Divorce Lawyer in Love Episode 7 Recap

Continued improvement in the 7th episode. Our couple ratchets up the chemistry. He clarifies he is not dating anyone. Will they be able to connect or will the obstacles continue to thwart our couple?

Our leading man, So Jung Woo (Yeon Woo Jin) thinks of Cheok Hee is at the subway training trying to stop our leading lady, Ko Cheok Hee (Cho Yeo Jeong) from taking a romantic cruise with fake boyfriend Bong Min Gyu (Shim Hyung Tak). Cheok Hee is stunned he is in the subway. She knows this challenges him. She asks why he came. He mutters the things he loves to calm himself (a trick she taught him). As the doors close, he says her name realizing he likes her. She cannot hear him. The train pulls away to their mutual frustration.

Min Gyu tells Cheok Hee to forget about Jung Woo and concentrate on their evening together. But she cannot. She leave Min Gyu at the dock and heads to join Jung Woo who is talking to their client.

Speaking of the divorce client, he’s been injured again and it seems his wife may be deliberately trying to hurt him.

Jung Woo is surprised when Cheok Hee arrives. She lies that Min Gyu sent her. Curious about what he said at the subway, she items all the things he listed but does not know the last item. Jung Woo tells her not to worry, it’s just something that has been in his heart lately. Sweet!

Soo Ah finds Min Gyu at a bar drinking. When she hears that Cheok Hee likes Jung Woo and they have kissed, she drinks too.

Min Gyu calls his unseen finance, Ah Jung, and asks for a favor.

His finance calls her mother, Ma Dong Mi, telling her that if she forces Min Gyu to fire Cheok Hee, he will reveal she sleeps with other men.

Unable to do otherwise, Dong Mi tells Min Gyu’s father that firing Cheok Hee is at their discretion, not her. She pointedly tells Min Gyu that he is more emotional like his mother. She dryly states, he thinks with his head when he should bow it.

Soo Ah asks her secretary to hire the expertise to find the address of the man who called her about the “mint candy” woman from the subway accident.

Jung Woo and Cheok Hee take a road trip to view the accident site and retrieve footage of the car accident their client was in. Recall the wife claims she swerved into the telephone phone to avoid a dog. They ask the client to see how many life insurance policies his wife has established.

Min Gyu struggles with Cheok Hee’s statement that she likes Jung Woo.

The footage does not show a dog. The client calls that he found 20 life insurance policies his wife established. Min Gyu arrives at the office to escort Cheok Hee home. Jung Woo can’t take it and asks Min Gyu for a ride home (pretending he lost his car keys). These two men are definitely sparring over Cheok Hee! Cute!

Cheok Hee tells Min Gyu they should stop pretending to be dating. Min Gyu agrees pretending is not working. He suggest they date for real. Cheok Hee asks if he likes her. He admits he does not know because he runs away from feeling. But he wants to explore their relationship.

Soo Ah admits to Jung Woo’s mother that she likes him. Jung Woo’s mother already knew this. Soo A laments liking Jung Woo more than he likes her.

When Jung Woo returns home, Soo Ah wants to talk. Jung Woo guesses that she likes someone. She confirms this. She admits the man does not like her. Soo Ah asks if he has feelings for a woman. He confirms this. He admits she is another man’s woman. She tells him they should both stop pursuing paths that are dead ends. Good conversation between them, you felt they might truly be friends.

Min Gyu asks his father why he didn’t teach him the basics of love after his mother died.

dll_ep7_10b dll_ep7_10a
Cheok Hee confronts Han Mi Ri about her secret relationship with Jo Yoo Sang. She gets under Mi Ri’s skin.

Soo Ah talks to the mint candy witness. He confirms that a woman gave mint candy to save others after the subway accident. He states the woman gave him a business card, she was a lawyer. Soo A asks him to search for the business card. The offer of money secures his desire to find the card.

Cheok Hee and Jung Woo confronts their client’s wife with the circumstantial evidence of the life insurance policies. Upset, she rails they cannot know her true heart.

Cheok Hee finds Jung Woo practicing his opening remarks for his client’s trial in the morning. She encourages him to wear a red tie, to show courage in front of the judge. She offers advice on breathing to calm himself. He wraps his arms around her to practice the technique. They are both unnerved. Cute! He asks to come to trial. She declines stating he needs to stand alone. They are clicking.

The next day walking to work, Cheok Hee decides to buy Jung Woo a red tie. When she arrives at the courthouse, she sees Soo Ah putting a blue tie on Jung Woo. He’s thrilled to see her. Soo Ah is not thrilled to see her. Cheok Hee hides her tie and tells him she decided to root him on after all.

dll_ep7_13b dll_ep7_13a
Both ladies spar in the court room over the tie color. Cute!

Jung Woo starts awkwardly but is able to effectively relay that circumstantial evidence of the client’s wife’s taking out multiple life insurance policies and the footage does counters her claims of a dog causing the accident. the kicker is the reveal that she has been married 3 times and the 2 other husbands died due to accidents. Upset, the wife states she’ll leave her husband and exits the courtroom.  The wife tells the husband she clear out of their home by the end of the day.

Soo Ah invites Jung Woo to a celebratory lunch. He invites Cheok Hee, who declines claiming to have another engagement. As Jung Woo is led away by Soo Ah, it mirrors the scene in episode 3 where Min Gyu lead Cheok Hee away from Jung Woo. Nice!

Cheok Hee has a conversation with herself and realizes she may not be the easiest person to like. She can’t let the wife’s easy acquiescence to divorce go. She calls the second source for the accident footage who reveals it is ready. At the same time, Jung Woo can’t let the wife’s easy acquiescence to divorce go. Apologizing he leaves Soo Ah.

They both arrive to the view the new accident footage. They are surprised the new angle reveals there was a dog that the wife swerved to avoid causing the accident.

Cheok Hee tells the husband his wife did swerve to avoid a dog. The footage also reveals her frantic efforts to save him.

Jung Woo asks the wife why she is leaving her husband when the accident was as she said. The wife states as long as her husband thinks she is capable of murder, there is no hope for their marriage. The husband arrives with Cheok Hee. He tells his wife not to go, they can work it out.

Soo Ah gets a call from the mint candy witness. he found the business card from the lawyer. It is Cheok Hee’s business card! She is the mystery subway savior! Soo A is not happy.

Soo Ah tells Min Gyu that she wants to hide the truth from Jung Woo. He advises her not to do this. He admits he is not happy with his situation with Cheok Hee. She vows not to stoop to lies with Jung Woo.

dll_ep7_18bdll_ep7_18c  dll_ep7_18a
Jung Woo and Cheok Hee have a sweet moment when she reveals the necktie she bought for his first trial. She states she didn’t want to upset his girlfriend Soo Ah with her competing necktie. Jung Woo clarifies that he is not dating Soo Ah. He asks that she put it on him. They are physically drawn to each other as she puts the necktie on him.  Jung Woo admits the necktie has given him the courage to admit the truth. He tells her the last thing he said in the subway…was her name.

dll_ep7_19b dll_ep7_19a
Soo Ah interrupts the moment. Rats! She stares at their obvious closeness. She sees her blue tie in his hand. She crumbles Cheok Hee’s business card. Lying to Jung Woo because she is jealous of Cheok is Soo Ah’s new path.

Final Thoughts
* This episode was another step forward. Jung Woo and Cheok Hee obviously have feelings for each other. Min Gyu’s and Soo Ah’s jealousy is driving them to do things they would not normally do. I like our couple!

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