Trot Lovers Episode 7 Recap

Things start cooking in the romance department in the episode…about time!

In the last episode trot singer Choon Hee (Jung Eun Ji) got a text just before she was to perform live on TV that said if she wanted to see her father she needed to come immediately. As she runs out the building she passes her manager Jang Joon Hyun (Ji Hyun Woo) who is flabbergast that she is leaving just before a LIVE performance. None the less, he accompanies her but the building is abandoned. The police think it was a prank text.

ep7_2 ep7_3
Her father really calls her. He tells her he saw her album and is pleased she is singing just like her mother. Father won’t say where he is but tells her that he think about her and Byul every day and he is working so they can be reunited. Joon Hyun is relieved that her father is ok. Nice to see him blossom as he begins to care about Choon Hee and Byul.

Unfortunately missing the live performance has consequences. Choon Hee is banned from broadcast TV. Turns out Soo In’s mother created the whole scenario; she got her the performance AND sent the text knowing that Choon Hee desperately wanted to see her father and would exit before the live broadcast. Speaking of Soo In’s mother she is thrilled to find her daughter is interested in Shine Star record company interim President Jo Geun Woo (Shin Sung Rok). She invites him to her party celebrating 30 years in the music industry. At the party he overhears Soo In’s mother revealing that she set up Choon Hee. In addition her friends are bad mouthing Choon Hee to stymie her career. Angry he leaves the party with Park Soo In (Lee Se Young) in hot pursuit and heads to find Choon Hee. Soo In follows in her own car.

ep7_4 ep7_5
There is a cute scene when Joon Hyun and Choon Hee hang out at Coach’s restaurant bummed that no stage artists want to work with her. Coach hoping to reconcile Tae Song (Joon Hyun’s former manager) and Joon Hyun has him serve them lunch. Joon Hyun is NOT happy to see Tae Song. Tae Song begs his forgiveness even saying Joon Hyun can hit him. Joon Hyun does not say no to that opportunity and decks him. Tae Song begs for forgiveness and promises to find Choon Hee work using his connections. He calls Joon Hyun later saying he’s lined up a stage performance for a cable company for the next day.

Since the next day’s performance is in the coutry they drive to the town that night. They end up spending the night in a home hostel. Of course, there is only one room available so they must share. When they sleep, Choon Hee moves to Joon Hyun clutching him close to her thinking in her sleep that he is Byul. Joon Hyun extracts himself and sleeps outside.

What is this performance? Why Choon Hee must sing to goats. Yes, I typed that correctly. She is singing to goats. Joon Hyun and Choon Hee thought she’s be singing on a small stage for a cable company show. The stage is a farm filled with goats and the cable company is filming a documentary on how music affects the goats. Joon Hyun tries to get her to leave but Choon Hee refuses to ditch the performance like she did the live broadcast. She gamely sings and sings and sings to those goats. At one point she falls and scrapes her arm and but continues singing. Geun Woo shows up floored that she is singing for goats and immediately blames Joon Hyun for the humiliating assignment. Poor Joon Hyun had the same reaction as Geun Woo but he is getting the blame. He stalks off angry at being misunderstood and for letting Choon Hee continue the goat performance. When Geun Woo sees that Choon Hee has a cut on her arm he bustles her into his car to take her to the hospital.

Unfortunately the car gets stuck in the mud during a rainstorm and they must wait out the weather in the car. While they are stuck Joon Hyun and Soo In search in vain for them.

The next morning Choon Hee and Geun Woo are walking to hitch a ride. Choon Hee asks Geun Woo why he showed up yesterday. He admits it is because he missed her. He further admits he missed her because he likes her. Choon Hee is stunned and elects to pretend that Geun Woo is joking. He assures her it is no joke, he likes her. She does not know what to say to that.

They run into Joon Hyun and Soo In who are looking for them. The two men get into an argument over Choon Hee much to the dismay of Soo In.

Joon Hyun ends up trying to punch Geun Woo and stalks off. Choon Hee takes over after him. Once she catches up with him, she berates him for arguing with Geun Woo. He grabs her and kisses her, much to their mutual surprise. She pulls away and runs away from him. Joon Hyun is shaken at his boldness and that he is developing feelings for Choon Hee.

The next morning there is housework to be done. Joon Hyun sends Choon Hee to work and Byul to school and sets about doing the dishes, laundry and cleaning. He has changed. At the beginning of this series he never would have lifted a hand. When Byul gets home from school they do a cute song and dance while cleaning. The big man and the little girl are adorable together.

ep_13 ep_14
There is a cute interchange between Tae Song and Coach as she encourages him to become a singer. He looks at her smitten. Later Tae Song and mean girl have an online chat about their respective love interests. Little do they know mean girl is talking about Tae Song!

Joon Hyun seeks advice from President Jo about getting Choon Hee’s career on track. President Jo suggests that he secure the forgiveness of the Producer of the live performance Choon Hee missed. Joon Hyun will not leave the poor guy alone until he cracks and lifts the ban. The producer tells Geun Woo the ban is lifted who in turn tells Choon Hee. She assumes that Geun Woo got the reversal not knowing it was the tenacity of Joon Hyun that turned things around.

Geun Woo takes Choon Hee out to a nice lunch. She is uncomfortable in the fancy setting. Geun Woo surprises Choon Hee when he suggests they officially date. She is flustered and tells him that she is too busy to date right now. She’s singing and taking care of Byul while waiting for her father’s returns. Geun Woo is gracious and drives her home then leaves. Joon Hyun intercepts Choon Hee before the steps to the apartment and they chat. Geun Woo notices that Choon Hee left her cell phone in the car and walks back to her apartment. He is surprised when he sees Choon Hee and Joon Hyun going up the steps to the apartment. It looks like they are living together in Geun Woo’s eyes. He is dismayed and hurt.

* Good episode! FINALLY dipped our toes into the romance pool. Both Geun Woo and and Joon Hyun are staking their claim on Choon Hee. We had two face-offs between them this episode. The kiss between Joon Hyun and Choon Hee wasn’t really romantic but more branding on his part much to the shock of Choon Hee. It was telling when Choon Hee ran to Joon Hyun after her night in the car with Geun Woo.
* Ex-manager Tae Song is winning me over with his hopes to secure Joon Hyun’s forgiveness, the horrible goats booking, and his smitten affection for coach.
* Byul and Joon Hyun are darling.
* Soo In sees that both men like Choon Hee and she’s out in the cold. What will she do?
* This episode had pace, fun, and thank goodness, some loving.

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