Divorce Lawyer in Love Episode 6 Recap

The 6th episode proved our leading man and woman have chemistry and like each other. Can they overcome their misunderstanding they are dating others?

Our leading lady, Ko Cheok Hee (Cho Yeo Jeong) and our leading man, So Jung Woo (Yeon Woo Jin) argue if kissing is an expression of love. Jung Woo makes his point that is it not by planting a kiss on a stunned Cheok Hee. Bong Min Gyu (Shim Hyung Tak) walks into the office and spots them kissing. They all pretend they saw nothing. When Cheok Hee tries to hustle Min Gyu out of the office, she drops her cell phone. Jung Woo bends down to pick it up but Min Gyu slaps his hand and meaningfully tells him, “I don’t like other people touching my stuff.” You know it, I know it, they are talking about Cheok Hee.

Min Gyu tells Cheok Hee not to kiss other guys while they are pretending to be a couple.

Min Gyu decides Cheok Hee could use some of his items in her apartment. So he brings over a suitcase of items and plants them around the apartment. He does NOT tell her that Jung Woo and is not dating Soo A. He cheekily suggest they lie together on the bed. Cheok Hee sends him home.

Cheok Hee tells herself to forget about Jung Woo, he is a taken man.

At home, Jung Woo cannot believe he kissed Cheok Hee.  Jo Soo A (Wang Ji Won) wonders why Jung Hoo is so worked up. She tells him she is interviewing other surviors of the subway accident looking for the mystery woman that saved Jung Woo and others. Her signature was a mint she popped in survivors mouths. Jung Woo is thrilled and hopes the other survivors may offer clues so they can find the mystery woman.

Jung Woo tells himself to forget about Cheok Hee, he is a taken man.

Jung Woo is sensitive when he talks to the man that can’t kiss his wife due to his phobia about germs. Jung Woo admits he has a phobia about subways. They both agree to try and overcome their phobia. Easier said than done, Jung Woo can’t force himself on the subway.

dll_ep6_2b dll_ep6_2a
Cheok Hee calls an acquaintance working on a TV show wondering if she’d like to feature her law firm. No is the initial answer. But when a guest lawyer cancels she calls Cheok Hee. She in turn grabs Jung Woo to go on the show. They are both surprised when it is an animal show and Jung Woo is asked about a breeder contract issue. Thrown at first, he rallies, and is charming. Cheok Hee beams with pride. He was cute in that segment.

When the producer from a good shows asks Jung Woo to appear, he declines. Cheok Hee doesn’t understand why he turned down the offer when he came on this show. He admits he did it for her. That touches her.

The man that can’t kiss his wife, hands over divorce papers.  Jung Woo admits he could not get on the subway. But wait, he did kiss his wife and the divorce papers are torn in two. He tells Jung Woo he followed his heart.

Jung Woo forces himself on the subway but panics during the ride. Cheok Hee calls wondering if he forgot their plans to eat together. Jung Woo chokes out that he needs her. She finds him in the subway station and sweetly talks to him helping him exit the station while she holds his hand for support. He falls asleep in the cab and she holds his head.

As they say goodnight he sincerely thanks Cheok Hee. Soo A spots them and is startled to learn Jung Woo used the subway.

At home, Soo A asks why Jung Woo tried to take the subway. He admits he tried to overcome his phobia.

The next divorce client shows up at the office. He’s afraid all the accidents he has when he is with his life are not accidental. He shows them life insurance his wife purchased for him.

Min Gyu invites the office team over to watch Jung Woo’s TV appearance. Jung Woo tells Cheok Hee the apartment is grand. He mutters living next door to Min Gyu they are very close. She counters he lives to Soo A. Min Gyu pretends to forget his passcode. Stuck Cheok invites the team to her house to watch Jun Woo’s TV appearance.

Both men watch Cheok Hee prepare food in the  kitchen. Min Gyu preens when an item he planted is discovered. Jung Woo preens when Cheok Hee hands him eel juice like he is a regular visitor. Jung Woo brags he’s has shared drinks with her father. When Soo A calls him to congratulate him on the TV appearance, Cheok Hee feels the stab of jealously.  He goes into Cheok Hee’s bedroom to talk privately and finds Min Gyu’s items. Jung Woo feels the stab of jealousy.

When Cheok Hee finds him kicking Min Gyu’s pillow they struggle over the pillow, slip, and fall onto the bed. They stare into each other’s eyes. When Min Gyu calls, Cheok Hee leaves the room.

dll_ep6_15b dll_ep6_15a
Their new client calls from the hospital. He’s suffered another accident. Jung Woo asks Cheok Hee to join him to talk to their client. Min Gyu wants her to go sailing with her. Cheok Hee break their tug of war over her and states she will put Min Gyu first. Only one man is happy with that choice.

dll_ep6_16a dll_ep6_16bdll_ep6_16c
Jung Woo thinks of Cheok Hee as he walks home. He sees a sign for a romantic cruise. He cringes thinking of Cheok Hee getting romantic with Min Gyu. He heads for the subway. He panics. He remembers the words of his kiss phobic client “I did not do this, I would loose her.” He rushes to train to stop her. Cheok Hee is stunned he is in the subway. She knows this challenges him. She asks why he came. He mutters the things he loves to calm himself (a trick she taught him). As the doors close, he says her name realizing he likes her.

Final Thoughts
* This episode was another step forward. Jung Woo and Cheok Hee stepped up their chemistry again. Min Gyu’s jealousy of Jung Woo was fun to watch. I’m starting to like our couple!
* The third part of the OST is released. A pretty ballad “Natsun, Saebyuk” by Epitone Project. Listen via the link or the embedded video below.

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3 comments on “Divorce Lawyer in Love Episode 6 Recap
  1. Nao says:

    I love, love, love this song! I’ve been trying to find it but not sure where to download it as an mp3? Do you have any ideas?

    Thanks for recapping, btw. I’m glad that you enjoy the show. It’s really taken a turn for the better since the 5th episode. I am totally enthralled in the lead couple’s romance. 🙂

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