Trot Lovers Episode 11 Recap

In the last episode trot singer Choon Hee (Jung Eun Ji) was in danger from jealous rival singer Park Soo In (Lee Se Young). Former manager Jang Joon Hyun (Ji Hyun Woo) lept on stage and covered Choon Hee with his body as Soo In pulled the rope and released a prop that fell on top of Joon Hyun. Choon Hee left to call emergency while Soo In waited with him. Soo In accompanied Joon Hyun in the ambulance while Choon Hee was ignored.

At the hospital Choon Hee is blocked from Joon Hyun while Soo In is treated like royalty as the person that saved Joon Hyun with her quick thinking emergency care (it was Choon Hee). Why Choon Hee is blocked is unknown and confusing me.

Soo In realizes if Joon Hyun wakes up he will be able to identify her as the person that caused the accident. Director Kang shows Soo In’s mother CCTV footage. It reveals Soo In causing the prop to fall. Mom questions Soo In at the hospital. Soo In claims she went crazy. Her mother says the press thinks Joon Hyun saved Soo In. They have the CCTV footage. Mother believes even if Joon Hyun wakes he will keep quiet to suppress the Congressman scandal.

Our favorite debt collectors distract the bodyguards Soo In’s mother has installed. Choon Hee sneaks into his room and pledges her love. When she is found, the bodyguards throw her out.

Soo In returns to the room and Joon Hyun wakes up. Joon Hyun asks if the reporters are still there? Huh? He says it is crazy medal girl’s fault (Choon Hee). Oh NOOOOO…he has amnesia. Sorry folks but that is sloppy story telling in my book. The doctor says it is disassociative amnesia.

Soo In lets Choon Hee into Joon Hyun’s room making it look like she was shoved as Chon Hee enters. Reporters snap pictures and Joon Hyun tells Choon Hee to go away. Choon Hee is shocked by his harshness. She tells him they like each other. Joon Hyun scoffs and says he likes Soo In.

Choon Hee leaves the room with reporters snapping more pictures. Shine Star record company interim President Jo Geun Woo (Shin Sung Rok) arrives and escorts her out of the hospital. Choon Hee tells Geun Woo that Joon Hyun does not remember her or their relationship. He tells her to wait and be patient. Her father sees the negative articles in the paper about her.

Turns out the “Remember Me” song Tae Song uploaded is doing well. Ah, the irony of the title. Joon Hyun is starting to get positive feedback on the song via the web. Soo In tells Tae Song Joon Hyun has amensia and NOT to tell him what happened to him after the scandal because it would be cruel. She continues the Joon Hyun must not know about dating Choon Hee because Choon Hee’s scandal will taint Joon Hyun by association and ruin his comeback. Tae Song reluctantly agrees.

Choon Hee’s father goes to see Soo In’s mother who is stunned to see him. They talk about his wife who was a singer but could not sing due to the accident. Soo In’s mother asks if the culprit was ever found. No, but one day he promises. He asks if she can help Choon Hee since she is a Director at Shine Star. She assures him she’ll do everything she can and not to worry, the rumors will die down soon.

Soo In’s mother tells Director Kang they must completely destroy Choon Hee. Release the scandal regarding the Congressman. For whatever reason it made me think of “release the hounds”.

Geun Woo asks Soo In what happened the day of the accident. She lies. He asks when she started dating Joon Hyun like the internet rumors say. Soo In tells him that she isn’t dating Joon Hyun but using this situation to restore her popularity. Interesting that she is selectively honest with him.

Choon Hee and Soo In talk. Choon Hee asks why she cannot see Joon Hyun. Soo In says her recent scandal with the Congressman would taint Joon Hyun’s comeback. Choon Hee asks why Soo In has reversed her position from helping them be a couple to keeping them apart. Soo In says she was confused before. Now she has realized Joon Hyun is the man for her. Choon Hee asks why she is lying about the accident. They both know Joon Hyun was trying to save her NOT Soo In. Soo In plays it off like Choon Hee is lost in her own world of make believe.

At school the girls are mean to Byul saying Joon Hyun is NOT her family and her sister is a liar who is in the news everyday with scandal. Byul takes matters into her own hands and beats the girls up (off camera). Choon Hee should follow Byul’s lead! Choon Hee tells Byul their father’s debt is paid back. Awesome!

Joon Hyun is discharged from the hospital and returns to his old apartment. He asks where his guitar is. Tae Song does not know Choon Hee has the guitar in her apartment.

At Shine Star Soo In’s mother tells Joon Hyun NOT to tell reporters he has lost his memories of the last 3 months. Nothing should detract from his rising popularity. Joon Hyun and Soo In meet Choon Hee in the hallway. Joon Hyun is not nice. Choon Hee walks away sad. Joon Hyun meets with Geun Woo would cannot believe he lost his memory. Joon Hyun bad mouths Choon Hee calling her a stalker. Geun Woo tells him not to worry about Choon Hee, he’ll take care of her.

Joon Hyun does his own laundry surprising Tae Song. Choon Hee misses Joon Hyun while reviewing their love contract to do something nice for each other every day. She visits his studio at Shine Star and leaves him tea to soothe his throat. When Joon Hyun finds the tea, Soo In pours it in the sink.

At coach’s eatery, customers talk about Choon Hee. Mean girl tells them to shut up. Oh my goodness, I finally like mean girl! She and Choon Hee share a drink and commiserate about their bad luck. Nice!

President Jo (acting as the the nice old guy in the apartment complex) tells Choon Hee he used to be in the record industry. He regrets letting a singer with mega talent quit because of difficulties (must be Choon Hee’ mother). Choon Hee comments that her own mother missed singing when she could not sing anymore. Another nice scene!

Choon Hee tells Geun Woo no matter the stage size she wants to get back to singing. The first performance does not go well. Geun Woo hates seeing the crowd be mean to her. Her next performance is cancelled. Geun Woo takes her out. She gets emotional saying her heart hurts. He sweetly hugs her. Who walks into the eatery and sits near them? Soo In and Joon Hyun. Soo In is not happy to see them and Joon Hyun is confused why they are together. To make Choon Hee smile, Geun Woo sings a cute song. It works. She smiles, nice! Soo In leaves in disgust and Joon Hyun follows.

Soo In calls Geun Woo to the bar where she is pounding some alcohol. She tells him if only he would have liked a little none of this would have happened. She tells him she is trapped by her actions and cannot get near him.

When Geun Woo returns to his apartment his father is waiting. His father asks why Joon Hyun is NOT defending Choon Hee against the rumors. Geun Woo tells him Joon Hyun has lost his memories of managing Choon Hee. Father asks how Geun Woo is doing. Geun Woo says thanks to his father he thinks like an entrepreneur in business and love.

Joon Hyun finds Choon Hee leaving him the tea. He gets close to her and asks what she has spiked the tea with. She drinks some of the tea. He says her wiles will not work on him. He pours the tea down the drain. Tears come to Choon Hee’s eyes and she leaves. Joon Hyun is unsetlled.

The jeweler calls Joon Hyun. He goes to the shop and the custom necklace he had designed for Choon Hee is ready. The jeweler had wondered where he had been after he had told her he was going to propose with the necklace. She hands him the necklace and he sees the initial MJ. The jeweler says those must be Soo In’s real initials. Joon Hyun looks a bit confused.

* Amnesia = sloppy story telling. It is a tired cliche that I do not enjoy seeing writers utilize.
* This episode was better than I expected with the amnesia that put Joon Hyun and Choon Hee on hold. The positives all started with sweet Byul. Then mean girl defended Choon Hee (I cannot believe I liked mean girl in that scene). Then Geun Woo tried to help Choon Hee’s career get back on track with subpar results. But the song he sang for her was sweet. Finally we ended with the magnetic pull Joon Hyun and Choon Hee have even with his memory loss as displayed when he found her leaving the tea.
* There is plenty to rant about the sloppy story telling in this episode. It is ridiculous that everyone is NOT telling Joon Hyun the truth. Soo In and her mother’s manipulations are too easy. Where is our favorite jerk Hyo Yeol? He has always been a catalyst for the story. But you know, I’m not gonna get miffed. The writer has chosen this path. The show will muddle through. Choon Hee and Joon Hyul will get back together. This show is a mix of good moments in the midst of sub par story. It is not going to change. Enjoy the cute moments and get through the rest. I hope in the end the cute wins!

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