Trot Lovers Episode 16 Recap

Last episode the engagement meeting between Joon Hyun (Ji Hyun Woo), his mother, Choon Hee (Jung Eun Ji) and her father did not go as planned. Choon Hee’s father and Joon Hyun’s mother met in the hallway and were stunned to know each other from the past. Their past is not a pleasant one. Outside Mother told father she DID NOT drive the car that hit his wife. Someone else borrowed the car. Father refused to hear her lies. He was adamant that if his wife had been taken to the hospital earlier she would not have lost her voice. Mother begged him for mercy. The scandal could destroy Joon Hyun. Father hesitated. Joon Hyun had been wonderful to his daughter. Choon Hee overheard the confrontation and was stunned.

Joon Hyun sits alone waiting for his mother, Choon Hee and her father to return, but no one does. He calls Choon Hee who tells him her father felt ill and she took him home. Later his mother comes home drunk. Not the engagement evening he had imagined.

The next day Choon Hee suggests that they go out on a fun date. Oh no, is she going to dump him after a terrific day together?  Tae Song gives Joon Hyun tips on what to do should things get amorous. Nice interaction between the two of them.

ep16_2 ep16_3 ep16_4ep16_5
They have a nice day together hiking and enjoying the outdoors ending with a cookout, a serenade by Joon Hyun and a cuddle.

Then Choon Hee drops the bomb. Their parents know each other from the past. At the engagement meeting their parents had a huge argument about the past. Joon Hyun promises to look into the matter. As he enters his apartment building Soo In’s mother is waiting for him livid that he exposed Soo In to the press. Joon Hyun comments that mother and daughter have done some pretty awful things. Soo In’s mother tells him her daughter is everything to her and she won’t stand for him slandering her just to save Choon Hee. Joon Hyun says Choon Hee is his finance. She laughs and says they will never wed because HIS MOTHER was in the hit and run accident of Choon Hee’s mother.  When Joon Hyun enters his apartment he finds his mother pounding the booze. He asks if she was involved in the hit and run accident of Choon Hee’s mother. Joon Hyun’s mother claims she was only trying to get her to the hospital. Joon Hyun assumes she is lying and guilty. He flees the apartment. He ends up at Choon Hee’s apartment but cannot bring himself to engage in the matter that evening.

Instead Choon Hee and Joon Hyun meet the next morning. Joon Hyun confirms her suspicion that his mother is responsible for her mother’s accident. He suggests they take a break from each other. This issue between their parents will certainly hurt their relationship. Choon Hee is not happy but she sees his logic. They end the conversation with tears in their eyes. Rats, 15 minutes into an 60 minute episode and they have broken up!

Mean girl finds out that Tae Song’s name for her in his phone is “peasant” but Coach is called “goddess”. That does not go over well. But all is forgotten once they get the news the video did the trick. Their song has been picked up for production!

Geun Woo (Shin Sung Rok) and his father talk about Choon Hee in the Trot Singer contest finals tomorrow. Meanwhile Choon Hee confesses to her sleeping father she is nervous about the contest finals. She admits she misses Joon Hyun and normally he would accompany her to the contest. Her father wakes and hears her pain at the estrangement with Joon Hyun.

Choon Hee sings well in the contest finals. Joon Hyun listens via radio proud of her beautiful voice.  Choon Hee wins! She is thrilled but misses sharing the moment with Joon Hyun. He is happy for her and misses sharing the moment with her.

When Choon Hee arrives home friends and fans have brought food. Choon Hee and Byul sing a song for them. Joon Hyun watches from afar. She spots him then he walks away.

Joon Hyun resolves to live his life without her. To that end he decides to go to America (cliche leave the country location) to work.

President Jo and Choon Hee’s father meet for soju. President Jo tells Choon Hee’s father the truth he knows is NOT the whole story. He explains that Soo In’s mother had a direct hand in making things difficult for his daughter. He goes own to say she did the same thing to his wife.

Soo In’s mother is frantic that Soo In (Lee Se Young) has not called or texted in several days. Director Kang suggests tracking her credit cards. We find out that Soo In has been thinking and relaxing in the country. She ends up calling Geun Woo for breakfast the next day. They meet and he immediately notices the change in her. She admits she has done some soul searching. She says she will be going away for awhile. Geun Woo says he will wait for her. This time you get the sense he may mean professionally and personally.

Soo In tells her mother she is turning herself in. Predictably her mother is NOT happy with this news. It is bad timing as Soo In’s mother tries to get to the police station Choon Hee’s father is there to confront her. He pushes and demands she tell him the truth. Exasperated and desperate to leave, Soo In’s mother admits she did leave his wife injured without taking her to the hospital. He demands, why did she do this? Soo In’s mother admits that she was jealous and tired of being second best to Choon Hee’s mother. She was ready to step out of her shadow and show the world what a great singer she was. He grabs her, she pushes him to the ground and leaves. She leaves him on the cold floor injured just like she left his wife.

As Joon Hyun and Choon Hee prepare for the concert (Joon Hyun is a guest artist) a reporter ask them to pose for  a picture. Waiting to go on stage Choon Hee gets the call about her father being in the hospital. They both rush to his bedside. He must have surgery immediately. Choon Hee is upset. Coach, Tae Song, and mean girl show and tell Choon Hee they will watch over her father while she is at the concert. Her father has a moment where he can tell her that Joon Hyun’s mother is NOT the guilty party in the hit and run but says nothing. Choon Hee returns to the concert before her father is taken into surgery. The concert goes well. When Choon Hee returns to the hospital the surgery is complete and her father appears to be ok.

Soo In’s mother visits Soo In in prison. She promises to get her daughter out. Soo In tells her mother she used to think her mother was the reason she had a tough life. Soo In says now she realizes she is the reason her mother had a tough life. As she exits the prison the police come and arrest Soo In’s mother for bribery and defamation of character.

On the road to recovery, Choon Hee’s father tells her that the past is not as important as the present. He admits he should have told her this before the surgery but was petty and did not. When they return to his room Joon Hyun’s mother is waiting. She literally gets on her knees and begs forgiveness for her part in the accident years ago. Father puts an understanding hand on her shoulder.

Choon Hee finds Joon Hyun in the hallway. She tells him she is happy their parents are working things out. He senses she still needs time to sort things out. Joon Hyun tells her he is leaving for America to work. He does not know when he will be back. He tells her to become the best trot singer she can be while he is away. He tells her he’ll be waiting for her to be ready to resume their relationship. Ok, ok, it seems a bit ridiculous at this point that she is not ready to jump into his arms.

1 year later we catch upwith everyone:

Mean girl and Tae Song are popular artists with the debt collectors as their managers.

Choon Hee helps Geun Woo shop. They are good friends.

Choon Hee is a popular singer. Soo In is out of prison. She tells Choon Hee that she is sorry for her actions in the past. She admits she is still a bit jealous of Choon Hee.

Dad is healthy. Byul is still cute.

Coach indicates that she is open to the debt collector’s love.

Joon Hyun returns from America. He and Geun Woo banter about his next contract with Shine Star. Geun Woo tells him there is someplace he needs to go with him.

Choon Hee and Byul play the finish the story game. Byul wishes for the prince to return from America. She leaves the room.

Joon Hyun enters. He leans close to Choon Hee. So nice to see them close together. They stare in each’s eyes.

Byul and Geun Woo high five each other, pleased Choon Hee and Joon Hyun are back together.

We end the series with Choon Hee and Joon Hyun singing together at the concert for the homeless.

* I am never fond of final episodes where the main couple spends the bulk of it broken up. Am I surprised the writer elected to do this? No.
* No ending kiss between Choon Hee and Joon Hyun? Color me bummed.
* I was happy our couple ended up together.
* Finally got some punishment for Soo In and her mother. A little prison time seemed to be positive for Soo In.
* Glad Father did not die from colon cancer. Thank you writer!
* The 1 year time jump forward gave us a chance to see everyone with different hairstyles.
* Episode 15 was stronger than episode 16.
* Series comment: In a nutshell, Trot Lovers had a cute core couple with a cliche ridden story line. Sometimes the writing was good, sometimes it was not. The actors did their best to rise above the sub par. Sometimes they succeeded in making me forget the story was sub par, sometimes not. I thought Joon Hyun (Ji Hyun Woo) Choon Hee (Jung Eun Ji) were a good couple. Both actors had chemistry and radiated CUTE which I am particularly fond of. With Trot Lovers you had to take the good with the bad. Once I choose to not let the cliches bug me I was able to enjoy every moment our core couple had.
* I will summarize my thoughts on the entire 16 episodes of Choon Hee and Joon Hyun in my series recap.

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