Divorce Lawyer in Love Episode 9 Recap

Our couple shows us their cute in this episode. Ah, young love, so sweet.

Flushed with victory and gratitude, our leading man, So Jung Woo (Yeon Woo Jin) thanks our leading lady, Ko Cheok Hee (Cho Yeo Jeong)  for her efforts that saved the day. She demurs saying he realized the issue, she merely got the documents to support him. He seats Cheok Hee at the witness table. He asks her to swear to the tell the truth. She is flustered.  Jung Woo asks Cheok Hee if she likes him. She tries to evade answering but he will not allow it. She admits she likes him.

dll_ep9_1aJung Woo kisses Cheok Hee. I approve!

dll_ep9_1bCheok Hee kisses Jung Woo back. I approve!

Cute interlude when Cheok Hee and Jung Woo dance in the rain to “Rain Drops Keep Falling on My Head.” This kind of camp is fun and the show does it well.

Our next divorce case involves a notorious womanizer just released from jail. Adultery is no longer a crime. He’s been released. His wife comes to Jung Woo for the divorce.

They bring the cute as they giggle over soup.

dll_ep9_2b dll_ep9_2aJo Soo A (Wang Ji Won) and Bong Min Gyu (Shim Hyung Tak) shop for a new suit for the young lawyer award dinner.  Min Gyu tells Soo A he likes Cheok Hee and will make that apparent at the dinner. He recommends Soo A wear a beautiful dress to catch the eye of the man she likes. Soo A decides to take his advice. Min Gyu decides a new dress for Cheok Hee is in order. What woman doesn’t like a man shopping for them?

dll_ep9_3b dll_ep9_3aMin Gyu’s finance, Ah Jung, tells her mother, Ma Dong Mi, that Min Gyu wants to break off the engagement. They both agree that is not acceptable. They agree to attend the young lawyer award dinner. Recall Dong Mi hates Cheok Hee because her brother committed suicide when Cheok Hee acted as his wife’s lawyer in the divorce. Cheok Hee feels guilty that she was used by the wife and wants to repay her debt to Dong Mi.

Cheok Hee wants to tell Min Gyu she is dating Jung Woo and they need to stop fake dating. Min Gyu is in the throes of writing his declaration of like statement for Cheok Hee so he tells her he’ll see her at the young lawyer award dinner.

Cheok Hee looks good in Min Gyu’s dress but realizes she cannot accept it.

At the young lawyer award dinner, Min Gyu’s hair is different and it takes me a second to recognize him.

dll_ep9_4bSoo A looks lovely in her blue dress. Jung Woo, who looks fabulous in a tux, compliments her much to her pleasure.

dll_ep9_4cIt smacks of a plot device but kinda cute…
Cheok Hee arrives wearing a suit and tie. Everyone asks why she looks like she is coming from a funeral. She ties to look more girly in the outfit, but there’s not much she can do with a stark black suit, white shirt and black tie.  Min Gyu is mystified why she is dressed in that outfit and not in the dress he sent. She tells him she could not accept the dress. He doesn’t want to hear anymore from her and cuts her off.

dll_ep9_4dMin Gyu’s speech about someone special to him is okay but he never declares who the mystery woman is. Ah Jung and her mother arrive, and are not happy with his words. Jung Woo doesn’t like them either but understands Cheok Hee has not been able to inform Min Gyu their fake dating is done. Ah Jung informs her mother that Min Gyu likes Cheok Hee. Just another thing to hate about Cheok Hee.  They are cold to Cheok Hee who is gracious.

dll_ep9_4eBut it gets worse. Dong Mi throws red wine in Cheok Hee’s face – twice. Wracked with guilt from her past actions, Cheok Hee allows the first two glasses, but stops Dong Mi from the third stating she will repay her debt. If she does not Dong Mi can throw the third glass in her face. Jung Woo finds Cheok Hee and is stunned and angry at Dong Mi’s treatment of her.

dll_ep9_4gAfter Dong Mi and her daughter leave  Jung Woo tenderly takes care of Cheok Hee. These quiet moments are sweet to watch.

dll_ep9_4hMin Gyu observes them and Cheok Hee knows the time has come to finally tell him the truth. Jung Woo leaves them alone.  Min Gyu tries to avoid the truth, but Cheok Hee forces him to hear her. Min Gyu staggers like he’s been hit. He asks her to leave. Before she goes he tells her he was sincere in his speech about her.

Jung Woo and Cheok Hee are relieved the truth is out. Sweetly he gets her a room at the hotel so she can clean up. She suspected he may take the opportunity to get physical but he claims he will not. When the maid’s cart knocks him into the room, he has a difficult time staying calm while she showers. When she exits the shower, sure he will want to get physical she is nonplussed to find him gone. Yep, he’s in the lobby waiting for her. He teases her for putting makeup on for him.

dll_ep9_5bdll_ep9_5adll_ep9_5ddll_ep9_5cdll_ep9_5e  They walk the street together. As they prepare to separate, Jung Woo takes her in a fierce hug. “Been wanting to do that” is his comment. When he moves her hand to embrace him – swoon moment! She hugs him back. It is a nice moment for our couple. They marvel that used to not like each other. She promises to be kind like him. He promises to become cool like her. Sweet!

Much to the wife’s horror she returns home and finds her husband there with his current lover. Goodness, the husband is uncaring and cruel. He definitely uses women. But women don’t understand sex is all he wants.

dll_ep9_6b dll_ep9_6aHmm, mystery woman, Chae Yoo Ran, with the rare purse that must be from Han Mi Ri contacts Cheok Hee. She wants Cheok Hee to help with a divorce. She cannot pay her. Initially, Cheok Hee is not interested. When she spots the purse, she want to know why the woman contacted her. All in good time Yoo Ran purrs. First the divorce, then I’ll help you repay your debt. That peaks Cheok Hee’s interest.

Cheok Hee returns the dress Min Gyu bought her. He is not happy. A bit like a spoiled child not getting his way. He is further insulted when Cheok Hee gives him rent. Min Gyu reminds her the apartment was part of the employment offer. She will not take back the rent money. Min Guy is not getting his way this time.

dll_ep9_8aThe wife returns home from shopping with her son and her husband is there with his current girlfriend. The wife calls Jung Woo and Cheok Hee. When they arrive the husband is unrepentant. This is his home too. He can bring whoever he wants. He does not care for his son’s feeling. The kid is cute. This husband is a self centered jerk.

Outside the apartment Jung Woo urges the wife to remain calm during this difficult process.  When the wife realizes her husband could request custody she gets upset.

dll_ep9_9aShe pickets outside her husband’s office. He’s not happy, pushes her down and demands someone call the police. At the police station Jung Woo tells the wife, picketing without proof was a dumb move. Cheok Hee and Jung Woo are determined to find someone to testify that the husband what they know him to be.  She goes to talk to the models and he goes to talk to the office manager. They both get no where.

dll_ep9_10adll_ep9_10bAt home, Cheok Hee  realizes the husband’s girlfriend is a model. If she can only get proof they are having an affair. She goes to the husband’s office where he and the girlfriend are getting closer. The husband catches her snooping and about to take photos with her cell phone. He calls Jung Woo and tells him he’s got his girlfriend. Jung Woo spins his car around. Will he be too late? He finds the husband menacing Cheok Hee as the show ends.

Final Thoughts
* This episode was the first that our couple was a couple. Jung Woo and Cheok Hee are cute together. I like Jung Woo’s patience in letting Cheok Hee handle Min Gyu how she wanted. I like her softening around him. They do seem to compliment each other. Best of all, they present themselves as a team. The best part of the show are their couple moments.
* Two more OST songs have been released.
1. I defy you not to find “Making Love” by New Champ and Gemini frothy fun (OST 4).
2. In contrast, a ballad “멀쩡히” by Gemini is OST 5.
Listen via the links (OST4, OST5) or the embedded videos below.

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