses. He tells her the CCTV video she claimed showed Choon Hee causing the accident must have been doctored.

Shine Star records president Geun Woo (Shin Sung Rok) tells Joon Hyun that Soo In’s mother is behind stealing the CCTV video  and getting the scandalous photos of he and Choon Hee sleeping as a family with Byul.


Geun Woo and his father discuss how far Soo In’s mother may go to ruin Choon Hee. Father notes that when you recognize someone’s hard work they feel appreciated and are less likely to be jerks.

Soo In thinks Joon Hyun’s mother has delivered the recording of their conversation but instead it is the reporter saying the Soo In’s mother paid him to take scandalous photos.

Soo In break into Joon Hyun’s apartment searching for the recording of their conversation. Joon Hyun catches her in the act. He shows her the recording she wants. He sends information to the press. He recommends Soo In turn herself into the police before the press breaks the story (love it!).

Soo In is at her wit’s end. She spots Geun Woo in a coffee shop and knows she cannot go to him, she has blown that relationship. Geun Woo spots her as she walks by. Soo In considers throwing herself in front of oncoming traffic. Geun Woo stops her. Soo In cries this is all that is left for her. Geun Woo takes her to street singers and they enjoy listening. Afterwards Geun Woo tells her that she to find the love of singing again. She has turned into someone he does not like. He tells her to be strong and he will wait for her. Soo In is hoping Geun Woo means professionally and personally.

Debt collector surprises Coach with the contact information of her first love. He professes his feelings for her and leaves. Stunned Coach stares after him.

ep15_6 ep15_7
Joon Hyun requests to the TV show producer to feature Choon Hee. He is very reluctant. He agrees to feature her on a radio station IF Joon Hyun agrees to be the DJ. When Choon Hee gets the good news she rushes to share her excitement with Joon Hyun. He does not let on that he arranged it.

Turns out jerk Hyo Yeol is working the radio show too. Hyo Yeol is not as much of a jerk as he has been humbled by scandal. Who on this show HAS NOT been humbled by scandal? Choon Hee and Hyo Yeol are surprised when Joon Hyun shows up as guest DJ. The read love stories and Hyo Yeol gets too close to Choon Hee for Joon Hyun’s liking. He reigns in lover boy firmly.

Later Choon Hee thanks Joon Hyun for getting her on the radio show but asks that he NOT do that in the future. She wants her comeback to not be aided by him. When she goes to kiss his cheek he turns his head for a kiss on the lips. This is a cute couple!

Joon Hyun tries to convince Choon Hee’s father to have the surgery but he refuses because he does not want to be parted from his girls. Hmm, temporary parting or permanent parting? I know which one I would choose! Anyhow father asks Joon Hyun to get married to Choon Hee. That throws him. Joon Hyun does not like father talking like death is his only option.

Tae Song is bummed that his musical career is not working as he hopes. Joon Hyun is ready to tell him to forget it when mean girl and Choon Hee stop him and let him know he must encourage Tae Son. Joon Hyun relents and tells Tae Song he needs to shoot a concept video. Joon Hyun mans the camera and Tae Song & mean girl make a video. They all have fun. I must say Joon Hyun moves well for a big man.

Choon Hee decides to restart her career through an anonymous talent show on the radio. Geun Woo hears her on the radio. At Shine Star he is supportive of her pursuing this path. She asks him to keep it a secret and he agrees. Joon Hyun walks in as the word “secret” is uttered and wants to know what is going on. Geun Woo whispers nonsense in his ear. He will not budge when Joon Hyun pursues it. These boys are cute in their own right.

Soo In has texted her mother NOT to look for her. Soo In’s mother realizes that Joon Hyun and Choon Hee are back together. As payback, Soo In’s mother goes to the TV reporter and says that Choon Hee caused the accident. He demands proof. She offers the video from Joon Hyun’s phone showing them enjoying a day by the stream.

Joon Hyun tells Choon Hee and her father that he will take care of Soo In’s mother’s accusation that Choon Hee instigated the accident. He holds a press conference and plays the recording of Soo In admitting she caused the accident. The press eat it up. They later accost Soo In’s mother who is livid and refuses to talk to the press. Joon Hyun’s mother is waiting in her office. She is NOT happy that Soo In’s actions almost killed her son.

At the final round of the anonymous talent show Choon Hee sings beautifully and is chosen as the winner! She has a lovely smile.

ep15_14 ep15_15
Joon Hyun and Choon Hee go on a real date.

ep15_16 ep15_17
Couple clothing, street food, movies, song and a proposal! Choon Hee is stunned. Joon Hyun tells her simply that he cannot make it without her. He puts the custom made necklace around her neck. They embrace. Not sure she gave him an answer. Was the kiss a yes?

Joon Hyun tells his mother he is getting married to Choon Hee. Mom is not thrilled. Choon Hee’s father tells her that he knows who hurt their mother. It is a former co-worker. Father also tells Choon Hee he wants to see her married and he thinks Joon Hyun is the right man for her. Choon Hee asks why father is talking like he is going away. Father deflects the question saying he only wants to know that she has someone to help her through the ups and downs of life.

At the engagement meeting Joon Hyun, his mother and Choon Hee wait for her father to arrive. He is late. As Joon Hyun’s mother exits the room, she runs into Choon Hee’s father. They are equally stunned. Father grabs her and starts to threaten her. They go outside. Mother tells father she DID NOT drive the car. Someone else borrowed the car. Father refuses to hear her lies. He yells if his wife had been taken to the hospital earlier she would not have lost her voice. Mother begs him for mercy. The scandal could destroy Joon Hyun. Father hesitates. Choon Hee is stunned. She has heard every word!

* Did Joon Hyun and Choon Hee out cute themselves in each consecutive scene? They are the drivers for this show and bring it joy. The actors look like they really enjoy working together.
* Were you surprised by the proposal? It is one thing to respectfully listen to a dying man’s request, it is another to propose marriage. Their date was simply darling. Too many cute moments.
* Joon Hyun and Geun Woo bring the cute now too. Once rivals in love now they enjoy needling each other with good humor. I like it.
* Choon Hee’s father really gave it to Joon Hyun’s mother. He was direct and firm and physical. Whether or not he’ll show leniency because she is Joon Hyun’s mother, we will see in the final episode. I was thinking that the hit and run killed Choon Hee’s mother but it appears to have destroyed her singing voice instead. Hopefully in the final episode all the dangling plot points will be wrapped up.
* I’m ready to wrap this show up. I want our super cute couple of Choon Hee and Joon Hyun to end up together. It would be nice if father did not die. And what will happen to the villains – Soo In’s mother and Soo In? What will happen to Joon Hyun’s mother? We’ll see in the 16th and final episode!

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