Divorce Lawyer in Love Episode 1 Recap

Nutshell Recap. The first episode of this drama is the classic story of a selfish, uncaring, lawyer who sees their staff akin to servants. The office manager has the hardest role and is long suffering. The twist is the jerk lawyer is a woman and the put upon office manager is a man. The lawyer gets outsmarted by her client and suffers a fall from grace.  The end of the episode is after a 3 year time jump. Now the put upon office manager is a lawyer. Now the jerk lawyer is interviewing for an office manager. You guessed it, she walks into his office to interview to be the office manager. The tables have turned much to their mutual surprise.

What was good about the first episode?
* Ko Cheok Hee (Cho Yeo Jeong) played the jerk lawyer with zeal. Facial expressions galore. She had the jerk lawyer down. The only chink in her armor was the visit from her sister, Ko Mi Hee (Kim Yul), who she had not seen in 3 years. The sister rifled her apartment and took the lease to get the security deposit. Cheok Hee let it happen and was passive. She looks guilt ridden about a past event allowing her sister to walk all over her.
* Cheok Hee’s arrogance and willingness to stretch ethics created the situation where she got played by her client, the wife in the divorce case. Frankly, she got used but was too blind to see it when it happened.
* Cheok Hee was compared to Chucky, the evil doll. That was a funny moment.

What was ok about the first episode?
* So Jung Woo (Yeon Woo Jin) was passive and long suffering. Cheok Hee did not allow him to voice an opinion and walked all over him. So at this point my opinion about this character is neutral. I appreciate that he was ethical. I’m glad he finished his law degree and became a lawyer. I look forward to forming an opinion about the present day Jung Woo.
* Jo Soo A (Wang Ji Won) was the opposing council for Cheok Hee and represented the husband in the divorce case. She likes Jung Woo and supported his finishing his schooling by giving money to his mother. She wanted him to become a lawyer so this would be equal and hopefully move to romance. She gave her money to fund that dream. Got to respect that. However since Jung Woo is the other half of the couple, she is doomed.
* Bong Min Gyu (Shim Hyung Tak) was the son of the opposing law firm representing the husband in the divorce case.  He was more interested in his wardrobe than law. He reminded me of the character quirky Geun Woo (Shin Sung Rok) in Trot Lovers. I look forward to forming an opinion about the present day Min Gyu.

Final Thoughts

* First episodes are difficult to love as you are introduced to many characters at once.  This first episode was the background story. Cheok Hee was the jerk and Jung Woo was the mistreated nice guy. I did not love any of the characters. The story was standard fare. All that said, I will watch the next episode. The first episode was set the past. The rest of the series is set in present day. Let’s see if the present day characters intrigue in episode 2.

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