Divorce Lawyer in Love Episode 16 Recap

Our leading lady surprises our leading man with their shared past. What was his reaction?
The news report that Han Mi Ri is going to marry long time co-worker Joo Wo Sang (and we know lover). Ma Dong Mi is upset to hear the news. Our leading lady, Ko Cheok Hee (Cho Yeo Jeong) and our leading man, So Jung Woo (Yeon Woo Jin) see the news too. When she hears that Mi Ri will adopt a child, a child Jung Woo recognizes from kicking ball when she went to snoop around Mi Ri’s fiance’s house, the pieces fall together. The first part of the video. The child is Mi Ri’s. She believes that during her marriage Mi Ri had an affair and a child.
Jung Woo and Cheok Hee return to the house where the child lived. A neighbor says the family moved out a couple of days ago.

Cheok Hee visits Han Mi Ri. Finally Cheok Hee has the upper hand. She asks Mi Ri about the child. She believes the child is hers. Adopting the child and marrying Wo Sang wraps the past in a pretty bow. Mi Ri challenges her to prove it. Honey, that’s like waving a red flag in front of a bull. Mi Ri ends the conversation cryptically stating that the wrong person could die if Cheok Hee persists in investigating.

Mi Ri calls Wo Sang and tells him they must marry.

Dong Mi finds out the child is Mi Ri’s. Next she wants to know who the father is.

dll_ep16_4a dll_ep16_4b dll_ep16_4c
Cheok Hee returns to her apartment to find Jung Woo in an apron and welcoming. Ah, the benefits of marriage on display. He is darling! Jung Woo has cooked dinner much to the glee of father and grudging approval of surly sister, Ko Mi Hee. The food is delicious but an embarrassed Cheok Hee hustles Jung Woo out of the door.

The money squeeze is getting serious for Bong Min Gyu (Shim Hyung Tak). Recall he broke the engagement with former finance, Ah Jung, angering her mother, Ma Dong Mi, and demanding financial payback from his father who in turn is seizing all of Min Gyu’s assets. First, the office building is in jeopardy.

Jung Woo and Cheok Hee discuss the Mi Ri case. He offers to help. They all watch the video together. Cheok Hee assigns everyone tasks.

A cute lunch when Jung Woo and Cheok Hee agree to share food. Jung Woo notes if they were married they could do this all the time. Spying a silent and distance couple, Cheok Hee points them out as their future if they marry.

Cheok Hee visits Min Gyu who is concerned about paying his law firm employees. Simple solution is available, Cheok Hee offers. She pushes the bags with the engagement rings she retreived from the recycle bin. Get a refund. Min Gyu HATES the idea but recognizes he has no choice. When he tries, he ends up buying 2 more rings! Cheok Hee shows him how it is done. The sales employee gives Cheok Hee a sob story about her life to guilt her into NOT returning the rings. But Cheok Hee can give as good as she gets. She gives the sales employee the sob story about her life, and the sales lady cracks and refunds the ring purchases. LOL!  Cheok Hee tells Min Gyu it is up to him to return the other rings. The cute scene highlighted the friendship chemistry between Cheok Hee and Min Gyu.

Cheok Hee learns that Wo Sang is the father. She won’t release the information to the press. “The objective is not to bring Mi Ri down, it is to reveal how President Mi (Mi Ri’s 1st husband) died.”

dll_ep16_8a dll_ep16_8b
Cheok Hee and Lee Gyeong visit the hospital to talk to the child, but he’s gone. They learn a bone marrow transplant is needed and the child also has a rare blood type. The gossip states there is a family member that could donate but keeps changing their mind. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? That maybe Wo Sang isn’t a nice guy? That maybe Mi Ri is only trying to save her child?

dll_ep16_9a dll_ep16_9b
Cheok Hee meets with Wo Sang. He is does not reveal much. He states if she does not back off the wrong person could die. Hmm, the exact words Mi Ri uttered. And yes, Wo Sang is coming off more villain than nice guy now.

dll_ep16_7a dll_ep16_7b
In the parking garage Min Gyu realizes that his father has repossessed all his cars. LOL the ring of car fobs he desperately presses to no avail. Min Gyu’s father is unmoved. All his assests are being seized. That will only make a dent in repaying Dong Mi. Min Gyu realizes the penthouse that Soo Ah is staying in will be repossessed too.

dll_ep16_10a dll_ep16_10b
Sure enough Jo Soo Ah (Wang Ji Won) is leaving the penthouse when Min Gyu arrives. She says she will get her own place now.

dll_ep16_11a dll_ep16_11b
Cheok Hee visits the child in the hospital. When he is taken by the nurse for a test, she remains behind the curtain. Mi Ri and Wo Sang enter the room and argue. Wo Sang says that if Cheok Hee exposes and ruins his life, Mi Ri won’t like the consequences. Mi Ri cannot believe that he would deny the child his bone marrow, but Wo Sang wants to save himself first.  Take care of Cheok Hee he orders as he leaves. Mi Ri spots Cheok Hee’s shoes and is dismayed to find her behind the curtain. She orders Cheok Hee out of the room.

dll_ep16_12b dll_ep16_12c dll_ep16_12d
Cheok Hee returns home under the weather. She lays down on the couch and drifts to sleep. When Jung Woo calls he immediately recognizes that Cheok Hee is not well. He comes over to apartment with medicine (sweet), gets her to take the medicine then sweeps her into his arms and carries her to bed (swoon). Even sweeter, he gets into bed next to her to get her warm. He whispers that if they were married they could cuddle like this every night. He is darling!

The next morning Cheok Hee wakes to find Jung Woo asleep sitting up by the bed. She gently shakes him awake. He takes her temperature while she admonishes him that she won’t marry him just because he took care of her last night. He ignores her and is pumped to see her temperature back to normal. Surly sister is surprised to find Jung Woo in the bedroom.

Soo Ah gives Min Gyu the state of his finances. It isn’t good.

dll_ep16_14 dll_ep16_14A
Both couples are startled to see each other has they step out of their apartments. Cheok Hee and Jung Woo walk away first. Min Gyu and Soo Ah notice Jung Woo’s arm around Cheok Hee. Yep, they’ve got no chance. Give up now.

dll_ep16_15a dll_ep16_15b
Cheok Hee admits she loved having Jung Woo there last night. But she’s still afraid. So many marriages end in divorce. So many marriages thrive, Jung Woo counters. He notes that if is only fear that is stopping her, that is something that they can combat together. Just like she helped him get over his fear of the subway, he’ll help her get over her fear of marriage.

Jung Woo’s mother visits Soo Ah at work. She was worried when she learned Soo Ah had moved out of the penthouse. Soo Ah is wracked with guilt for not telling Jung Woo or his mother that Cheok Hee is the woman that saved Jung woo’s life in the subway accident years ago. She cries and tells Jung Woo’s mother she must end it today.

dll_ep16_17a dll_ep16_17b
Soo Ah visits Cheok Hee in her office. She shares she was going to use this office for her own solo practice, one that would include Jung Woo, but that dream is gone now.  She tells Cheok Hee that Jung Woo is looking for her and she’s withheld the truth, so now she’s telling Cheok Hee. She takes Cheok Hee back to the day of the subway accident. Cheok Hee remembers the terrible day. She remembers saving a young girl and a young law student. Soo Ah tells her that young law student was Jung Woo. Stunned Cheok Hee remembers the day in more detail. It was a bit harrowing at the end for Cheok Hee who managed to escape.

Cheok Hee meets Jung Woo who is puzzled as to why they are meeting. She hands him a mint candy. She asks if he remembers the 2008 subway accident. She describes what happened to her that day. How she saved a young law student that reminded her of herself years prior. Jung Woo is stunned. Cheok Hee is the mint candy lady that saved his life.

Cheok Hee further stuns him when she says “You wanted to get married right? Let’s give it a try. Let’s live together.”

Final Thoughts
* The truth is revealed.  Jung Woo finally knows that Cheok Hee saved him years ago in the subway accident. Cheok Hee following that up with the decision to live together was a little jarring but from her point of view it made sense. She saved him, he’s saved her, and now she can put fear aside to live with the man she loves.
* Jung Woo was darling trying to convince Cheok Hee of the advantages of marriage. He was positive and persistent but not annoying. Lunch, cooking dinner, caring for when she was ill, valiant attempts to get her to see the advantages of marriage.
* Min Gyu was stripped of his material possessions by his father. Min Gyu is charming and likable. I loved that his concern was for his employees first. Cute as a button when he tried to return the rings but instead bought more. Funny when he realized his fleet of cars were gone. He’s not angry like a petulant child, he’s trying to grapple with the reality. Refreshing that he isn’t whining.
* We learn that Mi Ri’s action were driven to save her child. Wo Sang is not a nice guy and is literally blackmailing Mi Ri with his bone marrow into marriage. That is on the despicable side of life.
* Only 3 episodes to go. What’s left? Mom is an obstacle. Will Soo Ah’s lying about the mint candy woman be revealed?  How will Cheok Hee restore her honor with Ma Dong Mi? She knows the details of Mi Ri in the present. Did that drive her to frame her husband in the divorce in the past?

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